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Annual Report 2008: Westerville Library

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View all of the Westerville Library highlights from 2008, including our annual statistics for checked out items, visitors, event attendance and more!

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Annual Report 2008: Westerville Library

  1. 1. sharing resources Westerville with ohio libraries Public Library As a founding member of the SearchOhioonline offerings consortium, we link our collection to the resources of 22 member libraries. OurResearching and browsing in the library’s online collections borrowing from SearchOhio increasedbecame more rewarding this year as the number of resourc- 60% this year.es jumped 76% -- the 25 databases grew to 44. Not onlyare you able to get in touch with thousands of titles online-- magazines, newspapers, atlases, encyclopedias, poems, OhioLINK SearchOhioessays and more -- but you can learn a new skill with items borrowed 8,111 items borrowed 12,587Mango Language and research your collectibles on PriceIt!. items loaned 9,864 items loaned 19,751little green thumbs financials revenue expensesTo encourage children in a love of gardening Personnel $3,120,010and a sensitivity to the environment, the nt, State Fundslibrary joined with the Westerville Garden 57.3% $3,157,579 Supplies $129,993Club to establish a Children’s Garden at the en annuallibrary. The dedication and planting g Materials $724,020ceremony on May 31 led the way Local Operating Capital $678,066to a summer of drop-in gardening 35.8% $1,976,420 Outlay reportopportunities for families to Contract $910,219nurture the plants and tend Servicesthe soil. Fines, Interest, Misc. Other $17,774 6.9% $379,578 Expenses total $5,513,577 total $5,580,082thank you 2008We hhope you will continue to provide a steady compass as we ill timove through the upcoming year, being mindful of budget re- board membersstraints, while providing the services and resources to meet Robert Edmund John Robbins 126 South State Streetyour library needs. Michael Fultz Ming Trammel Westerville, OH 43081Don W. Barlow, Executive Director 614.882.7277 Kay Hedges Terrence Thompson www.westervillelibrary.org Sonya Higginbotham
  2. 2. highlights statisticshighest usage ever customers cardholders2008 was an extremely successful and record visitors to the library & web site registered library card usersbreaking year at the library. For the first time 644,029 We said “welcome” to 12% more visi- The library serves the information needs 102,200in the history of the Westerville Public Library, in the library tors in 2008 via our web site. eMedia of over 100,000 cardholders, in a district librarythe number of items checked out exceeded 1.15 million movies, music and audiobooks became cardholders population of 86,000 -- a 9% increase of2 million. This library remains the fourth electronic visits downloadable from personal computers. library users this year.busiest public library facility in Ohio, for theeleventh consecutive year. The library trust-ees, staff and volunteers greatly appreciateyour support and trust. library link circulation daily delivery to westerville schools checking out library materialsbirthday greetings 19,125 Every school day, this unique service This year’s unprecedented jump over items delivered transports requested materials to the stu- 2,071,711 the 2 million mark is testimony to the to schools dents and faculty in Westerville schools. items circulated fact that our library users have foundIn honor of Westerville’s sesquicentennial year, th library h f W t ill ’ i t i l the Their requests increase every year. the collections and services they need.partnered with the city and community organizations toprovide more than 30 programs celebrating Westerville’srich heritage. Presentations featured pointers on memoirwriting, digital scrapbooking, and genealogy, and featured programs resourcesWesterville in times of national prominence brought by thetemperance movement and the lyrical talents of “Up on the library events & commmunity meetings books, movies, music, magazines & moreHousetop” composer Benjamin Hanby. 1,570 Program fans are monitoring our calendar To fill your requests, we leased 2,419 cop- library programs of events, then conveniently registering 329,982 ies of your favorite titles this year. Book 1,145 online. Room reservations increased 50% materials owned leasing helped meet the 10% increase in community meetings through the introduction of online booking. requests this year.a fresh lookColorful carpet squares bearing an A-B-C motif, newwindow treatments and a bright coat of paint gave a outreachrevitalized appearance to the children’s Activity Center. delivery to senior facilities, homebound &The Friends of the Library further enhanced the renovation preschoolsby sponsoring child-height tables and chairs. 5,810 Residents look forward to handpicked customers served book selections, reading prizes during the summer program and a chance to 425 delivery trips enjoy lunch with Outreach.