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Life Sciences
& Healthcare
New York

 dealbook life Sciences & Healthcare Venture Summit - New...
Table of Contents

                             about MarS                    01

                             Venture P...
About MaRS
                   It is my pleasure to present the third
                   MarS dealbook, created to highligh...
Venture Profiles

a Model For MarkeT SUCCeSS                                                                   550 Parksid...
                                                                                       Suite 209-170 Mcewan drive
55 Gilgorm rd.                                                        4040-3080 Yonge St.
                       Toronto, ...
9-6975 MTC Circle, Suite 419                                     2 bloor Street west, Suite 700
Key Contacts
         MaRS CONTACTS
         Veronika litinski, Practice lead,
         life Sciences & Healthcare
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Life Sciences and Healthcare Venture Summit DealBook

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Six MaRS high-potential clients made the MaRS DealBook as we traveled to the 2009 Life Sciences and Healthcare Venture Summit in NYC. All participants were selected by a panel of US venture capital firms. Read on about some of our top life sciences clients.

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Life Sciences and Healthcare Venture Summit DealBook

  1. 1. dealbook Life Sciences & Healthcare Venture Summit New York 09 dealbook life Sciences & Healthcare Venture Summit - New York 2009
  2. 2. Table of Contents about MarS 01 Venture Profiles biomedical Photometrics 03 Colibri Technologies 04 INTerxVeNT 05 MedCurrent 06 Profound Medical 07 rejuven8 laboratories 08 Somnaform 09 key Contacts 10 Notes 12 dealbook life Sciences & Healthcare Venture Summit - New York 2009
  3. 3. About MaRS It is my pleasure to present the third MarS dealbook, created to highlight our presenting companies at the life Sciences bUIldING CaNada’S NeXT GeNeraTIoN & Healthcare Venture Summit in New York, 2009. oF Global TeCHNoloGY CoMPaNIeS MarS is a large scale innovation centre - located in Toronto The Seven companies in this guide are and networked across ontario - focused on building Canada’s but a fraction of the varied life Sciences next generation of technology companies. and Healthcare ventures we work with at MarS. MarS is establishing itself as a major deal-flow engine in the life Sciences & Healthcare sector, with an emphasis on early- stage companies. MarS is focused on developing young companies and connecting entrepreneurs to the right international markets and investment capital. I invite you to speak with our MarS team at the Summit in New York to learn more about our unique approach. or get to know us online at www.marsdd.com. I look forward to bringing a fresh group of MarS ventures for future life Science and Healthcare events. Growing to an impressive 1.5 million sq. ft., MarS is located in Toronto’s discovery district, Canada’s largest scientific research hub, surrounded by a creative urban community and adjacent to leading financial institutions. Since opening in 2005, MarS has attracted international Veronika litinski attention due to its scale, the quality of its discovery pipeline, Practice lead, life Sciences & Healthcare, MarS its collaborative model, and its comprehensive offering of best-in-class services and programs designed to accelerate the growth of emerging companies. MarS works closely with entrepreneurs to grow and scale their ventures into global market leaders – in life sciences and health care, digital media and ICT, clean technology, advanced materials and energy, as well as innovative social purpose businesses and social enterprises. MarS provides business advice and mentorship, market intelligence, entrepreneurship education, seed capital and access to critical talent, customer and partner networks. dealbook life Sciences & Healthcare Venture Summit - New York 2009 01
  4. 4. Venture Profiles a Model For MarkeT SUCCeSS 550 Parkside drive, Unit b6 waterloo, oN Canada N2l 5V4 PeoPle | exceptional business advisory & Market Insight www.confocal.com we provide specialized business advisory and mentorship as well as research insight and capital connections that are Biomedical photometrics inc. essential to emerging technology companies. biomedical Photometrics Inc. (bPI) develops and ProGraMS | Specialized educational & Networking Programs sells multispectral tissue scanners for digital pathology, biomarker profiling, and a wide range we provide programs that provide the business fundamentals of research applications. bPI’s current product, of entrepreneurship plus access to specialized educational the TISSUescope™ 4000, is a dual brightfield- resources and networking events. fluorescence whole slide scanner for tissue PlaCe | world Class research & Collaboration Facilities imaging in clinical and other research markets. we house and incubate top technologists and scientists in an bPI’s TISSUescopes use patented technology environment optimized for innovation through specialized that provides a field of view that is hundreds of lab/test facilities and collaborative workspaces. times that of a microscope. when combined with automatic focus, tissue finding and the ability to image multiple fluorophores simultaneously, bPI’s TISSUescopes allow a wide variety of tissue Since January 2006, MaRS has worked with specimens and sizes to be digitized automatically. 1500 Companies bPI manufactures and sells complete instruments, including software to acquire and store digital images automatically. objective Pathology ltd. has developed a viewer for bPI’s scanners and an image server to serve bPI’s images locally or over the internet. CoMPeTITIVe adVaNTaGe The patented TISSUescope™ instruments perform both brightfield and simultaneous multi- spectral fluorescence imaging of tissue. when combined with high sensitivity, high dynamic POrTfOLIO BrEAkdOwN range, and fast scan speed in fluorescence, the instruments have a major competitive advantage 40% Information and Communication Technology in biomarker profiling, which will be essential for 22% Life Sciences & Healthcare quantitative analysis in pathology. The world’s 19% Social Purpose largest pathology image (breast mastectomy) can 9% Cleantech & Environmental Technology be viewed on our website at http://confocal.com/ 3% Materials and Advanced Manufacturing reSoUrCeS/ImageGallery.html. 2% Agriculture CUrreNT FUNdING 5% Other raised: $3M SeekING $5M 02 dealbook life Sciences & Healthcare Venture Summit - New York 2009 03
  5. 5. COLIBRI Suite 209-170 Mcewan drive 75 oriole rd #204 bolton, oN l7e 4C8 Technologies Toronto, oN M4V 2e9 www.intervent.com Colibri Technologies inTeRxVenT ablation procedures can effectively treat INTerxVeNT Canada helps organizations reduce patients with atrial fibrillation (aF), the medical costs and improve productivity. most common arrhythmia in the western The company is well-positioned to capitalize world. However, atrial fibrillation ablation is on growing investment in preventative health a challenging 3-4 hour procedure performed interventions, which have a demonstrated by specialized cardiologists. It has a 4-6% positive return on investment. Its proprietary complication rate, considerable x-ray exposure platform unites disease management and and a success rate of only 50-75%. Many prevention information, tools and resources into physicians use intracardiac echocardiography a solution that organizations provide at a low (ICe) to facilitate their procedures, although this per-user cost online and by phone. an expensive technology, adding up to $2500 to the other $4000+ spent on disposable devices CoMPeTITIVe adVaNTaGe for these procedures. Corporations, government agencies, cardiac rehabilitation facilities, hospitals and academic CoMPeTITIVe adVaNTaGe institutions use INTerxVeNT to identify health Colibri has licensed over 4 patents from risks in large groups; deliver comprehensive Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre relevant and customized self-help and coach-assisted to image guided therapy. This includes broad programs to improve health; and report health coverage of our 3d image scanning mechanism statistics to enhance decision-making and and incorporation of this mechanism into resource utilization. with more than 14 years of both standalone catheters and integration of use by over 190 organizations, INTerxVeNT’s the scanning core into a range of therapeutic scientifically proven efficacy is supported by catheters. Colibri’s founders and management more than 80 peer-reviewed journal articles have a history of successful commercial and manuscripts, and has been used by over 1.5 development of medical imaging and million participants. therapeutic devices and world-class experience in ultrasound devices. CUrreNT FUNdING raised: $2M CUrreNT FUNdING raised: $150k Private: $500k Public SeekING $3M SeekING $3M 04 dealbook life Sciences & Healthcare Venture Summit - New York 2009 05
  6. 6. 55 Gilgorm rd. 4040-3080 Yonge St. Toronto, oN M5N 2M4 Toronto, oN M4N 3N1 www.medcurrent.com www.profoundmedical.com medCurrent inc. profound medical inc. radiology, the fastest growing sector in CoMPeTITIVe adVaNTaGe healthcare, is fraught with spiralling costs due There are major Quality-of-life issues with to an explosive increase in utilization. This is all existing approaches to Prostate Cancer. leading payers, both private and government, to due primarily to over-treatment through actively seek out solutions. It is well known that inaccurate and imprecise techniques, there are a significant number of radiology studies are unacceptable levels of post-operative impotence unnecessary but still get performed, a wasteful and incontinence. situation but one that occurs for a number of CoMPeTITIVe adVaNTaGe reasons: doctors practicing defensive medicine, Profound’s interventional MrI-guided, trans- patients’ demand for services and physicians urethral ultrasound medical device provides the often being unaware of the optimal test to order. least invasive treatment, in the shortest possible MedCurrent has developed orderrightTM is time, as an outpatient procedure, offering based on rules developed by the american incomparable accuracy and precision. College of radiology, is a simple to use web- based tool that guides the ordering doctor to Further, the accuracy of this device offers the best test to order for each specific patient. surgeons and patients unparalleled treatment Such decision support tools are just as effective planning options, ranging from matching the as rbMs but are less expensive and much more existing radical Prostatectomy “gold standard” favorably accepted by physicians. of treating a whole prostate, to leading the next generation of focal therapy whereby clinicians CoMPeTITIVe adVaNTaGe will target just the diseases, leaving much of orderrightTM allows users to easily modify the the remaining healthy gland unadulterated and rules to suit their local needs. In addition, it also fully-functional. provides protocol support, which communicates the very specific way in which the study CUrreNT FUNdING should be conducted for each patient. as well, raised: $1.75M orderrightTM can be utilized for all medical Current Investors: Genesys Capital specialties, not just radiology. SeekING CUrreNT FUNdING $7M raised: $1.5M Current Investors: angels SeekING $2M 06 dealbook life Sciences & Healthcare Venture Summit - New York 2009 07
  7. 7. 9-6975 MTC Circle, Suite 419 2 bloor Street west, Suite 700 Mississauga, oN l5N 2V7 Toronto, oN M4w 3r1 www.rejuven8labs.com www.somnaform.com Rejuven8 Laboratories inc. somnaform Corp. rejuven8 labs is a unique, intellectual property Somnaform Corp. is a medical devices company (IP)-driven Green life Sciences enterprise focused on designing, manufacturing and focused on r&d of eco-safe products, services, distributing low tech, affordable medical devices and technologies. we are an idea-powered internationally, including accessories to increase Company that creates solidly unique earth- compliance, comfort while reducing risks for friendly consumer products in 8 growth adults, children and infants. industries. our products were formulated entirely using natural ingredients that are CoMPeTITIVe adVaNTaGe Generally recognized as Safe (GraS). our our competitive advantage is lean operations solidly unique, proprietary products work as well and manufacturing, defensible intellectual as or better than products currently marketed property with large margins and reduced within the niche Green Global Market Space. competition with innovative, patented products. also, non-exclusive distribution arrangements CoMPeTITIVe adVaNTaGe with large international medical distributors • The only green product that kills by have been established. our opportunity is targeting the growth zone at root: No to expand market share in very large and overall spray is necessary, thus the product growing international market with effective easier to use and apply. No collateral marketing and pursuing additional licensing and damage to desirable plants when used as distribution opportunities internationally. directed. CUrreNT FUNdING • Faster-acting and longer-lasting: Generally, raised: $150k weeds and unwanted grasses die within 1 Current Investors: Friends & Family hour and re-growth does not occur for at SeekING least 1 month. $2M • More powerful: Completely kills all weeds tested to date, including weeds with tough waxy cuticles, like the common milkweed. • Immediately biodegradable: weedphyter® leaves no harmful soil residue. • rain-fast: No run-off contamination and does not persist long enough to affect waterways. CUrreNT FUNdING raised: $13k SeekING $500k 08 dealbook life Sciences & Healthcare Venture Summit - New York 2009 09
  8. 8. Key Contacts MaRS CONTACTS Veronika litinski, Practice lead, life Sciences & Healthcare vlitinski@marsdd.com MarS discovery district MarS Centre, South Tower 101 College Street, Suite 100 Toronto, ontario, Canada M5G 1l7 T 416.673.8113 F 416.673.8181 www.marsdd.com COMPANY CONTACTS biomedical Photometrics Inc. a.e. (Ted dixon), Ceo & Chairman aedixon@confocal.com 519.886.9013 x22 Colibri Technologies brian Courney, Ceo bcourtney@rogers.com 416.575.6531 INTerxVeNT Mel barsky mel@intervent.ca 416.578.6352 MedCurrent Inc. Steve Herman, Ceo steve.herman@medcurrent.com 416.904.7782 Profound Medical Inc. Paul Chipperton, Ceo & Coo pchipperton@profoundmedical. com 416.605.7470 rejuven8 laboratories Inc. Sheldon Joseph, Ceo sheldon@rejuven8labs.com 416.606.8803 Somnaform Corporation Jonathan aikman, President & General Counsel jaikman@somnaform.com 416.323.6897 10 dealbook life Sciences & Healthcare Venture Summit - New York 2009
  9. 9. www.marsdd.com