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Seattle Interactive Conference 2014 Brochure

This year we are spotlighting Makers. Now more than ever, 
creative thinkers have easier access to d...
Welcome to sic:// 
Advisory Board 
Day 1 Agenda 
Day 2 Agenda 
Day 1 Session Descriptions 
Day 2 Session Descr...
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Seattle Interactive Conference 2014 Brochure

  1. 1. WELCOME TO SIC 2014! This year we are spotlighting Makers. Now more than ever, creative thinkers have easier access to data and tools and they’re changing the industry in big ways, at a faster pace. These digital artisans bring a DIY spirit to work with them everyday. Their creative thinking pushes us to shift the way we work and play — and there’s much for all of us to learn and take from their experiences. This year’s agenda is filled with many inspiring people who have big stories to tell and I can’t wait to hear them speak — they are truly Makers. Alongside these big thinkers are those individuals and teams who aren’t necessarily aiming to change the world, but are nonetheless changing how the world works. They too are innovators, willing to experiment boldly enough to reinvent tools and techniques that shift the ways we work and play. They make change, make technology, make noise, even make history and more. Their hands-on experience will inspire all of us to innovate — and maybe even become Makers ourselves! I hope you leave SIC 2014 ready to innovate and experiment, knowing that we’re all capable of being Makers. On behalf of the SIC://Team and our Board of Advisors, thank you for coming. —Brian Rauschenbach sic://Curator & Co-founder 1
  2. 2. Welcome to sic:// sic://Team Advisory Board Day 1 Agenda Day 2 Agenda Day 1 Session Descriptions Day 2 Session Descriptions sic://Hub Contests & Goodies Happy Hours Food & Beverage sic://After Party Farmstr Fruit Pick Up Cey Adams Art Show Sub Pop Art Wall Origin & Destination by WINTR Livefyre Social Feed Mixby: sic://Experience App Weave: The Online sic://Story sic://Sponsors Hotel & Transportation Venue Maps 1 3 5 6 8 11 33 55 57 59 59 61 63 65 67 69 69 71 71 72 75 76
  4. 4. 4 BIG DATA MAKES SMARTWOOL EVEN SMARTER When SmartWool needed to find exactly the right audience for its premium performance apparel, Rocket Fuel knocked the socks off of the competition. Its blend of Big Data and artificial intelligence helped SmartWool build its brand and increase sales 34.73%. Want smart results of your own? Call us today at 888-717-8873 or email sales@rocketfuel.com ADVERTISING THAT LEARNS® IS A PERFECT FIT FOR SMARTWOOL
  5. 5. ADVISORY BOARD We are very pleased to introduce SIC’s 2014 Advisory Board. This group brings a comprehensive base of thought-leadership perspectives from the converging areas of major technology corporations, digital and social media organizations, academia, entertainment, and more. We are excited to be working together to help make SIC a compelling and valuable event for everyone involved! Alex Garcia, Director, Deloitte Digital Barrie Cohen, Curator, TEDxSeattle Benjamin Winters, Principal, WINTR Brian Marr, Director of Strategy, Smashing Ideas Brooke Angles, Founder & Principal, Admosis Media Chris Carter, Strategy Director, Y&R Group Seattle Chris Monberg, Entrepreneur, boomtrain Dan Sundgren, Senior Director, Merkle Donte Parks, Vice President, Culture, Substantial Dave Curry, Executive Director of Interactive, POP Eric Perret, Director of Client Services, B47 Jess Estrada, Founder, Fresh Jess Media John SanGiovanni, Co-Founder & VP, Product Design, Zumobi Kelly Clay, Columnist, Forbes Kelby Johnson, Associate Strategy Director, Y&RG Seattle Kyla Fairchild, Publisher, No Depression Mike Reeder, Vice President of Account Planning, POSSIBLE Matthew Wood, Manager, Media Development, Razorfish Matt Lawrence, Director of Community, Biznik Scilla Andreen, CEO & Co-Founder, IndieFlix Scott Macklin, Associate Director, UW Digital Media Tim Schmuckal, Business Strategist, Sticks LLC Zach Huntting, Founder & CEO, Crown Social 5
  6. 6. DAY 1 • WED 303 302 301 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM KEYNOTE Jeremiah Owyang Crowd Companies Digital Mark Torrance Rocket Fuel Digital KEYNOTE Greg Whiteley One Potato Prods. Digital 10:10 AM – 11:00 AM Sarah Bird Moz Digital Jordan Kretchmer Livefyre Digital Patti Hearn Lake Washington Girls Middle School Develop 11:10 AM – 12:00 PM Cey Adams Artist & Designer Design Brad Jackson Slalom Consulting Develop Ensighten Marketing Panel Digital 12:00 PM – 1:30 PM Lunch Break 1:30 PM – 2:20 PM Jay Moye The Coca-Cola Company Digital Marc Barros Moment Develop Cross-Device Ecommerce Panel Digital 2:30 PM – 3:20 PM Jag Duggal Quantcast Digital Richard Tait Galazo Design Visual IQ Attribution Panel Digital 3:30 PM – 4:20 PM KEYNOTE Ian Lurie Portent Digital Martin Clifford Sittercity.com Develop Tech Makes Good Panel Develop 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM sic://Hub Happy Hour presented by Catalysis 6
  7. 7. DAY 1 • WED 205 204 202 LL5 LL2 Daryl McNutt Adaptive Media Digital Customer Journey Panel Digital Jon Zimmerman Front Desk Develop Anne Gherini StumbleUpon Digital David Schwarz HUSH Design Jake Bennett POP Develop Brent Friedman Artifact Technologies Develop Tune Mobile Tracking Session Digital Briar Waterman Starbucks Digital Tony Gemma Millennial Media Digital Mark Mueller- Eberstein Adgetec Corp. Digital 12:00 PM – 1:30 PM Lunch Break Tom Seery RealSelf Develop Anders Rosenquist Thomas Stelter POSSIBLE Renee Metty The Cove School Develop Adam Schoenfeld Simply Measured Design John SanGiovanni Zumobi Design David Shim Placed Lauren Moores Dstillery David Mihm Moz Develop Janelle Maiocco Farmstr Develop Keith Frankel Tablelist Design Adam Audette RKG Digital Amelia Burke-Garcia Westat Digital Scott Battishill Curator PR Digital Molly Moon Neitzel Molly Moon’s Ice Cream Digital Jeff Levine ACNE Design Jason Berg Julep Digital 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM sic://Hub Happy Hour presented by Catalysis 7
  8. 8. DAY 2 • THURS 303 302 301 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM Steve ‘Espo’ Powers Artist Design KEYNOTE Nick Hanauer Second Ave. Partners Digital Joanna Lord Porch Digital 10:10 AM – 11:00 AM Vicki Draper AOL Carly Gray Razorfish Digital Goldie Jones Subversionz Media Lindsay Daniels Lindsay Daniels Design Design Gavin Kelly Artefact Rob Girling Artefact 11:10 AM – 12:00 PM Rand Fishkin Moz Digital Jennifer Patterson Julie Rezek Y&RG Digital Page Sands R2integrated Monica Lay Adobe Digital 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM sic://Hub Mimosa Bar presented by Tune 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM Lunch Break 1:30 PM – 2:20 PM Geoff Colon Microsoft Digital Amy Balliett Killer Infographics Design Pike Place Market Panel Develop 2:30 PM – 3:20 PM Scott Meldrum WONGDOODY Digital Kamakshi Sivaramakrishnan Drawbridge Develop Sub Pop Panel Digital 3:30 PM – 4:20 PM Michelle Rowley Cultivate & Co. Develop Xbox One Panel Digital MaxPoint Digital Ad Tracking Panel Digital 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM sic://Hub Happy Hour presented by Slalom Consulting 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM sic://After Party presented by Merkle 8
  9. 9. DAY 2 • THURS 204 202 LL5 LL2 Warren Etheredge The Warren Report Digital Andrew Grinaker Mat Szwajkos POSSIBLE Develop Michael King iPullRank Digital John Busby Marchex Institute Develop Monica Lay Adobe Digital Eric Bosco ChoiceStream Digital Mel Carson Delightful Comms. Digital Martijn van Tilburg 10,000ft Design David Niu TinyPulse Digital 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM sic://Hub Mimosa Bar presented by Tune 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM Lunch Break Ray Pun Adobe Digital Microsoft Cube Panel Kinect Develop Dustin Callif Tool Develop Nosa Omoigui Weave Labs Digital Justin Jewett BKWLD Design Cynthia Mason buuteeq Digital Rob Salkowitz MediaPlant Digital Derrick Morton Doug Pearson FlowPlay Develop Kevin Foreman Vectorform Develop Matthew Fordham WINTR Develop Paul Conder Lenati Design 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM sic://Hub Happy Hour presented by Slalom Consulting Ryan Campbell Add3 Digital 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM sic://After Party presented by Merkle 9
  10. 10. 10 BUILD STRONGER CONNECTIONS ACROSS YOUR DIGITAL ECOSYSTEM How can we help you target audiences when it matters most? COME CHAT @ BOOTH 307 R2i is an integrated marketing experience agency that delivers strategic marketing technology and multi-channel solutions to help clients manage end-to-end customer experiences. R2INTEGRATED.COM | INFO@R2INTEGRATED.COM | @R2INTEGRATED | 206.420.1163 CONTRIBUTE TO THE SEATTLE INTERACTIVE CONFERENCE SOCIAL STORY AT HTTP://WWW.R2INTEGRATED.COM/EVENTS/SIC
  11. 11. DAY 1 SESSIONS 11 WEDNESDAY OCT 15 9:00 AM Room 303 #MAKECHANGE The Future of Business Models: The Crowd Keynote with Jeremiah Owyang Crowd Companies Chief Catalyst & Founder From AirBnb, TaskRabbit, Uber, to Lyft, the sharing economy is on the rise. Furthermore, crowdfunding and the maker movement is enabling people to create goods—rather than buy them. Organizations can benefit from this maker movement by tapping into the crowd by enabling them to better utilize their own resources, and to create new business opportunities that reduce capital expenditures and operating costs. This presentation will share three ways corporations must shift their business to adapt to the collaborative economy. DIGITAL emerging, entrepreneurship, management, personal dev 9:00 AM Room 302 #MAKETOOLS Marketing that Learns: Practical Ways to Make Programmatic Advertising More Effective Session with Mark Torrance Rocket Fuel CTO Programmatic buying empowers marketers to move from broad, segment-based buys to very fine grained individual buys. In this session we’ll examine what really is ‘under the hood’ of programmatic buying, including a live demo of the Rocket Fuel insights platform. DIGITAL advertising, data, programmatic
  12. 12. 12 DAY 1 SESSIONS 9:00 AM Room 301 #MAKEHISTORY Least Likely to Succeed Keynote with Greg Whiteley One Potato Productions Filmmaker After Ken Jennings was beaten by an IBM robot on Jeopardy, he described feeling like an outmoded 1980’s Detroit auto-worker. Greg Whiteley has recently completed a film which explores the disparity between the kinds of skills our current education system instills in our students and the kinds of skills that will be demanded from them in the 21st Century. DIGITAL communication, personal dev, storytelling 9:00 AM Room 202 #MAKECHANGE The Revolution of TV Online: Get Ready For 20 Million On Demand Channels by 2018 Session with Daryl McNutt Adaptive Media Chief Marketing Officer Internet TV will empower filmmakers and content producers to break from traditional television formats. In the multi-screen world, a television episode length will be dictated by the viewing audience, not pre-programmed scheduling. Premium content will be as long or as short as a viewer decides. What the digital generations determine are the prime time shows of the future will be unrecognizable to the television schedules our parents watched in the past. DIGITAL advertising, content marketing, emerging, mobile, video
  13. 13. DAY 1 SESSIONS 13 10:10 AM Room 303 #MAKEHAPPEN Everything You Wanted to Know About Making Moz (And Some Stuff You Didn’t) Session with Sarah Bird Moz CEO When you’re a first-time everything, you don’t know how to do anything. Sarah Bird, CEO of $30-million-dollar-a-year software company Moz, spills her guts about the challenges of her first time making a successful startup. From spontaneous bacon parties to arduous product launches, Sarah takes you through the highs and lows of working towards an audacious mission. Learn about failure, friendship and building something bigger than yourself. DIGITAL branding, management, storytelling, strategy 10:10 AM Room 302 #MAKEOVER The Urban Legend of Free Social Marketing Session with Jordan Kretchmer Livefyre Founder & CEO Many brands have spent the past decade building engaged communities on social networks, but Facebook’s recent and continued algorithm changes have highlighted a serious flaw in that strategy: social networks aren’t owned properties — they’re leased. This wake-up call is leading many marketers to focus more of their attention back to their owned properties, apps, and events, where they can create compelling experiences for their audiences without giving up control. DIGITAL content marketing, experience, social media
  14. 14. 14 DAY 1 SESSIONS 10:10 AM Room 301 #MAKECHANGE The Making of a School Session with Patti Hearn Lake Washington Girls Middle School Head of School Most schools say they want their students to succeed. As the head of Lake Washington Girls Middle School, Patti begins many back-to-school talks by telling parents she wants their girls to fail. This talk will outline the need for and the beginnings of LWGMS, and how the school has succeeded in rewriting for their students the popular narrative that adolescence is a time when girls lose confidence, lose interest in STEM subjects, and engage in negative peer relationships. DEVELOP entrepreneurship, management, personal dev 10:10 AM Room 205 #MAKELOVE Falling in Love with the Brand CUSTOMER JOURNEY PANEL Margi Tooth Trupanion Head of Marketing Ryan Webb Equimedia Digital Development Director This panel will discuss how to create a customer centric digital journey, using cutting edge techniques and devices specific to the target audiences. • Mapping the customer journey • Understanding the challenges of a high-growth company and the demands of stakeholders and their audiences • Knowing your audience and playing to this insight • How you engage people enough in a ‘dry category’ to get them to fall in love with your brand • Working through the engagement journey online from beginning to end and beyond • Going beyond the surface of the home page and delving into the relationship building DIGITAL advertising, branding, communication, engagement
  15. 15. DAY 1 SESSIONS 15 10:10 AM Room 204 #MAKEPERSONAL It's Not Me, It's You: How to Survive a Break-up in the Business World Session with Jon Zimmerman Front Desk Co-Founder & CEO As a serial entrepreneur, Jon Zimmerman has had his share of navigating the zigzag roads of the start-up world. He’s had his share of make-ups and break-ups as they related to partners, employees and business direction. With an undying focus and commitment to the overarching business strategy, Jon will talk about how he’s navigated the ups and downs, while keeping a steadfast commitment to the longer-term business goals. DEVELOP entrepreneurship, management, personal dev, strategy 10:10 AM Room 202 #MAKEIMPACT The Language of Digital Content: Why Mobile and Video are Changing the Conversation Session with Anne Gherini StumbleUpon Director of Marketing For over 10 years StumbleUpon has been the place where people come to discover new things online. With over 40M global users and 50 billion pages served, they index the world’s content and have a unique view on the way its consumed. Join Anne Gherini as she reveals trends in content creation and distribution and discusses why mobile and video are (finally) changing the game for both consumers and brands. DIGITAL advertising, content, mobile, social media, video
  16. 16. 16 DAY 1 SESSIONS 10:10 AM Room LL5 #MAKEHAPPEN Activated Spaces: Dynamic Environments, Content and Data Session with David Schwarz HUSH Creative Partner David will show how the design agency — specialists in designing experiences that tell stories across interaction, data, and spaces — uses activated environments to cut through the chatter and engender the purest of impressions for its clients. The talk will showcase how agencies can take complex brand challenges and solves them with highly designed experiences. DESIGN data, design, ui, ux 10:10 AM Room LL2 #MAKECHANGE Going Beta Will Set You Free Session with Jake Bennett POP Chief Technology Officer In this session, Jake Bennet will explore how the Agile Movement and Maker Culture provide us with new business models to achieve innovation. He will also explore real-world examples of how DIY hackers are able to find solutions to challenging business problems by rapidly prototyping with emerging technologies like iBeacon, Raspberry Pi and mobile computing. DEVELOP agile, culture, innovation, management
  17. 17. DAY 1 SESSIONS 17 11:10 AM Room 303 #MAKEHISTORY The Art and Design of Hip Hop Session with Cey Adams Artist & Designer Artist Cey Adams, a New York City native, will discuss his 30+ year career creating art and design for clients including Def Jam, Bad Boy, EMP, Adidas, Nike, Burton Snowboards Jay-Z, and Dave Chappelle. Highlights include: Graffiti: Early Years, Graphic Design: Def Jam Years, Fine Art: Recent paintings, Education: Museum work with students DESIGN communication, design, storytelling 11:10 AM Room 302 #MAKEHAPPEN The Future of Decision Making Session with Brad Jackson Slalom Consulting CEO Everyone has ideas and some are amazing. They have the potential to impact our companies, communities and the world, but these amazing ideas aren’t always heard. Slalom Consulting wanted to gather those ideas, share them, and then enable the best to surface to the top in a collaborative and deliberate way. 2,500 employees, 3 months, 373 big ideas, and a 5 year strategic plan. The principles and approach outlined in this session offer a great roadmap for any company hoping to generate and gather the best ideas and drive strategic alignment. DEVELOP brand, management, strategy
  18. 18. 18 DAY 1 SESSIONS 11:10 AM Room 301 #MAKETOOLS How Digital Marketers Use Data and Marking Technologies to Optimize the Customer Experience ENSIGHTEN MARKETING PANEL Travis Wright MediaThinkLabs Founder & Chief Growth Officer James Niehaus Ensighten VP of Analytics & Digital Strategy Today’s customers are digitally empowered and no longer feel trapped within the marketing funnels of the past. To compete, brands must now personalize customer experiences across multiple channels and across all parts of the customer life cycle. This session explores how big brands, such as Microsoft are successfully leveraging marketing technologies to deliver optimal customer experiences. DIGITAL advertising, data, engagement 11:10 AM Room 204 #MAKETOOLS Tune Mobile Tracking Session TUNE creates Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products to help marketers manage performance advertising relationships across mobile and desktop. Join TUNE in this session about mobile app marketing. DIGITAL advertising, analytics, engagement, mobile
  19. 19. DAY 1 SESSIONS 19 11:10 AM Room 205 #MAKELOCAL Place Matters: How Location-Based Storytelling Will Reveal the True Purpose of Mobile Session with Brent Friedman Artifact Technologies Co-Founder & CCO Phones and tablets are rapidly replacing desktops as our personal computers. Over 20% of digital content consumption now happens on our mobile devices while we move from place to place. And yet, with very few exceptions, our real-world location does not inform mobile content. As new location-based technologies emerge, however, creators will soon tell stories informed by time, place and user profile. DEVELOP emerging, local, mobile, storytelling 11:10 AM Room 202 #MAKETOOLS There’s More to Coffee Than Just Coffee Session with Briar Waterman Starbucks Creative Director, Global Digital Marketing Starbucks is more than a coffee shop — it’s a place to meet, to make eye contact, and to connect face to face. The brand truth of human connection translates to a fan love and customer creativity. Tvhis year, for the first time, Starbucks set out to scale that story globally. DIGITAL design, engagement, strategy, ui, ux
  20. 20. 20 DAY 1 SESSIONS 11:10 AM Room LL5 #MAKELOCAL How Mobile Location Can Really Connect the Dots: Debunking Mobile Location Myths Session with Tony Gemma Millennial Media Regional Vice President There’s nothing better than reaching someone with a compelling buy-me message when they’re right in front of a display. There’s also nothing easier to get wrong. The more providers rush into mobile, the greater the likelihood that a CMO won’t get the straight scoop. Tony discusses the challenges of location validity, power of audience insights, and takeaways for advertisers as they look to maximize one of mobile’s most unique characteristics. DIGITAL advertising, mobile 11:10 AM Room LL2 #MAKEIMPACT Customer Focused Leadership: Survive and Prosper in the Innovation Economy Session with Mark Mueller-Eberstein Adgetec Corporation CEO & Founder Transparency and collaboration combined with a joint vision can invoke powerful transformation — as well as confusion. However, this can all become crystal clear for those who have the courage to embrace the fine balance of art and science by linking technology with our full humanity. Leveraging the “4 principles” for actionable decision and execution guidance will help to turn trends, tools and capabilities into collaboration and business opportunities. DIGITAL emerging, management, strategy
  21. 21. DAY 1 SESSIONS 21 1:30 PM Room 303 #MAKEIMPACT Brand Journalism: Coca-Cola’s Approach to Modern-Day Storytelling Session with Jay Moye The Coca-Cola Company Senior Writer & Editor Join Jay Moye, Coca-Cola Journey’s Editor-in-Chief, as he shares key brand journalism insights from the heart of Coca-Cola Journey’s “newsroom”. Learn about the company’s recipe for success in creating resonating, engaging and on-brand original editorial content through an interdisciplinary editorial team structure, partnerships, a contributor network and a shared content strategy. Learn how Coca-Cola’s editorial lessons can apply to just about any organization. DIGITAL branding, content marketing, social media, storytelling 1:30 PM Room 302 #MAKEHAPPEN Turning Customer Needs into Beautiful Products Session with Marc Barros Moment Founder & CEO Amazing product experiences aren’t created on accident. There is a method to the madness in moving from customer interviews, to mapping the customer’s journey, to filtering the essence of your product to its most basic human needs. This process is repeatable whether you are building hardware or software products. DEVELOP development, entrepreneurship, experience, innovation
  22. 22. 22 DAY 1 SESSIONS 1:30 PM Room 301 #MAKEMONEY Thinking Beyond the Shopping Cart: Making the Cross-Device Shopping Experience Work CROSS-DEVICE ECOMMERCE PANEL Cortney Henseler AOL Director of Consumer Analytics & Research Lisa Archambault Zappos Head of Demand Generation Marketing This fireside chat will combine Zappos’ customer service and merchandising expertise with AOL’s primary research into consumer shopping behavior. From surprising facts about mobile usage to the impact of tablets on transactions to the emergence of the “always on” shopper, Lisa and Cortney will examine the modern day consumer – and what it means for marketers, retailers and content publishers alike. DIGITAL analytics, data, engagement, mobile 1:30 PM Room 204 #MAKEHISTORY Manufacturing the Human Experience Session with Anders Rosenquist POSSIBLE Director of Emerging Media Thomas Stelter POSSIBLE VP, Emerging Solutions, Americas How will 3-D printing, sensors, mobile devices, and emerging digital technologies create individualized experiences that continually evolve based on our collective thoughts, emotions, and environmental responses? This session will highlight how behaviors and technologies are shaping new approaches to creation, distribution, and consumption, and how they are bridging digital and physical mediums to create emergent experiences. DEVELOP emerging, experience, mobile
  23. 23. DAY 1 SESSIONS 23 1:30 PM Room 205 #MAKEPERSONAL Life Is Messy: Building a Community by Keeping it Real Session with Tom Seery RealSelf Founder & CEO In the era of showcasing perfect Halloween cupcakes and saccharin relationships with family members, a meaningful community can emerge around common goals, life situations, and supportive environments that are judgement-free. If you’re trying to build a community with meaning, hear first-hand lessons on what it takes to build intensely personal connections and conversations that won’t make their way onto anyone’s public Facebook feed. DEVELOP communication, community, content marketing 1:30 PM Room 202 #MAKEPERSONAL You Have Everything You Need: Why Presence is Important in a Creative World Session with Renee Metty The Cove School Founder & Mindfulness Facilitator Join this session with Renee to change the way you work and live. Learn more about creating space for more clarity, creativity and focus. By learning how to respond vs react, you can change the way you operate. Cultivating space to be present in your life will give you insight to your own story. You will learn how understanding your own story and the story of others can change your relationships both at work and at home. DEVELOP management, personal dev, storytelling
  24. 24. 24 DAY 1 SESSIONS 1:30 PM Room LL5 #MAKESENSE Get Out of Data Hell: Social Media Measurement Essentials Session with Adam Schoenfeld Simply Measured CEO In today’s data-driven world, it’s not often that you hear less is more. Marketers are specifically prone to gathering more data than needed, often getting caught up in the collection part of the process without knowing which information is the most important for their end goal. In this session marketers will learn what data they should be measuring, how to understand that data, and tactics for sharing those insights to stakeholders. DESIGN advertising, data, engagement, social media 1:30 PM Room LL2 #MAKECHANGE Confessions of a Mobile Maker: How the Human Narrative is Changing Session with John SanGiovanni Zumobi Co-Founder & Vice President, Product Design This session will highlight four mobile trends that are impacting our consumption of media and advertising in the years to come. How has the rise of mobile video created new forms of branded content? What new types of mobile media are being created by the major players in the marketplace? How can your clients leverage mobile in new and novel ways? DESIGN advertising, mobile, video
  25. 25. DAY 1 SESSIONS 25 2:30 PM Room 303 #MAKESENSE The Potential & Pitfalls of Big Data Session with Jag Duggal Quantcast Product & Strategy Leader Big Data is changing the world as we know it — across every industry globally. For the better part of the last decade, Quantcast has been amassing an unparalleled perspective on the entirety of internet activity at an individual level through our Quantcast Measure product, providing us with a unique real-time perspective on consumer behavior. In this session, Jag will provide a unique perspective into how Big Data is transforming the advertising industry. DIGITAL advertising, data, emerging, engagement, programmatic 2:30 PM Room 301 #MAKETOOLS Marketing Attribution Success at BuildDirect: Practitioner and Provider Perspectives VISUAL IQ ATTRIBUTION PANEL Manu Mathew Visual IQ Co-Founder & CEO Iain Rutgers BuildDirect Marketing Analyst Tyler Vautier BuildDirect Display Media Manager Marketing attribution offers a way to quantify influences and synergies across channels, strategies and tactics, as well as identify specific changes that can be made to your marketing mix to dramatically increase the performance of your entire marketing ecosystem. The panel will discuss topics regarding their marketing attribution engagement to include marketing analytics goals, insights, optimizations and results. DIGITAL advertising, analytics, attribution, engagement, optimization
  26. 26. 26 DAY 1 SESSIONS 2:30 PM Room 302 #MAKEOVER Bullseye Branding Session with Richard Tait Galazo CEO Dial in your core consumer promise to win with key learnings from the front lines. Explore how brands have had to pivot and respond to consumer feedback and market realities, and hone in your consumer proposition to create a sharper positioning and competitive advantage, resulting in breakthrough branding and a stronger reason to buy. DESIGN branding, design, strategy 2:30 PM Room 205 #MAKEMONEY Mobile is Key to Unlocking Store Measurement Session with Lauren Moores Dstillery VP, Analytics David Shim Placed Founder & CEO Connecting in-store activity to online campaigns is priceless and until recently, not an easy task even for the most tech-savvy businesses. By putting location in context, we can measure user interaction in physical stores and use data to measure the impact of how digital campaigns — both desktop and mobile — affect offline behavior. In this session, Lauren and David will discuss this approach and how it translated into significant results. DIGITAL advertising, brand, mobile, strategy
  27. 27. DAY 1 SESSIONS 27 2:30 PM Room 204 #MAKELOCAL Make Your Mark in Google's Local World Session with David Mihm Moz Director of Local Search Strategy With an increasingly complex set of ranking signals, it can be difficult to prioritize your local search visibility efforts, given limited time and budget. David will help you with criteria to make the best use of these finite resources as he positions Google’s recent Local algorithm changes in the broader context of other moves the search giant has made, with an eye on strategies and tactics that will lead to long-term success. DEVELOP local, seo 2:30 PM Room 202 #MAKEHAPPEN When Manure Hits the Fan Session with Janelle Maiocco Farmstr CEO To start a company from scratch you need all the stars to align, but even if the stars align it doesn’t just start itself—it’s up to modern Makers to go after our pies in the sky. Learn how and why Farmstr Inc. was started, and the hiccups, road-blocks and all-out gumption required to transform an idea into an up-and-coming startup. Sometimes listening to someone’s failures, successes and secrets are just what you need to take the next step to ’throw your shit at the fan and make it fly’. DEVELOP branding, entrepreneurship, management, personal dev, storytelling
  28. 28. 28 DAY 1 SESSIONS 2:30 PM Room LL5 #MAKESENSE The Intersection Between Marketing, UX Design and Brand Perception Session with Keith Frankel Tablelist Chief Digital Officer This session will challenge organizations to rethink the way they view Marketing and User Experience, both in and of themselves and as interconnected pieces of a cohesive brand strategy. Learn how by putting context at the forefront of strategy, designing for “fit”, and taking a more empathetic approach to marketing, organizations can humanize their brands and ultimately delight more customers. DESIGN branding, design, marketing, strategy, ux 2:30 PM Room LL2 #MAKEMONEY SEO for Ecommerce: How to Make It Rain Revenue Session with Adam Audette RKG, a Merkle Company Chief Knowledge Officer What does every ecommerce site want? Revenue and new customers. With a specific focus on organic search, veteran digital marketer Adam Audette walks through the complete picture of driving traffic to ecommerce sites with SEO. This session will focus on enterprise solutions that are scalable, with topics including content, social media, technical considerations, reporting and navigating internal business considerations. DIGITAL engagement, marketing, seo, social media
  29. 29. DAY 1 SESSIONS 29 3:30 PM Room 303 #MAKESENSE One-Trick Ponies Get Shot: The Need for Strategic Thinking in Digital Marketing Keynote with Ian Lurie Portent CEO Digital rules our audience, but why don’t digital agencies rule marketing and why do we keep getting fired? Because we’ve abandoned strategic thinking. Learn how to get strategic, sell it to clients, and do a better job at the same time. DIGITAL advertising, management, marketing, strategy 3:30 PM Room 302 #MAKEHAPPEN Make Industry: The Babysitter Revolution Session with Martin Clifford Sittercity.com CEO Did you know that there are 600 million ad hoc babysitting events each year in the US with an average $50 changing hands between parent and sitter? That’s a $30B market! And, did you know that the market is the most disorganized and fragmented market of them all, operating in a microcosm mostly uninfluenced by fundamental concepts of economics? Learn how the on-demand service economy is gaining pace as consumers expectations increase. DEVELOP engagement, entrepreneurship, strategy
  30. 30. 30 DAY 1 SESSIONS 3:30 PM Room 301 #MAKEGOOD When Tech Makes Good: How Companies, Platforms and Technology are Transforming the World TECH MAKES GOOD PANEL Michael Gorman Engadget Editor in Chief Rodrigo Arboleda One Laptop Per Child Chairman & CEO Kaitlyn Houk RainFactory Inc. Campaign Manager We all love our gadgets – from our fitness bands to our flat panel TVs to our ubiquitous smartphones. But above and beyond spreadsheets, video games or the latest product launch, technology is having a profound effect globally. This panel of experts will talk about the platforms and tech innovations that are changing education, health, and quality of life around the world. DEVELOP emerging, innovation, personal dev 3:30 PM Room 205 #MAKECHANGE Making Change in Old Systems Session with Amelia Burke-Garcia Westat Director, Center for Digital Strategy & Research This session will review a number of examples of how more traditional organizations have partnered successfully with private sector social platforms. These include using social media to drive vaccination; using GIS mapping to locate food deserts and drive policy change around access to fresh food; and using social media for recruitment to research studies. DIGITAL management, social media, strategy
  31. 31. DAY 1 SESSIONS 31 3:30PM Room 204 #MAKETOOLS Creative Earned Media: The New Face of Public Relations Session with Scott Battishill Curator PR Principal & Founder The most effective brands — knowing the influence of today’s empowered consumer — will create products, services or experiences that can stand up to the conversation of the marketplace. The most effective earned media strategies will be those that help brands curate and participate in that conversation, wherever it exists. In this session, Scott will share best practices and success stories of brands that utilized creative earned media over traditional advertising and public relations to reach and engage their core and new audiences. DIGITAL communication, content marketing, engagement, strategy 3:30 PM Room 202 #MAKEPERSONAL Building a Business When You Are The Brand Session with Molly Moon Neitzel Molly Moon's Ice Cream Creator Julie Sandler Madrona Venture Group Principal Molly Moon’s Ice Cream opened its first store in 2008 and has successfully expanded to six locations throughout Seattle. Owner, Molly Moon Neitzel, built her business by focusing on a community experience. This session will focus on her experience growing a small business and the lessons she’s learned building a brand that is intimately associated with one person and one particular set of values. DIGITAL branding, communication, management
  32. 32. 32 DAY 1 SESSIONS 3:30 PM Room LL5 #MAKETOOLS The Revolution Will Not Be 2-Dimensional Session with Jeff Levine ACNE Interactive Director Jeff will talk about 3D printing — how it fits into our contemporary production model, and the ways in which it will become an essential in-house tool for companies in the years to come. His session will cover how the changing landscape of arts and entertainment will make this a necessity, as companies shift to things like internet-connected robots and custom hardware/software for live interactive installations. DESIGN design, emerging, experience, innovation 3:30 PM Room LL2 #MAKEMONEY How to Go from Zero to 60 in Customer Acquisition Session with Jason Berg Julep Senior Director of Customer Acquisition Acquiring customers through online advertising has become an all-out arms race. In this session, hear from a noted digital performance marketing innovator with nine years of experience in ROI-focused digital advertising. Learn tips to acquire more customers, and turn them into lifetime brand advocates without breaking the bank. Learn to ace media mix modeling, while keeping CPA goals in check. DIGITAL advertising, analytics, engagement, optimization
  33. 33. DAY 2 SESSIONS 33 THURSDAY OCT 16 9:00 AM Room 303 #MAKEIMPACT A Love Letter To The City Keynote with Steve "Espo" Powers Artist Stephen Powers makes love with large declarations from small conversations in cities worldwide. His ongoing public art series “A Love Letter To The City” mixes paint, typography, and geography to speak to and from cities. He and his ICY SIGNS team just finished painting walls for love and free signs for businesses in Baltimore. Stephen will speak on his unlikely path and the renewable resource of love that powers (sorry) him onward. DESIGN branding, communication, design 9:00 AM Room 302 #MAKECHANGE Redefining Capitalism Keynote with Nick Hanauer Second Avenue Partners Venture Capitalist Recent economic research suggests that humans aren’t rational, markets aren’t inherently efficient, and there may actually be no such thing as “utility” — no wonder the macroeconomic models built on these neoclassical ideas crashed and burned during the 2008 economic crisis. With capitalism under attack after decades of wage stagnation and rising inequality, it is time to replace our old economic theories with better and more modern ones that recognize that innovation and inclusion drive economic growth, not the accumulation of capital. DIGITAL entrepreneurship, innovation, management
  34. 34. 34 DAY 2 SESSIONS 9:00 AM Room 301 #MAKELOVE The Future of a Brand Session with Joanna Lord Porch VP of Consumer Marketing Most marketers today find themselves at the intersection of community, content, product, and design. This is exactly where brilliant brands are built or fail. In this session, Joanna will cover the future of brand marketing and what it means for marketers today. She will walk through the most loved brands and talk through what makes them great, including ways you can set your brand up to be loved by your community and your customers. DIGITAL branding, marketing, storytelling, strategy 9:00 AM Room 202 #MAKEPERSONAL What's Your Story? Session with Warren Etheredge The Warren Report Founder Despite startling technological advances and the intellectual evolution of our species, success in the Digital Age is still dependent on a tool introduced in the Stone Age: storytelling. Warren Etheredge will share his unorthodox methods and his particular set of skills for finding strength in vulnerability and narrative in character. His approach has worked for screenwriters, CIOs, convicts and combat vets, and it will revolutionize your communications at home, at the office, in the field and the winner’s circle. DIGITAL communication, storytelling, strategy
  35. 35. DAY 2 SESSIONS 35 10:10 AM Room 303 #MAKESENSE Beyond the Selfie: Understanding Millennial Women Session with Vicki Draper AOL Dir., Consumer Analytics & Research Carly Gray Razorfish This session will debunk misconceptions about Millennial women, discuss the challenges with reaching this complex group, talk about the brands and companies that are getting it right, and share best practices for engaging and inspiring the trust of these young women. DIGITAL branding, communication, millennials 10:10 AM Room 302 #MAKEPERSONAL Finding Your Single Story Session with Goldie Jones Subversionz Media Creative Director Lindsay Daniels Lindsay Daniels Design Designer & Director This discussion will cover how to distill the core identity of your brand, product or marketing campaign down to a single story, and how to strategically build that story back up so you can reach your audience on several different levels. This session will focus on how motion design and short format film can become an incredibly powerful medium to emotionally connect with audiences within the marketing ecosystem. DESIGN advertising, branding, storytelling, strategy
  36. 36. 36 DAY 2 SESSIONS 10:10 AM Room 301 #MAKEHAPPEN From Crowdsourcing to Crowd Making: The Path From Ideas to Solutions Session with Gavin Kelly Artefact Principal & Founder Rob Girling Artefact Principal & Founder In this session, Gavin Kelly and Rob Girling, co-founders and principals of design and innovation company Artefact, will explore how crowdsourcing together with a strong maker culture can propel companies on a path to invention and innovation. Using their own experience in building an innovation platform, they will share insight and lessons on how to build a culture of innovation. DESIGN culture, design, recruiting Sponsored by Systems Source 10:10 AM Room 202 #MAKEPERSONAL Make Some Noise Session with Michael King iPullRank Founder Marketing alone is not enough, and neither is simply creating a great tool—it’s a combination of making things you’re passionate about and figuring out what’s unique about you that can help you stand out. In this session, Michael King will discuss his careers as a developer, rap artist and now marketer turned company owner, and the lessons he’s learned across those experiences. DIGITAL advertising, brand, personal dev
  37. 37. DAY 2 SESSIONS 37 10:10 AM Room 204 #MAKECHANGE Turning an Agency Into a Newsroom Session with Andrew Grinaker POSSIBLE Sr. Content Strategist Mat Szwajkos POSSIBLE Assoc. Dir., Content Prod. What happens when the real-time, always on content model comes into competition with the traditional advertising agency model? This session will explore how an agency spread a newsroom approach throughout its culture, from technology to staffing and client communication to branded content examples. Andrew and Mat will outline the difficulties of starting and managing a grassroots movement, the crucial stakeholders to engage with, and how you can take an idea of change from concept to implementation. DEVELOP communication, culture, management, web dev 10:10 AM Room LL5 #MAKEPERSONAL Millennials and Generation X: What Mobile Advertising Tells Us About How to Reach These Groups Session with John Busby Marchex Institute Senior Vice President We know that younger generations use their mobile devices, are active on social networks and are changing the world one selfie at a time. This session will take a direct look at purchase data from mobile advertising campaigns and provide specific takeaways on how Millennials and Generation X prefer to be interacted with, and what digital professionals can do better in addressing these dynamic and important audiences. DEVELOP communication, enagement, millennials, mobile
  38. 38. 38 DAY 2 SESSIONS 10:10 AM Room LL2 #MAKEMONEY Show Me the ROI: The Dynamic World of Social Advertising Session with Monica Lay Adobe Senior Product Marketing Manager With today’s advertisers allocating more budget to digital campaigns, search and display are typically the go-to channels, but social advertising has been gaining momentum and marketers need to get on board. See how social media can serve as the catalyst for new opportunities to reach customers, create engagement, broaden brand awareness, and ultimately generate business results. DIGITAL advertising, content marketing, engagement, marketing, social media 11:10 AM Room 303 #MAKENOISE The Paradox of Exceptional Marketing Session with Rand Fishkin Moz Founder Of the tens of millions of businesses that engage in web marketing, only a select few find scale and success. What are the companies that become remarkable and ubiquitous in their field doing differently with marketing vs. those whose efforts keep them languishing in obscurity? This presentation explores the barriers to scale and the elements that have helped a few great marketers break free. DIGITAL content marketing, marketing, seo, strategy
  39. 39. DAY 2 SESSIONS 39 11:10 AM Room 302 #MAKEIMPACT Are You Good Enough to Be a Kardashian? Session with Jennifer Patterson Young & Rubicam Group, Seattle Chief Strategy Officer Julie Rezek Young & Rubicam Group, Seattle Managing Director Peer-to-peer collaboration is not a new concept. Companies are changing business models, and reshaping peoples’ perceptions of established companies. Moreover, they are bringing to the fore the importance of reputation. These emerging companies would not exist if the people using these services didn’t have a good reputation. This is a movement that will have a dramatic impact on the way people exchange anything. DIGITAL brand, communication, storytelling 11:10 AM Room 204 #MAKETOOLS Taking Programmatic Beyond Media Buying Session with Eric Bosco ChoiceStream CEO ChoiceStream CEO, Eric Bosco, will discuss the art and science of applying programmatic techniques and technology to market research, creative design, and campaign strategy. DIGITAL advertising, data, engagement, programmatic
  40. 40. 40 DAY 2 SESSIONS 11:10 AM Room 301 #MAKEMONEY Paid Social Advertising: Now, Next and What Works Best Session with Page Sands R2integrated Monica Lay Adobe Senior Product Marketing Manager With the drop-off in organic social engagement between brands and customers, the value of paid advertising has come full circle and is a critical component of a scalable social marketing strategy to reach targeted audiences and make an impact. This session will review the current landscape of paid social media on the leading social channels. DIGITAL advertising, analytics, engagement, social media 11:10 AM Room 202 #MAKEPERSONAL Personal Branding & The Art of Making Your Mark Session with Mel Carson Delightful Communications Founder & Principal Strategist In a digital world where brands are fighting to dominate the search and social landscape across all our devices, we must never forget those companies are made up of real people who hold much power as advocates for their business. Mel will take you through some best practices for effective personal branding and demonstrate how learning to stand up and stand out in your niche can reap not just personal rewards, but be an effective marketing strategy for your company as a whole. DIGITAL branding, personal dev, strategy
  41. 41. DAY 2 SESSIONS 41 11:10 AM Room LL5 #MAKECHANGE Taking the ‘Create’ Out of Creativity Session with Martijn van Tilburg 10,000ft CEO This session will show how being more creative is not about making more things, but rather being able to quickly dismiss ideas that are irrelevant to the task at hand. Explore the subconscious and the impact pattern recognition has on our creativity, and also examine the link between creativity and communication. Finally, Martijn will leave you with suggestions for solving creative challenges more efficiently. DESIGN communication, design 11:10 AM Room LL2 #MAKELOVE Avoid F*cking Up Your Company Culture Session with David Niu TinyPulse CEO Culture is the ultimate competitive advantage, and companies like Zappos and HubSpot leverage it to attract and retain the best employees. But it’s also not accidental. It’s a very intentional, continuous investment. Learn best practices and tips for creating an awesome company culture that acts as a magnet to recruit and retain A+ talent for your organization. DIGITAL culture, human resources, management, recruiting Sponsored by Systems Source
  42. 42. 42 DAY 2 SESSIONS 1:30 PM Room 303 #MAKEIMPACT Social By Design Session with Geoff Colon Microsoft Strategic Growth Hacker Social by design is a product strategy that encourages and facilitates conversation into an ongoing relationship management model. Conversation via content, creativity, product updates and thought leadership is the means by which we express who we are to others while learning and getting feedback from them. Learn the practical steps on how this fundamentally different and new design approach around communications will enable business in the DIY economy. DIGITAL branding, design, social media, strategy, ui, ux 1:30 PM Room 301 #MAKEHAPPEN PikeUp! How Two Agencies Built a Campaign and Digital Experience to Expand Pike Place Market PIKE PLACE MARKET PANEL Brian Ladyman Slalom Consulting Practice Area Director Ted Youngs Slalom Consulting Design Lead Patricia Gray Pike Place Market Foundation Capital Campaign Manager Cal McAllister Wexley School for Girls CEO Todd Grant Wexley School for Girls Executive Creative Director Pike Place Market, Washington’s largest tourist draw and the oldest market on the West Coast is expanding. The Seattle-area community has a once-in- a lifetime opportunity to shape this iconic market into something even greater than it is today. This panel will discuss the process of landing on a compelling campaign idea, infusing that into a responsive digital experience, and launching a campaign to complete the 40-year vision of the historic district and connecting the Market to Seattle’s waterfront. DEVELOP advertising, brand, digital, ux, visual design
  43. 43. DAY 2 SESSIONS 43 1:30 PM Room 302 #MAKENOISE The Impact of Visual Communication: How to Produce Content That Engages Your Audience & Makes a Difference Session with Amy Balliett Killer Infographics Co-Founder & Chief Swiss Army Knife In this session, Amy will show how visual media and content marketing go hand-in-hand while providing tips on pitfalls to avoid. With nearly 4,000 projects under her belt, she will walk you through the science of visual communication, share case studies from clients in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors, and showcase just how far your reach can be with the power of visual communication. DESIGN communication, content marketing, data, design 1:30 PM Room 204 #MAKEMONEY Elevating Your PPC Campaigns and What's Next in Digital Marketing Session with Ryan Campbell Add3 Account Director Pay per click marketing is the most effective digital marketing channel available but many companies and agencies are not leveraging this profitable medium properly. Learn actionable strategies and tactics you can implement to take your campaigns to the next level. This session will also take a look at other opportunities & trends for digital marketers and what the future may hold. DIGITAL advertising, paid social, ppc, programmatic
  44. 44. 44 DAY 2 SESSIONS 1:30 PM Room 202 #MAKELOCAL Location, Location, Location! Effective Mobile Targeting in an App-Centric World Session with Ray Pun Adobe Mobile & Strategic Marketing Leader In a world where 154,000 apps are downloaded every minute, with 90% of them free, how do marketers get the most value and revenue out of consumers’ fingertips? Whether helping someone find a service center in the vicinity or taking advantage of a retail promotion nearby, location-based targeting is the most effective yet untapped opportunity for marketers to get customers engaged and primed to take action while in motion. DIGITAL advertising, local, mobile 1:30 PM Room LL5 #MAKEIMPACT Microsoft’s Kinect-Powered Cube: A New Digital Canvas for Creative Expression Michael Megalli Microsoft Brand Studio Abram Jackson Microsoft Program Manager Rick Barazza Microsoft Design Strategy Josh Santangelo Stimulant Imagine a giant three-dimensional object that creates a virtual space, while at the same time encouraging real-life interaction. Outside, it is 4-feet square. Inside, it is powered by five computers and four Kinects working in concert. Meet the team that created the Cube, learn about what makes it tick, and hear about how developers can create unique experiences. DEVELOP design, emerging, engagement, ux, ui
  45. 45. DAY 2 SESSIONS 45 1:30 PM Room LL2 #MAKENOISE Real Time Storytelling Session with Dustin Callif Tool Managing Partner, Digital Real-time storytelling allows the audience to actively participate in the making of a story or advertisement. It’s this blend between show production, social media and interactivity that provides the model for the evolution of storytelling. This talk will discuss the unique creative, social media and production methods used to create this type of show or project. DEVELOP design, experience, social media, storytelling 2:30 PM Room 303 #MAKENOISE Amplifying Social UX: How Brands Are Maximizing the Native Attributes of Social Platforms to Drive Content Relevancy & Engagement Session with Scott Meldrum WONGDOODY Executive Director for Interactive Today’s popular social platforms — Pinterest, Vine, YouTube, Tumblr and more — continue to evolve their unique native user experiences at a rapid pace. Scott will handily guide attendees through the hidden features of major social platforms and showcase brands who are successfully driving engagement by leveraging platform-specific tools and features to build a more relevant experience for consumers. DIGITAL advertising, brand, engagement, social media
  46. 46. 46 DAY 2 SESSIONS 2:30 PM Room 302 #MAKETOOLS Ditch the Devices: The Art & Science of Connecting with the Always-On Consumer Session with Kamakshi Sivaramakrishnan Drawbridge CEO Over 90% of consumers use multiple devices sequentially to accomplish online tasks, yet advertisers continue to have disjointed conversations with their customers by taking a siloed approach to digital advertising. Brands who are early adopters of smart, scalable cross-device advertising solutions have a head start in establishing and maintaining a seamless conversation with customers. DEVELOP advertising, attribution, branding, mobile 2:30 PM Room 204 #MAKESENSE Deep Learning: The Future of Data Mining and What It Means for Your Brand Session with Nosa Omoigui Weave Labs Founder & CEO Deep Learning is a new branch of machine learning that employs advanced algorithms to detect very sophisticated patterns in unstructured data such as text, images and video. This talk will focus on current and potential applications of the technology to marketers – specifically around predicting customer behavior and in semi-automated content curation and storytelling to maximize user engagement and purchase conversion. DIGITAL data, engagement, storytelling
  47. 47. DAY 2 SESSIONS 47 2:30 PM Room 301 #MAKEMONEY Running a Music Business When Everyone Wants It for Free SUB POP PANEL Kurt B. Reighley aka DJ El Toro [Moderator] KEXP Development Comm. Manager & On-Air Host Jeff Kleinsmith Sub Pop Art Director Richard Laing Sub Pop Director of Sales / A&R Alissa Gallivan Sub Pop Dir. of Digital Communcations and Video Production Ishmael Butler Shabazz Palaces Artist, Sub Pop A&R Lacey Swain Sub Pop Director of Film & TV Licensing When computer nerds and bloodsucking tech corporations heartlessly destroyed the traditional music business model, few mourned its passing. Seattle’s Sub Pop Records sure didn’t. In the era of computing machines and the world wide web, musicians and industry pros need to consider how technology effects the way people value music. Sub Pop has a story to tell about experimentation and adaptation that can be applied to other businesses dealing with shifting consumer expectations, restructured priorities and still looking to be ok enough to have a store in an airport and food on the table. DIGITAL branding, experience, innovation, local, strategy 2:30 PM Room 202 #MAKETOOLS When in Doubt Tell the Truth: A Flexible Approach to Technical Direction Session with Justin Jewett BKWLD Vice President & Technical Director A developer-turned-administrator discusses several (completely subjective) tools for weeding out the difference between common-practice and best-practice with regard to development, tech direction, and team management. DESIGN management, strategy, web dev
  48. 48. 48 DAY 2 SESSIONS 2:30 PM Room LL5 #MAKELOVE Building a Passionate Workforce Session with Cynthia Mason buuteeq VP of Global HR and Talent Building a passionate workforce is crucial to success. Happy employees breed loyalty, resulting in lower churn, allowing you to focus on what’s most important: growing your business. To ensure employee loyalty, you must provide a firsthand connection to the business and the industry. VP of global HR and talent at buuteeq, Cynthia Mason can intellectually speak to the importantance of building a passionate workforce, and provide a first-hand account on how to successfully turn an intern into a lifer. DIGITAL culture, human resources, management, recruiting Sponsored by Systems Source 2:30 PM Room LL2 #MAKESENSE Scenarios in the Future of Marketing Session with Rob Salkowitz MediaPlant Author & Consultant As marketers and business leaders, we tend to make assumptions about how big data, pervasive computing, augmented reality and other emerging technologies will manifest in business, but those assumptions depend on a lot of external conditions. Rob will share four scenarios of the future of marketing developed by students in his 2013 class at the UW CommLead program, explore the techniques of scenario planning as applied to marketing, and guide the audience through a forecast map of exciting and unsettling possibilities. DIGITAL advertising, data, emerging, marketing
  49. 49. DAY 2 SESSIONS 49 3:30 PM Room 303 #MAKECHANGE Guerrilla Culture Reform: Instigate Change in Your Organization Session with Michelle Rowley Cultivate & Co. Chief Culture Strategist Do you enjoy your job? Do you feel supported at work? Does the culture in your organization foster your professional and personal growth? There are other ways to improve your own situation while helping your company to improve itself at the same time. Michelle will share her first-hand experiences working with tech companies on culture, and offer concrete ways employees can start making a difference — in both their organizations and in their lives. DEVELOP culture, entrepreneurship, management, personal dev, recruiting Sponsored by Systems Source 3:30 PM Room 302 #MAKEHISTORY Xbox One: Breaking Rules and Building Community XBOX ONE PANEL Kai Musielak Young & Rubicam Group Group Account Director Kirsten Ward Microsoft Senior Director, Devices and Studios Marketing Learn how the launch of Xbox One changed the way marketers should think about direct, digital, and social communications. Discover how Xbox broke with convention on best practices – and reaped the benefits. Using email as a social channel, experimenting with form factor, and celebrating the competition in social – these are just a few examples of how Xbox’s creative innovations are pushing boundaries and increasing fan engagement. Learn how Xbox’s experiences on the front lines can apply to you and your organization. DIGITAL communication, content marketing, emerging, innovation, storytelling
  50. 50. 50 DAY 2 SESSIONS 3:30 PM Room 301 #MAKEPERSONAL When Cookies Go Stale: What the Future of Digital Advertising Looks Like MAXPOINT DIGITAL AD TRACKING PANEL Casey Priore MaxPoint Director of Sales While few would claim to know exactly what the future holds, many pundits do agree that cookies likely have a diminished role in digital advertising’s future. MaxPoint’s Casey Priore addresses the concerns of today’s conventional wisdom and offers insight into approaches that don’t rely on the crumbling cookie. Join Casey as he analyzes the issues in the current state of digital, offers some fresh alternatives and shows several success stories from brands and retailers that have found a better path. DIGITAL advertising, engagement, local, mobile 3:30 PM Room 202 #MAKETOOLS Making the Smart Home More Insightful Session with Kevin Foreman Vectorform Director of Product Vision While smart home technologies have existed for over 20 years, they continue to struggle with gaining a foothold within the average home, as many homeowners are skeptical to the benefits and advantages of the connected home lifestyle. Kevin will provide an insightful look at the journey from concept to delivery that re-invents the smart home experience. DEVELOP app dev, experience, ui, ux
  51. 51. DAY 2 SESSIONS 51 3:30 PM Room 204 #MAKETOOLS Where Design and Development Meet: Cross Platform Mobile Experiences Session with Derrick Morton FlowPlay CEO Doug Pearson FlowPlay CTO Mobile is here to stay, but now more than ever, so is the need to provide consumers with cross-platform experiences. As a business executive or decision-maker, how do you approach technology when building for mobile? Taking a look at Flash, HTML5, other mainstream platforms and a few emerging technologies – what are the major considerations when creating such cross-platform experiences? DEVELOP design, emerging, mobile, web dev 3:30 PM Room LL5 #MAKETOOLS Styleguide Driven Development Session with Matthew Fordham WINTR Technical Director & Partner In this presentation, Matt Fordham will share how WINTR uses interactive styleguides as the driving force behind all UI design and development projects, and why Styleguide Driven Development will change everything for your team (if it hasn’t already). Interactive styleguides can revolutionize the way your team creates and maintains the user-interface of your product. Team integration, efficiency, and general happiness will go up; testing and bug fixing time will go down. DEVELOP design, management, ui, web dev
  52. 52. 52 DAY 2 SESSIONS 3:30 PM Room LL2 #MAKEHAPPEN The Power of The Prototype Session with Paul Conder Lenati Principal Making and testing prototypes has long been at the core of industrial and UX design – but Paul Conder of Lenati’s Customer Experience Practice believes that the power of prototyping extends far beyond products and interactive systems. DESIGN design, emerging, experience, ux, web dev
  53. 53. 53 PREDICT. OPTIMIZE. INVEST. With close to $77 billion being spent on digital advertising, only the best-informed marketers stand out. Adobe can help you cut through the clutter. Learn more at adobe.com/marketing Come chat with us at booth 307.
  54. 54. 54 Stop by our booth #320 to hear how the world’s leading brands, such as 1-800 Contacts, Brooks Brothers, Expedia, United Airlines, Safeway and Subaru, are changing the face of digital marketing by transforming the way they collect, own and act on their customer data across every marketing channel and device. THE ANSWERS to your omni-channel marketing challenges Together with The CMO Club, Visual IQ surveyed over 220 CMOs to uncover the challenges and priorities they face around Big Data and marketing attribution, as well as omni-channel measurement and optimization. Download the study, Building Bridges to the Promised Land: Big Data, Attribution & Omni-Channel, to find out where your organization stands on building the bridges necessary to support a robust omni-channel strategy. DOWNLOAD OUR COMPLIMENTARY RESEARCH STUDY www.visualiq.com/omni-channel-study bust omni- Visit our booth (#318) at the Seattle Interactive Conference
  55. 55. 55 SIC: HUB Located on Level 3 Network, nap, imbibe and enjoy. The sic://Hub is the place to get everything done when you’re not in sessions, including exhibitors, interactive installations, lounges, designated biz dev areas and more. DRAWBRIDGE BIZ DEV WORK SPACE Need to meet a client one-on-one or step aside for a quick team meeting? The designated Drawbridge Biv Dev work space provides the right place to focus on the work you’ve got and the work you want, while the crowds buzz around you. BOCCE BY ANALYTICS PROS With the proper tools and insight, it’s possible to capture data in everyday life — even on the bocce ball court. Using a Microsoft Kinect’s computer vision, the team from Analytics Pros can measure the dynamics of a game of bocce ball. They use Google Analytics to digitally report scores and interactions from a physical game by way of the Universal Analytics Measurement Protocol. Stop by Analytics Pros’ bocce ball court to participate or pre-register at bocce.analyticspros.com. RELAX AND RECHARGE WITH MILLENNIAL MEDIA You’re fired up for SIC, but when the adrenaline rush subsides Millennial Media has just what you need: private nap pods to rest your mind and body. Of course you’ll also find their indispensible charging stations to refresh your weary devices. MOZ PHOTO BOOTH It’s possible that your time at SIC will be the best days of your life. How often are you going to be surrounded by so many smart, savvy, beautiful people? Swing by the Moz photo booth and make sure you capture it for historical records.
  56. 56. 56 ZOLTAR FORTUNE TELLER COURTESY OF CATALYSIS You’re at SIC to discover the trends and techniques for the year ahead. Yes, you will gain insight from SIC speakers, but the Zoltar fortune-teller beats big data every time. POP-UP WORKSHOPS BY GENERAL ASSEMBLY Get down to the nitty-gritty with mini-workshops offering all manner of useful tips for tech, business, and design. These chaps know what they’re doing. General Assembly offers full time and individual courses all year covering Web Dev, UX/UI, Digital Marketing and way more. Plus, you get a free class or workshop credit to use anytime online or at their Seattle campus. TREES. BREWS. CONVERSATIONS. Ready to take a break from all the conferencing goodness? Head to the Y&R Group Seattle lounge on the 3rd floor to relax, unwind and soak up the awesome that is Seattle. Serving coffee from 9 am – 12 pm and beer from 1–3 pm. MICROSOFT CUBE Microsoft’s interactive art installation merges electronic music, visual art and new media. Imagine a giant three-dimensional object that creates a virtual space, while at the same time encouraging real-life interaction. Outside, it is 4-feet square. Inside, it is powered by five computers and four Kinects working in concert. SEATTLE MINI MAKER FAIRE PRESENTED BY THE EMP MUSEUM Catch a glimpse of the Seattle Mini Maker Faire. Exotic robotics produced by people who embrace the do-it-yourself (or do-it-together) spirit. If you’re inspired by what you see at SIC, take part or see the full exhibit at the EMP, March 21-22, 2015. More information at makerfaireseattle.com
  57. 57. 57 CONTESTS & GOODIES Fame, fortune and your future are all at stake this year at SIC. Make this the winning-est two days of your life by putting your name in the proverbial hat to take home any and all of these goodies. WIN AN OFFICE PARTY FROM FIRST AID SHOT THERAPY The First AID Shot Therapy team wants to toast your team with a private office party. Swing by and snap a creative selfie for a chance to win, and be a hero for your coworkers. #firstaidsic CUSTOM SIC SHIRTS FROM POP & GETTY IMAGES Of course you want Timmy the owl close to your heart and a SIC T-shirt is the way to do it. Make it more personal by customizing your shirt at the POP & Getty Images space in the sic://Hub. MAXPOINT AND SHOOT SELFIE CONTEST MaxPoint really, really wants to give you $100 of freewheeling Uber rides, so they made it fun and easy. Look at the back of your badge. Look at the back of someone else’s badge. If they look different, take a picture together and tweet it using #MaxPointandShoot. Boom. You could win. The streets could be all yours. Do it now!
  58. 58. 58
  59. 59. 59 HAPPY HOURS MIDDAY MIMOSA BAR COURTESY OF TUNE After a day and a half of brain-busting speakers, a midday mimosa might be just what you need to spice up the homestretch. The good folks from Tune are sure this is true. Swing by their booth on Thursday and turn the fun meter up for the afternoon sessions. Thursday, 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM in the sic://Hub HAPPY HOURS PRESENTED BY SLALOM AND CATALYSIS Download the day at the on-site happy hours in the sic://Hub each afternoon from 4–6 pm, including free beer, wine and booze courtesy of Slalom Consulting (Wednesday) and Catalysis (Thursday). Networking is always easier with a drink in hand. Wednesday and Thursday. 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM in the sic://Hub FOOD & BEVERAGE COFFEE & FOOD Coffee, sandwiches, and salads are available at Grab + Go, as well as cookies and other goodies for your sweet tooth. Whether you’re grazing, dining, or just caffeinating, Grab + Go has you covered. Find it on Level 3 and the Lower Level. WATER Water coolers can be found in every session room throughout the conference. Additionally, there are water fountains on every floor near the restrooms.
  60. 60. 60 POWERING REAL-TIME CONTENT Livefyre makes it easy for you to create and distribute more content, so you can engage your audience, boost website traffic and drive revenue. Learn more at livefyre.com Solve the Future™ wintr.us
  61. 61. SIC: AFTER PARTY PRESENTED BY MERKLE 61 The official after party presented by Merkle is the essential exclamation point on the SIC experience. It’s also your last, best chance to make connections and impressions. Join us at Melrose Market Studios just three blocks east of the conference center, from 6-10 pm for complimentary food, drinks, and DJs spinning tunes to get your groove on. The 2nd Annual SIC Award winners will also be announced. Special thanks to our supporting sponsors Adaptive, Zumobi, Crown Social and Add3. Melrose Market Studios 1532 Minor Avenue, Seattle, WA 98101 (Located three blocks east of the Conference Center) www.melrosemarketstudios.com Thursday, October 16, 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM (Conference badge required for entry)
  62. 62. 62 2015 SALARY GUIDE TOUR GET VIP ACCESS TO CREATIVE SALARIES You’re on the list for The Creative Group’s 2015 Salary Guide Tour. Get VIP access to the latest starting salaries for creative and marketing positions. Download your free 2015 Salary Guide and access our salary calculator at creativegroup.com/salary-center. Seattle • 206.749.9046 601 Union Street, Suite 4300 © 2014 The Creative Group. A Robert Half Company. An Equal Opportunity Employer M/F/D/V. 0914-7305
  63. 63. 63 FARMSTR FRUIT PICK UP Farmstr is an online marketplace where sustainable farmers, fishers and ranchers sell directly to local customers. With Farmstr, sellers earn higher margins and customers get access to high quality local food for [often] less than it costs at the store. Small local producers can sell what they have, when they have it, and buyers have control to buy what they want, when they want, from whom they want. If you were smart enough to invest early by ordering Farmstr goods before the conference, you can pick it up from the Farmstr truck at the SIC after party. #farmfooddelivered The Farmster truck will be parked in front of Melrose Market Studios Thursday, October 16, 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM
  64. 64. 64 Seattle Mini Maker Faire is independently organized and operated under license from Maker Media, Inc. Sponsored by CALL FOR MAKERS The Seattle Mini Maker Faire is a showcase of invention, creativity, and resourcefulness— and a celebration of the maker movement: people not just hungry to talk about the next big thing, but to make it! Now seeking makers of all kinds for the 2015 Seattle Mini Maker Faire, to be held March 21–22, 2015 at EMP Museum and surrounding Seattle Center locations. Application Deadline: January 10, 2015 More information and application at makerfaireseattle.com + EMPmuseum.org #MOVEWITHMOBILE Advertising that moves with people www.movewithmobile.com
  65. 65. CEY ADAMS ART SHOW PHOTO 65 Cey Adams, a New York City native, emerged from the downtown graffiti movement to exhibit alongside fellow artists Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring. As the Creative Director of hip hop mogul Russell Simmons’ Def Jam Recordings, he created visual identities, album covers, logos, and advertising campaigns for Run DMC, Beastie Boys, LL Cool J, Public Enemy, Notorious B.I.G., and Jay-Z. This show explores the relationship between transformation and discovery. His practice involves dismantling various imagery and paper elements to build multiple layers of color, texture, shadow, and light. Cey draws inspiration from 60’s pop art, sign painting, comic books, and popular culture. Alive And Well 705 E. Pike Street, Seattle, WA 98122 www.aliveandwellsea.com SIC attendees are invited to a private meet and greet with the artist on Wednesday, October 15, 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM (Conference badge required for entry)
  66. 66. WE’RE 66 http://generalassemb.hk@generalassemb.Hong Kong Ivy Ball Ad.indd 1 Make us part of your story hello@yesler.com iwantajob@projectline.com A SEAT FOR YOU. General Assembly is a global educational institution that helps thinkers into creators. Offering full-time immersive programs, courses, classes, workshops, and events on the most relevant technology, business, and design, we’re creating a global community individuals empowered to pursue work they love. 8/F, 33 Des Voeux Road Central, Hong Kong SAVING A SEAT FOR YOU. General Assembly is a global educational institution that helps transform thinkers into creators. Offering full-time immersive programs, long-form courses, classes, workshops, and events on the most relevant skills in technology, business, and design, we’re creating a global community of individuals empowered to pursue work they love. Find us in the Hub at SIC 2014 to recieve a $50 class or workshop credit. Visit ga.co/seattle to view our latest news and program offering. 500 Yale Avenue N Seattle, WA 98109 http://generalassemb.ly Follow us @GA
  67. 67. SUB POP ART WALL 67 Sub Pop Records is an independent record label based in Seattle, WA. With early releases by Nirvana, Mudhoney, Soundgarden, and TAD, the label is often associated with something called “the grunge movement.” Exploitation of this association has frequently proven financially fruitful. Later years saw album releases from artists such as: The Shins, Iron and Wine, The Postal Service, Band of Horses, David Cross, Flight of the Conchords, Fleet Foxes, Beach House, and The Head and the Heart. The Sub Pop wall installation allows viewers a glimpse behind the scenes of Sub Pop’s most iconic art and advertising. View the installation on Level 3
  68. 68. 68 BUT WE’D RATHER TALK ABOUT CONNECTING CONSUMERS TO YOUR BRAND. Of COURSE WE CAN TALK ABOUT CONNECTING CONSUMERS TO THEIR DEvICES. BUT WE’D RATHER TALK ABOUT CONNECTING CONSUMERS TO YOUR BRAND. Of COURSE WE CAN TALK ABOUT CONNECTING CONSUMERS TO THEIR DEvICES. Knowing which device belongs Knowing to which which device belongs consumer to which consumer is only is part only of the part of the picture. Our picture. Our approach completes the view. It’s called CrossWalk, and approach completes the view. it It’s combines called device matching CrossWalk with brand intelligence. We and find the real, it combines device matching scientifically-proven connections between your potential customers with brand intelligence to find and the your brand. connections Because it’s easy to get your audience between to listen when your potential customers they’re willing. On any or all of their devices. and your brand. Because it’s easy to get your audience to listen when they’re willing. On any or all of their devices. Let’s talk: 646-278-4929 | sales@dstillery.com Drop by our new HQ, we love visitors! 470 Park Ave S, NYC dstillery.com BUT WE’D RATHER TALK ABOUT CONNECTING CONSUMERS TO YOUR BRAND. Of COURSE WE ABOUT CONNECTING CONSUMERS TO THEIR DEvICES. Knowing which device belongs to which consumer is only part of the picture. Our approach completes the view. It’s called CrossWalk, and it combines device matching with brand intelligence. We find the real, scientifically-proven connections between your potential customers and your brand. Because it’s easy to get your audience to listen when they’re willing. On any or all of their devices. Knowing which device belongs to which consumer is only part of the picture. Our approach completes the view. It’s called CrossWalk, and it combines device matching with brand intelligence. We find the real, scientifically-proven connections between your potential customers and your brand. Because it’s easy to get your audience to listen when they’re willing. On any or all of their devices. BUT WE’D RATHER TALK ABOUT CONNECTING CONSUMERS TO YOUR BRAND. WE CAN TALK ABOUT CONSUMERS TO THEIR DEvICES. Knowing which device belongs to which consumer is only part of the picture. Our approach completes the view. It’s called CrossWalk, and it combines device matching with brand intelligence. We find the real, scientifically-proven connections between your potential customers and your brand. Because it’s easy to get your audience to listen when they’re willing. On any or all of their devices. OF COURSE WE CAN TALK ABOUT CONNECTING CONSUMERS TO THEIR DEVICES BUT WE’D RATHER TALK ABOUT CONNECTING CONSUMERS TO YOUR BRAND BUT WE’D RATHER TALK ABOUT CONNECTING CONSUMERS TO YOUR BRAND. Of COURSE WE CAN TALK ABOUT CONNECTING CONSUMERS TO THEIR DEvICES. Knowing which device belongs to which consumer is only part of the picture. Our approach completes the view. It’s called CrossWalk, and it combines device matching with brand intelligence. We find the real, scientifically-proven connections between your potential customers and your brand. Because it’s easy to get your audience to listen when they’re willing. On any or all of their devices. BUT WE’D RATHER TALK ABOUT CONNECTING CONSUMERS TO YOUR BRAND. Of COURSE WE TALK ABOUT CONNECTING CONSUMERS TO THEIR DEvICES. Knowing which device belongs to which consumer is only part of the picture. Our approach completes the view. It’s called CrossWalk, and it combines device matching with brand intelligence. We find the real, scientifically-proven connections between your potential customers and your brand. Because it’s easy to get your audience to listen when they’re willing. On any or all of their devices. BUT WE’D RATHER TALK ABOUT CONNECTING CONSUMERS TO YOUR BRAND. Of COURSE WE CAN TALK ABOUT CONNECTING CONSUMERS TO THEIR DEvICES. Knowing which device belongs to which consumer is only part of the picture. Our approach completes the view. It’s called CrossWalk, and it combines device matching with brand intelligence. We find the real, scientifically-proven connections between your potential customers and your brand. Because it’s easy to get your audience to listen when they’re willing. On any or all of their devices. BUT WE’D RATHER TALK ABOUT CONNECTING CONSUMERS TO YOUR BRAND. COURSE WE CAN TALK ABOUT CONNECTING CONSUMERS TO THEIR DEvICES. Knowing which device belongs to which consumer is only part of the picture. Our approach completes the view. It’s called CrossWalk, and it combines device matching with brand intelligence. We find the real, scientifically-proven connections between your potential customers and your brand. Because it’s easy to get your audience to listen when they’re willing. On any or all of their devices.
  69. 69. 69 ORIGIN & DESTINATION BY WINTR Seattle is a city in motion, experiencing economic growth as well as the subsequent benefits and pitfalls. One of the most visible issues is traffic and mobility in and around the city. The diverse and dynamic neighborhoods offer up a host of businesses, events and attractions. To continue to inspire the creative spirit and greater community and culture of Seattle, individuals and ideas need to be able to efficiently navigate from origin to destination. WINTR’s installation Origin & Destination is an expression of distance between two zip-codes in the Seattle area, mode of transportation and the variable duration based on real-time traffic data. Translating visible issues into a stylistic abstraction of data is an effort to motivate creative solutions to these issues and further Seattle as a city, well designed, in motion. View the installation on Lower Level Landing LIVEFYRE SOCIAL FEED We’re social media junkies. The Livefyre Social Lounge and live feed screens throughout the venue give you a comprehensive look at the information and conversations happening on the social network during the conference. Join the chatter using #SIC2014 Visit the Social Lounge on Level 2
  70. 70. 70 8 weeks. 99 cents. Start your digital subscription to The Seattle Times — your best source for award-winning, local news you won’t find anywhere else. USE PROMO CODE SIC2014 seattletimes.com/subscribe
  71. 71. 71 MIXBY: SIC: EXPERIENCE APP Your SIC mobile experience begins the minute you download the Mixby app on iOS or Android. Before you arrive at SIC, use Mixby to preview the content experience awaiting you inside the Conference Center. Once on-site, you will discover exclusive daily content activated by BLE beacons, accessible at strategic points within the facility. Share your #SICselfies on Mixby and enjoy curated content by the Crown Social team. Download the Mixby app at bit.ly/mixbyapp WEAVE: THE ONLINE SIC: STORY Lucky you. You’re catching one of the first looks at Weave, a new platform that curates dynamic, interactive and immersive online experiences. Weave gives a chance to look back at last year’s conference and watch this year’s event unfold as images, videos and content are weaved together, all in one place. Learn more about speakers, topics, notable attendees, and more. View our Weave at www.weave.me/seattleinteractive
  74. 74. 74
  75. 75. HOTEL & TRANSPORTATION SIC Hotel Partner HYATT OLIVE 8 1635 8th Avenue Seattle, WA 98101 (206) 695-1234 www.olive8.hyatt.com The Conference Center is located right in the heart of downtown with easy access to I-5, convenient parking, the airport light rail link and the many great things Seattle has to offer. The Conference Center is conveniently equipped with a taxi station along 8th Avenue or you may contact any one of these local transportation services: Uber Uber.com Bayview Limo 206.223.6200 Yellow Cab 206.622.6500 Booking for sic://2014 accomodations brought to you by Fuzed Travel, www.fuzedtravel.com. 75 SIC 2X5 AD.ai 1 9/18/14 10:31 AM
  76. 76. 76 THE CONFERENCE CENTER At the Washington State Convention Center Eighth Avenue at Pike Street Registration Level 1 Speaker/Press Level 1 Check-in Information Level 1 Bag Pick Up Level 1 Simulcast Lower Level Water All Levels Restrooms All Levels Coat Rack Level 2 Coffee Lower Level, Level 3 Food Lower Level, Level 3 Recharge Stations Lower Level, Level 3 sic://Hub Level 3
  77. 77. LOWER LEVEL SESSION ROOMS LL2 sic://Sessions LL5 sic://Sessions SPONSORED EVENT LL1 Adobe / R2integrated Executive Lunch LOWER LEVEL LOUNGE 1 Grab + Go 2 Recharge Stations WC Restrooms Simulcast LL2 WC 2 LL1 1 LL5 Elevators Stairs to Level 1 77
  78. 78. LEVEL 1 FACILITIES R Registration S Speaker/Press Check-in ? Information & Bag Pick-up WC Restrooms INSTALLATION 1 Origin & Destination by WINTR Entrance Stairs to Lower Level Elevators ? R S WC Escalator 1 78 Hi, We’re Vitamin T. The talent agency for digital creatives. We match the best creative talent with the best creative companies. Win a free Kindle Fire. Stop by booth #312 for details.
  79. 79. LEVEL 2 SESSION ROOMS 202 sic://Sessions 204 sic://Sessions 205 sic://Workshops EXHIBITORS 1 Y&RG Lounge 2 Livefyre Social Lounge 3 System Source FACILITIES WC Restrooms C Coat Rack 205 204 WC 202 3 C 2 1 Elevators Escalators 79 REVOLUTIONIZING THE DIGITAL VIDEO ECONOMY All-in-One Video Solution Across Every Screen www.adaptivem.com player. content. ads. harmony
  80. 80. 28 29 301 302 303 ROOMS 301 sic://Sessions 302 sic://Sessions 303 sic://Sessions SIC://HUB 1 Drawbridge Biz Dev 2 POP / Getty Images 3 Marchex Institute 4 White Pages 5 R2integrated / Adobe 6 ChoiceStream 7 Aquent 8 Projectline 9 Simply Measured 10 Portent 11 Visual IQ 12 Ensighten 13 AppLift 14 Aquisio 15 Seattle Times 25 26 21 FACILITIES C Grab + Go B Bar WC Restrooms SIC://HUB 16 General Assembly Workshops 17 Analytics Pros Bocce Court 18 Microsoft Cube 19 10,000ft 20 The Creative Group 21 First AID Shot Therapy 22 Catalysis Fortune Teller 23 Moz Photo Booth 24 Millennial Media 25 Tune 26 CPXi 27 Tack 28 Y&RG Lounge 29 Sub Pop Art Wall LEVEL 3 23 22 24 17 18 27 20 19 WC B C B Elevators Escalator 1 2 3 4 5 6 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 80