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Evaluation task 1

Evaluation Task 1

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Evaluation task 1

  1. 1. Will Bennett Evaluation Task 1 I think that our video is quite easily recognised as an opening sequence, it shows all the conventions of a regular opening sequence one might see in a real film. The first thing that people will see in the video is our main company ident, which is how all opening sequences start, then there is a secondary ident, maybe an ‘in association with’ type thing that some films have. Both idents are very simple with simple names as well, both idents also have their own sounds to go with them and the Walking Pictures one even has a little bit of animation on the text, although it is very minimal and looks a bit rubbish. Walking Pictures lasts about 4 seconds and Damkos Pictures lasts about three, to show that it is the additional, less important one. The first Text Graphics/title credits is that of the name of the film, some films such as Scott Pilgrim (2010)show the name of the film first, whereas other films like Hard Candy (2005) show the name after some important credits such as the names of the main characters or director. In Scott Pilgrim the only credits before the title were industrial credits. The font of our main title is different from that of all the other credits, as to make it stand out, it is also much bigger and stylised in the form of graffiti, fitting with the character that we had originally wished to create. The first normal credits are that of the director Becky, to show that she is important, she is then also credited with sound as well as Izzy and then there is Jack, the main character with a mid-close up of him, which is something that films (like Juno) do a lot to establish who the main character is. The next credits are the names of the other 2 people who worked on the film, me and Izzy again, we aren’t credited with anything at this point so usually that would mean that we are actors in the film, which is true as we both appear but only I have a speaking part. The final credit is ‘produced by 073 media group’ which is usually something more likely to appear at the beginning of a titles and credits opening sequence, but we thought it looked better at the end.
  2. 2. Will Bennett The editing style of our video is that of a continuity sequence, it is a stereotypical ‘getting up’ sequence that millions of films of our genre (teen drama) use, accompanied by a funky soundtrack as to not make it too boring. The reason we used a getting up sequence is because it’s a good way of subtly establishing the character and his habits in a short amount of time, one can begin to understand the character right at the beginning and have already formed an opinion by the end. One technique that we used is to take multiple shots of the same thing from different angles, an example is shown her where the alarm clock is in a long shot, and then again in a mid-close up of the same alarm clock, this gives the illusion of continuity, although we didn’t do it as well as we could have, as it is quite obvious that the alarm clock has moved (been knocked on the floor) so maybe that is something to work on. The setting for our video is exactly the same as almost every teen drama ever, the 2 main locations are the main character’s house, and the main character’s school/college, even though most of our opening sequence is filmed on the road, it is not an important setting it’s just a cliché place for filming titles and opening sequences. School is a very popular setting for teen dramas, as films like The Breakfast Club (1985) take place exclusively at school, and in one continuous day. Other examples are films like Submarine (2010) and Juno (2008), these other 2 examples don’t take place exclusively at school like Breakfast club, but school plays a big part in both. Our opening sequence has very few words but there are certain narrative elements that allow us to discern what the story may be about, It starts with the main character coming home late at night or early in the morning presumably from a party (we find out later that he was at a party, or at least his attractive friend was.) He stumbles in and falls asleep, only
  3. 3. Will Bennett to be woken up a few hours later to go to school (the fact that he was partying on a school night gives us an idea of the kinda bloke he is, also it is quite hard to see in the dark and in the few frames that it is shown but there is a big empty alcohol bottle on his bedside table, which obviously is not a healthy habit.) He changes from one bland grey outfit to another and proceeds to leave the house, stopping to eat some cold (and horrible) pizza possibly from the night before or even older, maybe showing that he doesn’t have parents or more likely that he has bad parents. His body language in general and the way he conducts himslef show that maybe he isn’t as happy as a teenage boy should be, or maybe he is even depressed. The 2 characters that we meet entirely juxtapose the personalities of the other, as when Jack first sees his friend, he doesn’t act as if hes just seen a friend, it is made obviouse straight away that his nameless friend is the fun one, and his dialogue extends fun to possibly rebellious, or at least he likes to think he is and Jack’s reaction shows that he has learn’t to just go along with it and pretty much ignore him. It is similar to when the 2 friends meet in shifty (2008), clearly they are good friend but there is a level of awkwardness in the way they behave around eachother. Their meaningless exchange of mild banter makes us aware of the fact that Jack may have a love interest, which extends our knowledge of the story. A love interest just like in Submarine. Originally my idea was to copy Subamarine in the way that the clothes of the main character Oliver are opposite to that of Jordanna, to show that they are very different people. Although in the end the clothes that the characters wear are quite dark, and maybe too dark for some of them as the 2 supporting character actually wear darker clothes than the main character which may be misleading. TALKINGABOUT HER
  4. 4. Will Bennett The use of props is quite minimal in the final version, as we decorated the bedroom with loads of different things to show what sort of guy Jack was but most of the shots were cut or weren’t even filmed, the only props that made an appearance and possibly had an effect were the pizza boxes and empty alcohol bottle (also some messy shelves of CDs because he’s cool and reclusive and still listens to old CDs, like the old/not modern music he listens to on his ipod and plays whilst he walks.) We used lots of different camera shots whilst filming to see what looked good, in the end we mostly used a mixture of close ups and long shots, close ups in his bedroom and in his house to give off a tight, claustrophobic feel, like he feels trapped. And when he walks it’s mostly long shot and some extreme long shot to symbolise his isolation, and his lonliness with the occasional mid-close up to show his emotions and allow the auidience to see how he reacts to certain situations such as seeing his friend. The editing is quite simple, nothing fancy as we didn’t want it to seem like a montage, the occasional transition here and there like between the idents and the live picture. A couple of seconds of film were edited out as Jack put his hoodie on, and the transition between the two shots makes it seem like time has passed and so keeps up continuity going even though there was a cut, we didn’t want it to seem like a jump cut. Until Jack leaves the house it is all diegetic sound (apart from idents obviously) this makes us feel attached and the diegetic sound is different to what the other groups did, as for nearly all of their opening sequence it started with music and the music remained predominantly throughout the video, for us the diegetic/non-diegetic was about 50/50 which I think is a good balance, but very few films do that. Music really adds to films, it undoubtedly makes them better, which is why not having music at the beginning of ours is a bit strange and people picked up on that when we showed the class, Joanna said ‘The start is very different to all of ours as a whole, due to no music at the beginning’, most people noticed the lack of
  5. 5. Will Bennett music and said that they would have preferred there to be music all the way through and that is fair enough but I feel as if the lack of music makes you feel a bit uncomfortable, and a bit awkward, which wasn’t really the desired effect but still interesting I think. I don’t think that there is anything that really breaks with the conventions, but maybe the general quality could be improved as on more than one occasion we made mistakes, our video was probably the least professional looking out of the class, with sound errors like hearing things you’re not meant to and not hearing things you are, also people picked up on some dodgy camera work in places, that was quite minor but arguably detracted from the quality of the final piece, also some lighting equipment was seen in the very first shot which is almost comical in its own way.