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UX of Story: Designing the Future of Storytelling – Mandy Mandelstein

What we can learn from experience design of past storytelling mediums as we experiment with new ones.

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UX of Story: Designing the Future of Storytelling – Mandy Mandelstein

  1. 1. Mandy Mandelstein UX of Story: Designing the Future of Storytelling Mandy Mandelstein
  2. 2. Mandy Mandelstein Experience Design, Development, and Production Studio
  3. 3. Mandy Mandelstein Future Storytelling Mediums
  4. 4. Mandy Mandelstein Humans + Technology
  5. 5. Mandy Mandelstein WTF is User Experience Design?
  6. 6. Filmmaking = User Experience Design
  7. 7. Around that time I knew that devices and computers would be involved in whatever this magical experiential storytelling technology would be. It turned out that designing for Human Computer Interaction had a rich history of it’s own that had been developing for decades. There were trends towards designing computing systems to work for the human using them, and less about simply operating the machine. This got me thinking, maybe if I wanted to figure out this whole technology story thing, I’d needed to look at how the mediums in which we shared fictional narratives had already changed over time. Human Centered design principles often used in UX, stem around the fact that all design decisions should be based on the users experience of the product, which in my case the user was a viewer and my product was some unknown future storytelling medium.
  8. 8. Filmmaking Made Storytelling Less Interactive
  9. 9. Radio/Broadcast Radio/Broadcast
  10. 10. People are Consuming in New Places
  11. 11. “Eventually all successful storytelling mediums become transparent: we loose consciousness of the medium and see neither print nor film but only the power of story itself” -Janet H. Murray, “Hamlet on the Holodeck”
  12. 12. mandy@luxloop.com luxloop @mandivision