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Wetroom solutions

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We are UK’s leading producer of wide range of impressive wet room items for designing stylish modern wetrooms supported by life-time guarantee.For more, call 0844 327 6002

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Wetroom solutions

  1. 1. WELCOMEhttp://www.wetroomsolutions.co.uk/CCL Specialist Supplies LtdTo
  2. 2. ABOUT US• What is a Wetroom? : A wet room is a bathroomwithout internal dedicated or raised areas whichhas an open shower. Structurally, a wet roomrequires the bathroom to have a gradient or slopetowards a drain hole, and a foul air trapconnecting the floor to the waste pipes.http://www.wetroom-solutions.co.uk/• Why we are different ? : At CCL Wetrooms, wecan help you to customize your very ownwetroom.• Leading Manufacturer of Wetrooms : As anleading producer of superior wetroom products,our range includes pointed forums, floor formers,wetroom grills and wetroom shower drains, mostmarkedly our industly leading Linear Screed Drain.
  3. 3. SERVICES• Design Services : As professionals inwetroom design, our group are able to helpyou make the most ideal water tight wetroom.• Project Management : We know that yourproject is exclusive and so our specializedconsultants will work closely with you.• Research & Development : Our Analysis andGrowth division work relentlessly to innovate newwetroom designs.• Product Specification Guide : Our new 70 pageitem specification guide provides information youneed to know about developing and setting up aabsolutely water resistant walk in shower.http://www.wetroom-solutions.co.uk/
  4. 4. Contact Us•Company : CCL Specialist Supplies Ltd.•Address : Highview Business Park, TheBarracks, Hook, Hampshire, RG27 9NL.•Telephone: 0844 327 6002•Email Id : contact@ccl-wetrooms.co.ukhttp://www.wetroom-solutions.co.uk/
  5. 5. THANKYOUhttp://www.wetroom-solutions.co.uk/