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Photography 101

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The 3 mail elements of manual

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Photography 101

  1. 1. Shutter Speed  Shutter speed controls how long the camera's shutter stays open to admit light to the digital sensor  A lower shutter speed will let in more light, but may give your subjects motion blur if they are moving in the photo.  High shutter speed will give you less light and slow motion down.  Shutter speed is measured in seconds
  2. 2.  Like the pupil in a human eye, the aperture on a camera controls light. It does so by closing up to restrict light, and opening up to let it through.  To get shallow D.O.F use a lower number. Greater D.O.F use a higher number.  Aperture controls how much light is allowed through your lens by setting the f-stop.  If you're shooting more than one person, make sure your aperture is at least the same numbers there are people in the photo
  3. 3.  ISO is an important setting. It controls how sensitive your camera’s image sensor is to the light.  In bright light use a low ISO (outside), in low light you can use a higher ISO (inside).  The lower the number the less sensitive your camera is to light and the finer the grain.  The higher the ISO the more the greater the noise will be in you image.