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eBooks from the Library: for Windows 8

Find out how to download ebooks from the Westerville Public Library on your Windows 8 computer or device.

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eBooks from the Library: for Windows 8

  1. 1. from the Library eBooks using Windows 8 Works with all Windows 8 devices. With a Westerville Public Library card, you have access to the Ohio Digital Library and the Westerville Cloud Library. Get Started with the Ohio Digital Library: On your device, go to the app store, search for overmive Media console Click Add a Library and type in 43081. Choose Westerville Public Library from the list. Click The Ohio Digital Library, then select Add Link in the upper right-hand corner. v/00.11.1111-111111111 L1l1‘. Ivy You will be prompted to Sign Up or click 4 Sign In and log in with your Facebook account. lfyou are not prompted, click Account in step three to sign in or create an account. To get a book, select the Ohio Digital Library from under My libraries. My hbranes This is your Home Menu. From here you can access your bookshelf, get more titles and access settings. Booksholl
  2. 2. 6 Click Sign In and select Westerville Public 3 If the book or headphone icon in the corner Library from the drop—down menu. of the book is black, the title is available for Download. If it is gray, it is currently checked out and you may select Place a Hold. To sign in, please select your library from the list below. [select library] Search the database for your desired title. Click Sign in for Availability to borrow or place a hold on the item. After you borrow your book, select the Adobe EPUB format in the Download drop—down bYJ°h"G”5ha'“ menu. Then click Confirm & Download. Sign in for Availability Download 7 (Select one format) 'A'**fi$‘2 l l Kindle Book The Litigators I Arlrl 111 w1si1 11x1 Confirms: Download The Litigators John Grisham 0 Enter your library card number. Library Card Number _ Go back to your Home Menu and click on your Bookshelf to view your downloaded T “'95- Need more help? Sign up for the Learn Windows 8 class to get hands—on help from an Adult Services staff member. Register online, over the phone or at the Ask Here desk. A Wes_terv_i| |e 126 South State Street 514-332.7277 ext_4 Like us on H LU Public Library Westerville, OH 43081 westervi| |e| ibrary. org Follow us on 1s. 3/”