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Best 5 WhiteHat SEO Techniques PPT | DIVANI CARAVEL HOTEL

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http://www.joannavaiou.com/divani-caravel-hotel-seo-workshop-athens-greece/ "Applying SEO Techniques" Workshop presentation took place on November 25th, 2017 at Divani Caravel Hotel in Athens, Greece. I had the pleasure and honor to speak about 5 best white hat Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques in front of a positive and inspiring audience. My speech was in Greek. The PowerPoint presentation file was in English so I could share with all of interested people that want to learn more about applying seo strategies, in order to improve their businesses. Enjoy and if you like it, please do share! :)

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Best 5 WhiteHat SEO Techniques PPT | DIVANI CARAVEL HOTEL

  1. 1. Applying SEO Strategies 25.11.2017 Joanna Vaiou | Email: jo[at]joannavaiou.com | www.Joannavaiou.com As presented at DIVANI CARAVEL HOTEL. Organizer: Bossible.gr
  2. 2. # 1 2 3 4 5 SEO Techniques On-Medium SEO Off-Medium SEO Brand Authority & SEO Online Reputation Management SEO Competition Analysis Basic categories of SEO Techniques (or Strategies) are the following:  On-Medium (Or On-Page, or On-Site) SEO  Off-Medium (Or On-Page, or On-Site) SEO  Brand Authority Building & SEO  “ORM”: Gaining control over how a brand appears in top page of Google organic results for branded searches  Analyzing our top 10 competitors on top page of Google for our SEO keyword targets Basic Human Capital Skillset Required for Successful SEO Project Management:  50% Math > A very good understanding of analyzing multiple sets of numbers for various metrics and drawing conclusions.  50% Creativity > A creative mind that designs strategic SEO plans, after looking at the raw hardcore numbers from multiple SEO analysis Tools analysis and combining them all to make the best decisions for the best possible outcome.
  3. 3. # ON-Medium SEO Strategies 1 Custom Keyword Research for every different SEO Target Medium 2 SEO Goal Setting and Prioritization per Target Medium: Main Keyword + Secondary Keywords (LSI, Long Tails) 3 Incorporation of the Above Prioritized Keywords to the On-Medium SEO Elements Setup such as: a) SEO Title, b) SEO Description, c) Short and clean SEO URL, d) SEO Keywords, e) H1 – H6 (if applicable), Heading Tags (or H Titles), f) On SEO Target Page Image’s SEO 4 Creation of in-depth Relevant, High Quality and Unique Content by writing naturally for the ideal customer and incorporating the prioritized keywords of step #2. 5 Creation of Internal Links with Diversified Relevant Anchor Text from other closely relevant pages on our site, back to our SEO target page url. Aim is to increase the topical relevancy of a SEO Target Page, internally from scratch. Plus > External links. 6 Technical Audit of SEO Elements that influence SEO performance and collaboration with the WEB Dev department to fix the issues: a) Page Load Speed, b) duplicate urls, c) duplicate content, d) sitemaps, e) robots.txt, f) canonical tags, g) pagination, h) country and language code tags για multinational websites that may have duplicate content in the same language but are targeting different countries (i.e UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada), i) frames, g) microformats, k) Schema, l) geo tags, m) AMP technology (improves websites mobile versions) etc 7 Clean and Easy to Navigate On-Site Architecture: Simple structure of information with the most important pages to be obviously accessible during all navigation paths 8 “Fast & Easy Conversion” Oriented On-Page Structure: After the user Lands to a SEO Target Page, we need to make obvious and intelligently remind them what we want them to do and have them complete it in just 1-3 clicks maximum (i.e “Subscribe”, “Call”, “Email”, “Visit us”, “Add to Cart”, “Buy Now” etc).
  4. 4. Off-Medium SEO Techniques: Obtaining diversified types of backlinks from a variety of external resources After creating the content material for the users and optimizing it for the search engines, we need to start gaining backlinks to our newly created page from a variety of different website types and different sources. To name a few:  High quality blogging  High Quality Guest posts on other high authority and relevant websites  High quality blog comments  Press Release sites  Image sites  Video sites  Pdf sites  Social Media Sites  Q&A sites (Quora) Click here to access my 26 pages presentation about links on Slideshare
  5. 5. Off-Medium SEO: SM Hashtags - Content Repurposing & QUORA A. Hashtag (or keyword) Strategy: Never stop discovering link acquiring or link partnering opportunities via investigating the most popular social media networks through their search engine boxes: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, Instagram, Linkedin etc. • Type relevant hashtags (or keywords) to what you have to offer • Check their popularity sorting by “Most Recent” to see the frequency in which people share posts including this hashtag • Find relevant potential link opportunities • “Study” your potential link partner’s resources well • Make the best possible direct / friendly approach to start building relationships (Online PR) that can get you nice, relevant and high authority backlinks in the near future that will help increase your page’s authority as well, through transferring part of the SEO power (link juice) the page that gives you the link “leaks” to yours. • When you add value first to the person you are approaching (to whom you are a stranger), who has higher authority than you in your industry, you have increased chances to gain something valuable back instead of when you don’t take the time to study your potential link partner and sound spam-y. • Approach influencers in your niche by personalizing your message according to the value that you have to add to their work. Nobody cares what a stranger wants. All people care to know “What’s in it for Them”. B. Content Repurposing & Syndication Strategy: Always Re-purpose your newly created content (i.e your latest blog post) into other forms of content like a PDF, a PPT, a Video, an Infographic, a Podcast and syndicate those different content types on your Brand’s Social Media accounts and open a free brand account on all free web platforms where you can specifically upload PDFs, PPTs, Podcasts, Videos, Audios, Infographics etc C. Tip for Brand Authority Building: if your content has a problem solving character, go to Quora and find relevant questions that your content addresses well, submit a well-thought answer and include a link back to your content for users to learn more.
  6. 6. About “Mediums” where SEO Strategies can be applied to SEO strategies can be applied to a majority of web property types on top of a brand’s company website. What are the different medium types that a Brand can take advantage of SEO-wise to increase their reach and attract new audiences that have diversified online content consumption habits?  Videos  Images  Audios  PDFs  PPTs  Podcasts  Facebook Page  Linkedin Page  Twitter Page  Pinterest Page  Google Plus Profile Page  Google My Business Page  Google My Maps Page  YouTube Channel  Instagram Page  Meetup.com Page  Quora.com Page
  7. 7. Brand Authority & its Correlation for Higher SEO Rankings 1. Focus on Building an Expert, Authoritative & Trustworthy Brand. Click HERE to access a SEMRUSH detailed analysis on how to increase your Brand’s overall authority and how this will help your SEO Rankings. 2. At the same time, educate yourself around SEO and make sure that you build your brand (as shared above) in a Search Engine Friendly way. WHY NOT HIT 2 birds with one stone? If you create a HUGE Authority Brand, the least of high quality SEO efforts will bring you massive improvements. BUT… If you ignore building your Brand’s authority and instead, do massive low quality seo efforts, you will never achieve important rankings. ALWAYS REMEMBER: Google Loves and Rewards Real Brands that interact with their users by constantly offering great online experiences, educating and solving their problems (even before they become paying clients / customers). LONG TERM SEO BEST STRATEGIES
  8. 8. An Extra Resource on Branded Searches (Direct Traffic) and SEO John Lincoln, CEO of Ignite Visibility, made a very nice post on Linkedin with a video explaining in what level, branded searches are crucial for a brand to have when it comes to ranking high in the search engines. As per John’s opinion, 30% - 40% of Search Engine Optimization importance is “Branded Searches” as a ranking factor that are generated by people who saw something useful a brand shared online and went ahead and Google’d the brand’s name or website url, to find more useful resources from the same brand. Click below to watch John’s video on Linkedin
  9. 9. About SEO Ranking Factors: 2016 vs 2017 # Top 8 SEO Factors 2016 Top 8 SEO Factors 2017 1 Backlinks Direct Website Visits 2 AHREFS Domain Rating (DR) Time on Site 3 Topically Relevant Content Pages per Session 4 Longer Content Length (1890 words avg) Bounce Rate 5 “HTTPS” Security Certificate Total Unique Referring Domains 6 Having 1 Image within Content Total Backlinks 7 Site Speed Total Referring IPs 8 Backlinks’ Anchor Text Total Follow Backlinks  Click here to access an in-depth study of the most important SEO Ranking Factors (2016) made by Backlinko, after analyzing 1 Million Results in Google with the help of SEMRUSH, AHREFS, MarketMuse and Similar Web  Click here to access a complete analysis of all the 200 SEO Ranking Factors (2016) by Backlinko.  Click here to access a recent study made by SEMRUSH about the most Important SEO Ranking Factors (2017) As per SEMRUSH’s recent study we see that “Direct Website Visits” is the 1st factor that influences SEO rankings and backlinks are in the 6th position...
  10. 10. Owning Your Brand’s Name SEO Results on 1st Google Page  Click on the image above to read a detailed analysis published on my website with an example study of Online Reputation Management.  Or, visit my Quora page to see my Online Reputation Management answers to people’s questions.
  11. 11. TOP 10 SEO Competition Analysis Strategy - Insights  Click here to discover 5 steps on how to analyze your SEO Competition on Top Page of Google Resource > Search Engine Watch
  12. 12. Access 90+ SEO TOOLS (List of Free & Paid Tools for SEO Tasks ) To be successful in SEO, a decent understanding of “numbers” and an unstoppable will to improve your current SEO status is essential. SEO consists a HIGH level skillset combination of 50% Math + 50% Creativity. In order to be successful with the “numbers” side of SEO, one needs to have access to several tools besides the free ones that Google offers (Search Console and Google Analytics). Click on the image link below to access a list of those, offered by a fellow Search Engine Optimizer, Dino Gomez.
  13. 13. Be Aware Before You Dare to Invest in SEO. A ~3.5K Words Free Guide Click on the image link below to discover the basics of how SEO works that will help you as a business owner, know what to expect and what to ask your future potential SEO Service provider.
  14. 14. SEO Industry Fact to Live by In the ever-changing industry of Search Engine Optimization, there is one steady truth. The level of expectations one must have from their SEO, must be equal to the level of the resources they have to invest in it in the 3 following areas: “An Expert SEO’er to Design best Strategies” + “Team to Execute the Strategies” + “Budget for Previous Two”. Image is from Search Engine Land