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Query at Speed of Thought

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Gartner calls Vectorwise technology game-changing. I

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Query at Speed of Thought

  1. 1. Query at the Speed of Thought ! 20 Oct, 11-12pm Singapore time 2pm Sydney time
  2. 2. Big DataWe’re drowning in a sea of data• High volume of data sources• Operational analysis• Massive data sets from traditional BI
  3. 3. Big Data Is Everywhere Data Fast Operations Real-time Source Analytcs Real-time Write/index all trades, Show consolidated markets store tick data risk across trader Call initiation Real-time Fraud request authorization detection/analysis Inbound HTTP Hit logging, analysis, Reporting hot-spots / requests alerting site specific activity Rank scores: Online game • Defined intervals Leaderboard lookups • Player “bests” Check/update Report live ad and Website or device balance, serve ad click-thrus by device Package status, lost Package location Sensor scan shipment, package updates rerouting3 3
  4. 4. The Single Biggest Issue in BI Today SPEED 1. Poor Query Response TDWI Q4 2009 Best Practices Report 1. Query Performance Slow 1. Speed, Costs & Irrelevance Ralph Kimball4
  5. 5. Requirements Change Fast 70% Forrester Research – Q1 2010 49% “Proportion of the cases when BI requirements cannot be Survey respondents saying fulfilled by a canned,their “requirements change structured production andon a monthly, daily or even need free form exploration hourly basis.” and analysis.”
  6. 6. “Gartner clients increasingly report performance constrained data warehouses during inquires. Based on these inquiries, we estimate that nearly 70% of data warehouses experience performance-constrained issues of various types.”Magic Quadrant for Data Warehouse Database Management SystemsGartner Group – Jan 2010
  7. 7. Reporting / BI Architecture End-Users ERP ETL EnterpriseCRM Data Warehouse BISCM QUERY ISSUES Reporting ApplicationsLegacyOLTP
  8. 8. What can we do? Faster Smarter Hardware? Software?
  9. 9. TPC-H Benchmark Results – Because of Faster HW?
  10. 10. Smarter Approach “This inevitably puts VectorWise 4 years ahead of the competition in terms of performance – Game Changing and it will remain 4 years ahead until some Technology competitor finds a way to Don Feinberg, Gartner Group catch up at a software level.68% Better Price Performance This is unprecedented.”Price/QphH TPC-H@100GB Robin Bloor (Analyst)
  11. 11. Company Name Change As of 23rd Sep 2011 ………….. Became …………….. Confidential © 2011 Actian Corporation 11 Of XX
  12. 12. Company Name Change Why ? To take action on BIG data in B.I.“Executives have lots of information, but they dont knowwhen to take action and what action to take” GARTNERGROUP OCT 2011 Confidential © 2011 Actian Corporation 12 Of XX
  13. 13. Actian Product and Services Portfolio Taking Action on Big Data Vectorwis Action Ingres Apps Cloud e Action Platform •World class mission •World’s fastest Big •Being proactive with critical RDBMS Data Analytics engine BI •CREDIBILITY, •PROVEN •LEADERSHIP RELIABILITY, GLOBAL INNOVATION Confidential © 2011 Actian Corporation 13
  14. 14. BIG DATA Business Intelligence Dilemma  $10 Billion Spent worldwide on Business Intelligence  Historical snapshots  Reactive Decisions  No real Actions ! Confidential © 2011 Actian Corporation 14 Of XX
  15. 15. Take Action on Big Data – With Action Apps Action Apps are lightweight consumer style applications that automate business actions. Taking action with Action Apps is the missing link between B.I. and Value ! Confidential © 2011 Actian Corporation 15 Of XX
  16. 16. Era of Action Apps  Characteristics Features Lightweight  Probes data important to you Consumer Style  Set Triggers for data changes No Training  Select the Actions you want Confidential © 2011 Actian Corporation 16
  17. 17. Action Apps - Example $ Data Triggers Actions ValueDescription ProbesStock selling quickly Monitor all Stock selling Alert you on Increased sales stock at least twice what stock is than average selling faster . Ability to alter price to for that day suit Automatically pre-order more Create proactive stock. promotion Confidential © 2011 Actian Corporation 17
  18. 18. Biggest issue in B.I. Today?BI Survey 9 (2010): Why BI Projects Fail?“1. Query Performance Too Slow”Slow Query ResponseTime2010 TDWI Best Practices Report“45% Poor Query Response the top problem” Confidential © 2011 Actian Corporation 18
  19. 19. What is Vectorwise- Relational database for reporting, data analysis & B.I.- Runs data analysis FASTER than any other RDBMS- Enables business to make quicker, effective decisions- Don’t need to be an IT expert to use, extremely simple- Less cost using less hardware and IT/DBA resources Typical query response time Data Data VW base base Data x y vs. base 6.54 7.02 0.9 mins mins sec Confidential © 2011 Actian Corporation 19
  20. 20. What makes Vectorwise SO fast Core level parallel Millions DISK processing – 100XTime / Cycles to Process RAM Scaler Vector (rather than scaler) 150-250 CHIP 2-20 40-400MB 2-3GB 10GB Limit disk I/O to specific Data Processed columns instead of rows >100X Faster to process data on chip cache than in RAM. Maximizes throughput via 4 automatically optimized on-chip compression engines Confidential © 2011 Actian Corporation 20
  21. 21. TPC Benchmark results : Vectorwise FASTEST 1TB Performance Benchmark Composite Queries Per Hour TPC-H@1TB (Non-Clustered) Source: www.tpc.org / August 30, 2011 VectorWise 3 May 2011 32 Cores 1TB RAM Microsoft SQL Server Microsoft Oracle 30 August 2011 Oracle SQL Server 3 June 2011 26 September 2011 Oracle Sybase IQ 5 April 2011 80 Cores 15 Dec 2010 60 Cores 2TB RAM 32 CoresSybase IQ 26 April 2010 512GB RAM 512GB RAM 1 Feb 2010 80 Cores 80 2TB RAM Cores 2TB 102,375 140,181 164,747 173,961 RAM 436,788 209,533 219,887 201,487 QphH QphH QphH QphH QphH QphH QphH QphH$3.62 USD $12.15 USD $6.85 USD $1.37 USD $0.88 USD $9.53 USD $1.86 USD $4.60 USDPrice/QphH Price/QphH Price/QphH Price/QphH Price/QphH Price/QphH Price/QphH Price/QphH Confidential © 2011 Actian Corporation 21
  22. 22. Analyst comments on Vectorwise“Every now and then something occurs that tears up your expectations of howtechnology will evolve. This happened when I looked at the graph shown below.The Vectorwise results are jaw dropping.[…] So this is like a set of 0-60 mph figures with four cars scoring somewhere in the 5-7second range and the final one scoring below 2 seconds. It’s astonishing. Somethinginside you says, “that’s no car, it’s a rocket.” Robin Bloor, President, The Bloor Group Full text at http://www.thevirtualcircle.com/2011/02/vectorwise-theres-a-disturbance-in-the-force/ Confidential © 2011 Actian Corporation 22
  23. 23. Customer comments on Vectorwise“For the past 20 years, I’ve been searching for the killer database that would fulfill our most intense data processing needs and with the discovery of Ingres VectorWise, that search is now over – this database technology is in a class of its own. Right out of the box, Ingres VectorWise lets us effortlessly plow through millions and millions of rows of data…The Ingres and VectorWise leaders and technologists have performed a miracle here.” Warren S. Master, CTO, The Rohatyn Group, New York “We ported a business application from Oracle to Ingres VectorWise and were astounded by the substantial performance increases, which were up to 70x…With Ingres VectorWise Database, we get the best of both worlds; we can now offer our customers a lower cost and better performing analytic database.” Michael Thuleweit, Managing Director, Datamatics, Frankfurt Confidential © 2011 Actian Corporation 23
  24. 24. Customer comments on Vectorwise“The speed is blindingly fast right out of the box and it eliminates layers of work that had to be done in the past. Ingres Vectorwise uses automated compression and indexing which eliminates the need to spend extra hours tuning and tweaking our data. This means we are now able to cut the time of our business intelligence engagements with our customers by up to 50%.”Roy Hann, MD Rational Commerce, Systems Integrator, London “Ingres VectorWise performance has been outstanding and it was so easy to get up and running. Position analysis was 10 to 50 times faster than the leading commercial databases in our testing and with linear query performance from 12 mm – 1.2 billion financial records. These are drastic improvements in terms of speed.” Steve Ferrando, CEO, dbConcert, Systems Integrator to Wall Street investment firms, New York Confidential © 2011 Actian Corporation 24
  25. 25. Current Vectorwise Customers (in 10 months)• Groupe Adeo - Worlds 4th largest retailer• Sheetz Inc - Retail chain• DSG Retail– Retail chain• Givex Canada Corp - Gift card provider• Jasad – BI Bureau• Clinic Trial Services Unit & Epidemiological Studies Unit - Cancer research• OSBI Limited – Oil & Gas• TimoCom Soft und Hardware - Truck/Cargo/Logistics• Lloyds Register - Maritime classification society• Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance – Insurance• DFV Deutsche Familieversicherung - Insurance• Bank of England – Bank• Office of Revenue Commissioners - Ireland Tax department• Telkom - Telco• D-Source - Software solution provider• Sogeti - Massive software solutions provider• Numsight Consulting• Qvantel - Software services• Viada GmbH - Software Service provider• InsightSoftware Investments - Network storage & software solutions• GSI Commerce - Data aggregator• Electricity North West - Energy• Datamatics – Smart Meter Technology provider Confidential © 2011 Actian Corporation 25
  26. 26. Vectorwise Roadmap VW Rev 1.6 Current VW Rev 2.0 Due Oct 2011 Updated Management Tools Faster Loader VW Rev 2.5 Mar 2012 Storage Management Stored Procedures VW Rev 3.0 Sep 2012 Confidential © 2011 Actian Corporation Research Projects 26
  27. 27. Customer PoC results Vectorwise v Greenplum birt.sql : query with a lot of agg_prices2.sql : testing 80m table with join filters dim_products VW Greenplum VW Greenplum real real 0m36.980s Execute consecutive Execute consecutive 0m12.663s real 0m2.383s real 0m20.596s agg_prices3.sql : testing 80m table with joinbirt1.sql : query with less filters dim_products & group by area VW Greenplum VW Greenplumreal 0m4.024s real 0m10.862s Execute consecutive Execute consecutive real 0m3.389s real 0m25.920s Confidential © 2011 Actian Corporation 27
  28. 28. Implementation – Training – SupportImplementation - Rough Implementation time frame for VW is 5-10 days - When upgrade, very little needs to be doneTraining - Admin and advanced course is total 5 days. - Can be conducted at clients officesSupport - For severity 1 (server down) follow the sun 24/7 support - For severity 2-4 will be dealt on a business hours timeframe Confidential © 2011 Actian Corporation 28
  29. 29. SummaryVectorwise has the fastest performance – Nothing comes close !!!(Check TPC results)Using Vectorwise - Reduces complexity - Less tuning - Less upfront costs - BI projects delivered faster !!!Vectorwise will allow you to differentiate yourselves against your competitionVectorwise reduces your operating costs - Lowest infrastructure costs (IT admin, less H/W, less power, lessA/C) Confidential © 2011 Actian Corporation 29
  30. 30. Thank YouContact:• Ms. Rhea Elinzano, rheae@misnet.com.sg• Mr. Raymond Ingal, raymondi@misnet.com.ph QUERY AT THE SPEED OF THOUGHT