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Pren company presentation

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Pren company presentation

  1. 1. Investor PresentationJanuary 2013FORWARD LOOKING STATEMENTSForward-looking statements: This report includes certain statements that may be deemed forward-looking. All statements in this release, other than statements ofhistorical facts, that address future production, exploitation activities and events, asset value growth or developments that the company expects, are forward-lookingstatements. Although the Company believes the expectations expressed in such forward looking statements are based on reasonable assumptions, such statementsare not guarantees of future performance and actual results or developments may differ materially from those in the forward looking statements. Factors that couldcause actual results to differ materially from those in forward-looking statements include market prices, exploitation and development successes, availability ofcapital and financing, and general economic, market or business conditions. Investors are cautioned that actual results or developments may differ materially fromthose projected in the forward-looking statements.All Estimates and Expectations are based on independent valuations, extensive feasibility studies and due diligence. All relevant documents are available uponrequest.DISCLAIMERThis document and its content is provided for your general information only and does not constitute an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy any products.The information does not constitute a sufficient basis for making a decision with respect to the purchase of any products. Before purchasing any products, pleaseconsult your products advisor for information about and analysis of the products, its risks and its suitability in your particular circumstances.
  2. 2. Aspiring to be World’s biggest pioneering renewable energy production anddistribution•By optimizing portfolio•of diversified renewable energy project•Including wind, solar, hydro and geothermal by 2015.Corporate Presentation- January 2013
  3. 3. We are carefully selecting our projects. Diversification – geographic and technological is key for risk management. KEY POINTS • Currently engaged in development of wind farms and solar farms in Bulgaria • Optimally positioned to be at the forefront of the internationally renewable energy sector and in diverse renewable energy technologies • Strong and diversified Board of directorsTodor Todorov Liam McGrattanCEO • Market capitalization of £97million Chairman •Quoted/listed company with market capacity of 117 million Greece 2012
  4. 4. At a HYDRO POWER PLANT, under development in SERBIAWind Farm’s which are currently with longterm contracts, and have further expansion approvalshave been short-listed for strategic investments anddevelopment Liam McGrattan Chairman Liam McGrattan Chairman Todor Todorov Samrat Bhandarii CEO CFO Greece 2012 Serbia 2012
  5. 5. We always work with the best technology and equipment available to ensure long term operational efficiencyProventus works withthe best renewableenergy professionalsand teams, with anexcellent track-record.
  6. 6. Proventus Follow the trend toRenewable decentralized powerEnergy Action ENERGY ACTION PLAN PROVENTUS RENEWABLE generation to unleash private investments on a broaderPlan scale, improve grid stability and enable a larger group of investors to generate incomeThe Company’smissionstatement, lays Create a diverse portfolio ofdown the renewable energyCompany’s technologies including, butcommitment to not limited to Wind, Solar,improve social Geothermal and Biomassconditions and Launch a Research &achieve social Development Centre tooutcomes. create innovative renewable energy products. Establish renewable energy assets globally, with initial focus on Europe; and
  7. 7. The way forward…Completing projects under development (275 mw- windand solar)Complete the acquisition and development of upto421mw of Wind farms with OMEGAAcquire existing Solar farms with total capacity of 2.5 MWcurrently operating with good expansion potentialAcquire existing Wind farms with total capacity of 3 MWcurrently operating with 30 MW expansion potentialAcquire constructed Hydro power plants with totalcapacity of 4 MW with good expansion potentialComplete the acquisition solar panel manufacturingcompany for meeting company requirements
  8. 8. PROJECTS’ LOCATION Hydro Power Solar and Wing
  9. 9. Solar Farm 700kw Operational; Revenue Generating Agreed to acquire ; Installed Capacity: 700 kW Location: Northern Greece Construction Cost including connection costs : around € 4.9 MillionAnnual energy production: 1 400 000 kWh In operation since September 2009Feed-In Tariff 0.45 €/kWhAnnual turnover per annum: € 630 000 Land ownership: owned by farm ownerIRR – 26-27%
  10. 10. Solar Farm 150kw Operational; Revenue Generating Agreed to acquire •Constructor : KLT Energy •681 PV Panels BP Solar 3220 N •9 Inverters SMA SMC 11000 TL ESS GR •216m K2 Mounting System •Control System SMA Web – Box •Alarm System FBI OMNI 400 Installed Capacity: 700 kWAnnual energy production: 1 400 000 kWhInstalled Capacity: 150 kWLocation: Northern Greece, near Monastiraki villageLand ownership: Lease AgreementConstruction Cost (including connection costs): around € 1 MillionIn operation since September 2009Feed-In Tariff 0.40 €/kWh
  11. 11. Agreed to acquire1987 Incorporation in Thessaloniki of ELITHERM S.A.; Branch office in Athens;1996 Relocation of ELITHERM S.A. in Sindos, in the industrial area of Thessaloniki, in modern, privately owned installationof 14.000 square meters;1998 The company sets up manufacturing of line corrugated (spiral) pipe from polypropylene.2000 ELITHERM S.A. buys off and undertakes the management of former STIEBEL ELTRON HELLAS S.A. and presentlySTIBETHERM S.A. A leading productive company, active in the sectors of solar energy, heating and air conditioning, withbuilding installation of total surface of 12.000 square meters, in the industrial area of Kilkis.
  13. 13. Proventus Wind is a 200 MW Wind Energy Project developed byProventus Energy PLC. The company has 80% interest in the windpark project, which is at an advanced stage of development withseveral essential milestones successfully passed.➜ Feasibility Study and Economic Assessment➜ Two years of wind measurement on site➜ Secured Land➜ Zoning➜ Positive Environmental Impact Assessment➜ Grid Connection Guarantee
  14. 14. At its present stage of development the wind park project has been independently valued at 46 192 360EUR. Upon completion Proventus Wind is independently estimated to reach market value of 320 392 360EUR.The produced electricity will be sold to the National Electricity Company (NEC) of Bulgaria at a fixed rate for13 years with an option to extend the contract for up to 25 years which is the expected asset-life of thegenerators. The price offered lies in the basis of all estimations and evaluations of the wind park project.Yearly wind measurement on site has been carried out by the company ECOFYS (Netherlands) for two yearsand the acquired data has been used as the basis for all estimations and valuations.The Contract is signed with the National Electricity Company upon the granting of a building permit for aspecific Renewable Energy Project, which in the case of Proventus Wind is expected during the summer of2012. At present a Preliminary Draft Contract has been proposed by NEC. Connection to the largest andmost advanced sub-station in the region (DOBRUDJA 400/200/110 kV) has been secured for ProventusWind, guaranteeing maximum efficiency with the sale of all generated electricity.
  16. 16. Proventus Solar is a 75 MW Solar Energy Project developed byProventus Energy PLC. The company ownes 100% of theproject, which is situated near the village of Sitovo, close to theBulgarian-Turkish border.The Project is at an advanced stage of development with alleconomic feasibility studies implying a high return potential.At present Proventus Solar is independently valued at 18 622000 EUR and is estimated to grow in market value to 130 000000 EUR upon completion.Produced electricity will be sold to the National ElectricityCompany (NEC) of Bulgaria at a fixed rate, guaranteed bycontract for 20 years, which is to be signed at the beginning ofthe building stage.Currently Proventus Solar has fulfilled all other requirements toqualify for the above mentioned contract.
  17. 17. Additional assets of the project include:➜ Ownership of around 1 700 000 m2 of land, to be used for the solar park.➜ All necessary zoning activities and planning permits needed to facilitate theuse of the owned land.➜ All reasonable feasibility studies and measurements demonstrating the higheconomic potential of the project. Project Development activities are expected tocontinue to the summer of 2012 with building of the project and signing of energysale contracts with NEC at two stages through the second half of 2012.
  18. 18. Liam McGrattan ChairmanLiam McGrattan has a background in sales and finance, and successfullylaunched Custom Finance Limited in 1989, a specialist leasing company.For the past ten years Liam has specialised in the small cap equitiesmarket and has been involved in a number of highly successful privateand publicly quoted companies on the PLUS-quoted market and theAlternative Investment Market of the London Stock Exchange.Liam currently holds directorships in IMC Exploration Group Plc which isquoted on the PLUS quoted market. He is also Managing Director ofWilhan Limited, an international private investment company.
  19. 19. Nial Ring Vice Chairman & DirectorNial Ring (FCCA) is a fellow of the Association of Chartered CertifiedAccountants and started his career with Allied Irish Bank plc havinggraduated from Dublin City University with an Accounting/Finance Degreein 1983. He is a licentiate of the Institute of Bankers and has a Diploma inFinancial Services Law from University College, Dublin.Nial has a background in the financial services industry in Dublin, Londonand New York and has held senior banking positions with Allied Irish Bankplc and Bankgesellschaft, Berlin. He has also served as General Managerof Barrick Capital Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Barrack Goldbased in Dublin’s International Financial Services Centre.Nial holds a number of directorships and has served as a Governmentappointee on the Board of IDA Ireland, the Irish Government’sInternational Industrial Development Authority. He is currently a director ofTeknomining Plc (PLUS), IMC Exploration Group Plc (PLUS) and GreatWestern Mining Corporation Plc (AIM).Nial is presently involved in a number of businesses as an executive andinvestor and is an elected member of Dublin City Council. He is also amember of the Irish Commercial Mediation Association and is a PeaceCommissioner appointed by the Irish Minister for Justice, Equality and LawReform.
  20. 20. Todor Todorov Chief Executive OfficerTodor Todorov holds a Psychology Degree from University of Cologne, Germany and aSociology Degree from Humboldt Universitat Berlin, Germany. Todor has held theposition of CEO in a variety of companies including Bimex Ltd, a Bulgarian companyand Tet Eood, an International trade and consulting and rail Infrastructure company,based in Sofia, Bulgaia.Todor was a partner and director with Yomi Engineering Ltd from 1999 to 2006. Thiscompany has been involved in the development and construction of the first andlargest wind farm in Bulgaria, St. Nikola near Kavarna. As Wind Energy Developmenthas only existed in Bulgaria since 1999, Mr Todorov (along with his partners from YomiEngineering Ltd) are considered pioneers in this sector.From 2004 – 2008, Todor was a consultant for a number of investment projects inBulgaria on behalf of ECE ProjeKtmanagement G.m.b.h & Co. KG (company of FamilyOtto, Hamburg, Germany), Erste Bank and Sparkasse Austria, AES Corporation USA andmany others. Since 2008, Todor has been the CEO of Maison Group AG based inSwitzerland, CEO of Proventus Energy Plc based in the UK and CEO of Proventus EnergyBulgaria Ltd, a Bulgarian based company involved in renewable energy projects.Todor has used the vast management experience he gained in internationalinvestment and infrastructural projects over the years, as well as his well establishedbusiness contacts to bring together the Proventus Energy Plc team and use theirindividual specialist knowledge to bring the Proventus Energy Plc projects frominception to more advanced stages. He is heavily involved in the strategic planningand management of Proventus Energy Plc and has a hands-on approach to the dayto day running, direction and leadership of the company.
  21. 21. Samrat Deep Bhandari Chief Financial OfficerSamrat Bhandari, a business professional in London is a graduate in lawwith Masters in Finance Regulation and Risk Management. He has dualqualification as a Company Secretary from UK (ICSA) and India (ICSI). Hehas also studied at Harvard Business School, and ISMA Centre, Universityof Reading. Samrat has led several listing and M&A transactions inEurope. He holds positions on the Board of several PLCs and has been inthe Financial Services Business for more than fifteen years.Samrat has brought about what we may call as an “entrepreneurialrevolution” and is a great example for youth in search of entrepreneurialopportunities.Samrat has also acted as a Director and CEO of William Albert SecuritiesLimited, UK from December 2007 to date. William Albert Securities Limitedis an FSA regulated investment firm involved in stock broking, investmentresearch and corporate finance.Samrat became a Director and CFO of Proventus Energy Plc, in June2011.Samrat has recently been honoured with the Asian Achievers Award 2012for the Enterprise and Vision.
  22. 22. Graham Curtis Non-Executive Independent DirectorGraham has worked with the National Westminster Bank with responsibilityfor high value clients, pension fund portfolios and major trusts where thebank was either trustees or advisers to the clients. He then acted asregional Personal Financial Planning Manager over forty two West End ofLondon branches including major investment business to the bank andwinning the top new business award for two years.In 1994, he was appointed new business manager for Coutts Private Bankof London with responsibility for developing new business from UK basedclients. In 1997, he was appointed Coutts Middle East Private BankManager in the Gulf Region and eventually headed up the whole MiddleEast team in London. In 1998, Coutts Bank extended his remit adding theirhigh value client base in Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon and selectedclients in UAE, Saudi Arabia and Brunei. In 2003, he was given exclusiveresponsibility for the personal portfolios of the main Middle East rulingroyal families until his retirement.He now acts in a personal capacity as an independent adviser to a smallnumber of selected high value families in the Middle East and Europe.
  23. 23. ABOUT PROVENTUS RENEWABLESProventus Renewables Plc is a Company registered in Republic ofIreland, Company Number 387071, registered office address at 70Ballybough Road, Dublin 3 .Proventus Renewables was originally incorporated in October 2010 asProventus Energy Plc, to exploit wind farm and solar farm opportunitiesin Bulgaria and, in due course, in other areas of strategic geographicalinterest. On 25 May 2012, at the EGM held by PLUS-SX quotedCaptive Audience Display Solutions, shareholders overwhelminglyapproved a €55 million reverse takeover deal and move to GXGMarkets as a new exchange platform.Proventus Renewables PLC is a renewable energy company,incorporated to actively participate in the global processes of climatechange prevention, environmental protection and creating secureconditions for a positive future for society. The Company’s coreactivities include wind farm development and operation, wind farmmaintenance, wind farm consultancy and project management for thirdparties, carbon credit trading and solar farm development andmanagement.
  25. 25. PREN – MTF GXG MARKETS IR CONTACT: Liam McGrattan Albene Mendy Chairman Senior Corporate Finance Associate Proventus Renewables Plc William Albert Corporate Finance Tel: +353 1 823 05 10 Tel: + 44 203 006 32 47 Email: liam.mcgrattan@proventus.co Email: albene.mendy@williamalbert.com