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Data meets Creativity - Webbdagarna 2015

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How to use data to improve advertising and marketing, how to automate marketing without loosing the human touch and how to also establish a culture of analysis and optimization. This presentation will guide you through the most important trends in the field and present actionable examples that you can use in your everyday marketing.

(Commented version of my talk at Webbdagarna 2015 in Stockholm)

Included Cases:
- British Airways #lookup
- Nike+ "Outdo You in 2015" (AKQA, McBess)
- AdWords Scripts / Realtime Weather Data
- AdWords Scripts / Traffic Connection Data
- Data driven Newsletter Campaign (Remarketing)
- 3D printed AdWords Reporting (Vision Award)

Design: Alessandra Angelucci

Veröffentlicht in: Daten & Analysen, Marketing
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Data meets Creativity - Webbdagarna 2015

  1. 1. D A T A M E E T S C R E A T I V I T Y Tobias Zehnder Webrepublic
  2. 2. @tozehnder Since the early days of mankind, people used their imagination and creativity to get other people’s attention.
  3. 3. The Digital Universe 4.4ZB 2013 IDC, 2014 iPad Air – 0.29 thick, 128 GB 0.7stack 44ZB 2020 6.6stack
  4. 4. #lookup British Airways connected a billboard with real-time flight information to raise awareness for their European flights.
  5. 5. Data vs Creativity Knowledge @tozehnder Optimization Creativity
  6. 6. Nike created personalised videos for its 100’000 most active runners, based on their personal training data.
  7. 7. To really combine data and creativity, you need to establish a Culture 
 of Collaboration
  8. 8. WeatherAPI @tozehnderTriggering AdWords ads based on real-time weather data
  9. 9. ConnectionAds @tozehnderOutsmarting cars: AdWords script that triggers ads if the train connection is faster.
  10. 10. NewsletterAds Social Rockstars 2 Authentic
 Testimonials 3 True Fans 1 @tozehnder Creating an integrated ad campaign that makes banners more relevant.
  11. 11. NewsletterAds Amplify 4 @tozehnder +300% CTR +350% Conversion Rate
  12. 12. 3DReporting 1Data 2 3D Model @tozehnder Creating the world’s first truly tangible AdWords reporting.
  13. 13. 3 3DReporting Printing @tozehnder
  14. 14. 3DReporting 4Prototypes @tozehnder
  15. 15. 3DReporting 5Shipping @tozehnder
  16. 16. @tozehnder Creativity → Relevancy → ← People ← Data ← Collaboration
  17. 17. @tozehnder | Webrepublic B I G D A T A B I G I D E A S demands