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Cedexis - Julien Coulon - Soirée webperf Paris du 29 novembre 2010

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Cedexis - Julien Coulon - Soirée webperf Paris du 29 novembre 2010

  1. 1. Break the RulesJulien CoulonJulien@cedexis.com+33607136856
  2. 2. Cedexis is a next-generation provider of Internet Performance Monitoring & Traffic Optimization.The immediate benefits to client sites are Increased Performance, Maximized Availability & Cost Savings.The only sure way to save Billions of hours lost to internet users
  3. 3. Cedexis ‘s Customers declarations“15 to 17 times faster downloads & 2 to 4 times faster home page loading even if we were already using a CDN” “Freedom of choice, price and offer “ “A real decision making tool that helps optimize costs and performance” “ Euronews, the international media benchmark, halves its website’s page display time, optimizes its costs and increases its audience” “The value adding circle, the eco-system of multi-sourcing “ “Mixing Hosting Provider & CDN : a winning combination” “The Cedexis tools were very straightforward to set up and use, giving us complete autonomy in piloting our delivery strategies ourselves”“We are confident that we can have the best distribution platform possible that’s available currently and in the future”“Thanks to Cedexis, we have easily been able to set up a virtuous multi-CDN solution based on performance at its right price” “ Crowdsourcing and « Loadbalancing : a formula that will soon be preoccupying all the CIOs”
  4. 4. Market overview and why ISP become CDNContent $ $ Back $ $ Internet CDN ISPProvider Bone Users Content $ $ $ Internet CDN ISP Provider Users Content $ $ Internet ISP-CDN Provider Users Net Neutrality
  5. 5. Global Market Fragmentation Revendeurs Regional CDN CDN CDN
  6. 6. Increasingly viable alternativesWhat’s happening in CDN arrives in Cloud Computing
  7. 7. MARKET REALITY• 100 ms extra display time = 1% lost sales for Amazon• 400 ms extra display time = 5.9 % lost traffic for Yahoo• 500 ms extra display time = 20 % lost search requests for Google• 81% of internet users stop watching a video = when it buffers or won’t start immediately• 20% performance improvement = 10% additional revenue for France Télévisions In 2010 – 100% ‘up-time’ is standard Performance is KEY« The one thing that unites Internet Users: impatience! »
  8. 8. The OpportunityTrend towards real-time infrastructure multi-sourcing Multiple Delivery Networks Multiple Multiple Cloud Datacenters Platforms My VisitorsCedexis’ Mission:• Make the market more transparent• Make the market more efficient• Make multi-sourcing less painful
  9. 9. Radar Integration<script type="text/javascript"> (function(d, w) { var requestorId = 1-10001, onWindowLoaded = function() { var a =document.createElement(script); a.type = text/javascript; a.src =radar_config.js; d.body.appendChild(a);}; if (w.addEventListener) {w.addEventListener(load, onWindowLoaded, false); } else if(w.attachEvent) { w.attachEvent(onload, onWindowLoaded );} })(document, window); </script>
  10. 10. Solution: Cedexis RadarCommunity-Based Cloud Performance Monitoring • Agent-free: Page tag compares multiple datacenters, delivery networks, and cloud platforms • Relevant: Data captures your end-user’s experience • Real-time: Distributed BI platform aggregates over 10k results per second • Rich: 1B daily measurements • Broad: Covering 26k networks in 230 countries • Actionable: Tightly coupled with Cedexis Openmix
  11. 11. Insight: Bouygues Télécom Cedexis Radar confirms the benefits of multi-sourcing 4 CDN are coming from the same peeringThe Best choice All are impacted by a network problemGLB between 2 CDN
  12. 12. Cedexis OpenmixPerformance-Based Cloud Load Balancing• Rules-free: Scriptable DNS Load & based on standard Capacity programming languages• Intelligent: Real-time data- Performance & Costs & Utilization Availability driven decisions• Flexible: Service Oriented . Infrastructure supports any IP-based app Geography & Topology• Reliable: Elastic scalability, Custom Data Feeds global anycast network• Efficient: Usage-based Custom Algorithms pricing
  13. 13. Performance improvement : 30 to 70% CedexisPerformance over 1 hour from 1 ISPCedexis routing focused on the best performance in real time
  14. 14. Breaking the Rules : Large French Media CompanyOpenmix ensures consistent throughput at peak timesLocal test in one ISP Using Akamai Akamai + L3 + Cotendo +27% Certified by IP Label
  15. 15. Example Before / After for Euronews moving from Akamai to Cedexis load balancing on L3 + CDNetwork + Hosting PlatformCertified by Google Analytics : Performance X 2,5
  16. 16. Breaking the Rules : Eyeka 17x Improvement Cedexis GLB Too good to be Cedexis GLB focus on Perf, let’s put it focus on Perf true, let’s start on slower Before Cedexis again Certified by Website Pulse
  17. 17. Conclusion• No single provider can be : • Everywhere , For Everyone, Every time• Multiplying providers guaranties : • Performance • Up Time • Competitive pricing • Scalability Cedexis services offer THAT degree of Dynamic, Data-driven, Real-time, Control, Flexibility & Transparency