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Discount Pharmacy Card Presentation

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Discount Pharmacy Card Presentation

  1. 1. Pharmacy Savings CardThe Companion Card Everyone Should Carry
  2. 2. AGENDA• Pharmacy facts• Who is Wellness Health Solutions? What pharmacies make up their network?• What are expected savings using our card?• Cash rebates directly to the consumer• How is it we collect 93% vs. industry average of 68%?• Tools that promote consumerism• Lab, X-ray and MRI discounts• Health & Wellness Focus Portal• Marketing• Benefit to ______________________
  3. 3. Pharmacy Facts • In the US, spending for prescription drugs in 2008 was more than double what was spent in 1999 • Over the last decade the percentage of Americans who took at least one prescription drug in the past month increased by 10% • The use of multiple prescription drugs increased by 20% and the use of five or more drugs increased by 70% • One out of every five children used at least one or more prescription drugs compared with 9 of every 10 adults aged 60 and over. • More than 30 million individuals in the US do not have access to PBM wholesale pricing • The trend in the healthcare industry shows fewer drugs being covered by insurance and more individuals required to pay a high deductible before their insurance kicks in
  4. 4. Pharmacy Savings Card• Data Rx was Founded in 1998.• Owned by independent pharmacists.• Processes more than 3 million prescriptions a month.• In all 50 states, Guam and Puerto Rico.• More than 22 million pharmacy savings cards in circulation.Data Rx owns its own pharmacy network and hasnegotiated contracts with every major chain and mostindependent pharmacies—more than 67,000Significant savings of 11% - 75% on both brand andgeneric drugs with an average of 53% off the retailprice of most Rx purchases.
  5. 5. Pharmacy Savings CardEven though cardholders mayhave a pharmacy benefit, manyprescriptions aren’t covered andmany more won’t be covered inthe future. Example: cosmetic drugs, appetite suppressants, smoking cessation prescriptions, prenatal vitamins or nutritional supplies, inject-able supplies, contraceptive devices, immunizations and vaccines and many more Our card covers them all.
  6. 6. Pharmacy Savings CardOther Features that promote consumerism:• RxPrice Retriever.• Generic Navigator
  7. 7. Pharmacy Savings Card
  8. 8. The Rebate Program The only Pharmacy Savings Card in the country to offer rebates from more than 30 pharmaceutical manufacturers on more than 1,000 branded drugs. When consumer purchases a drug on rebate list, they will receive a preloaded MasterCard in the mail with their rebate amount. Many drugs offer $12-$20 rebates. Subsequent rebates will be loaded onto that same card. Every time a rebate is processed, card holder will be notified by email.
  9. 9. Additional BenefitsConsumer Programs:Our Clients are eligible for additional programs: • Smoking Cessation programs at big savings • Diagnostic Lab, X-ray and Imaging Discounts • Access to “Health & Wellness Focus” portalClient Benefit—Transparency: • Data Rx can provide client with desktop software that allows monitoring of all pharmacy transactions in “real time.” • Data Rx collects fee on 93% of all prescriptions
  10. 10. Additional Benefits Smoking Cessation Program Present Pharmacy Savings Card and receive significant discount on Chantix™ prescription After 90 day program, receive additional $30 via Rebate Card Take advantage of educational materials and complete support program available through Pfizer “The Get Quit” Plan
  11. 11. Additional Benefits Diagnostic Lab, X-Ray and Imaging Affordable: Deeply Discounted Rates: 10-60%. Convenient: Choose the lab location thats best for you Quality: Federally and state certified clinics. More than 2,900 radiology centers Easy Laboratory Testing: Order your tests online or call us. Results within 48-72 hours. Its that easy. No co-pays No deductibles Confidential: Results sent only to you.
  12. 12. Additional Benefits
  13. 13. Wellness Portal Facts  User friendly, readable and designed to inform and empower consumers.  Addresses general health information needs as well as health information needs specific to children, women, men and the elderly.  Content is broken down into several subject areas: disease prevention, disease management, medication management, dietary guidance, fitness, weight management, smoking cessation, first-aid, self-care with over-the-counter drugs and devices, proper use of nutritional supplements and vitamins, drug safety alerts and much more.  Addresses hundreds of medical conditions, how to avoid them, and how to manage them if they occur.  A health and wellness newsletter is posted monthly and 24 back issues are archived on the portal for consumer access.  Developed and maintained by pharmacy and medical health professionals.  No advertising so the reader is not bothered by ads and other distractions on the screen. It has no bias.
  14. 14. Who Can Benefit  People who do not currently have medication coverage  Many drugs on PBM plan cost more than discount card  People who are taking a drug not covered by their medication coverage  Those with a high co-pay or deductible  Those using another discount card There are 33,000 prescriptions below $7
  15. 15. Other Issues Wellness Health Solutions will collaborate with and assist as needed in producing marketing materials, printing, website development and distributing cards.
  16. 16. MarketingMaterials Pharmacy Cards Website
  17. 17. SUMMARY• We own our own network—more than 67,000 pharmacies• We offer excellent discounts to the consumer (11-75%)• We offer cash rebates on many brand drugs• We collect and pay out on 93% of all prescriptions• We provide “real time” monitoring capabilities• We provide smoking cessation discounts and educational tools• We provide discounts on Lab, X-ray and Imaging• We provide a comprehensive, user friendly, readable health information resource• Everything can be branded to your firm• We operate a “transparent” pass-through business model so there are no hidden features
  18. 18. How Can ___________ Benefit? Pharmacy is the most highly used and visible component of an individual’s health care benefits  A high-value card for your members  Continuous visibility of the ____________ brand every time someone uses the card, the lab discounts or the Health Portal, they will be reminded of _____________  Will raise considerable dollars for _________________ to fund new programs and important initiatives
  19. 19. Other Income Health LifestyleOpportunities Benefits Benefits Emergency Roadside Wellness Health Solutions can easily Telemedicine Assistance add health and lifestyle benefit programs for additional income LifeLock opportunities. Pharmacy Savings ID Theft Protection These can be configured any way so as Vision Care Legal Services Direct to avoid any conflicts with other clients. Dental Care Pet Care Discounts Fitness Club Hearing Care Discounts
  20. 20. Our Standard Packages
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