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Internet of Things

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By 2017 the Internet of Things market will be bigger than the PC, tablet and phone market combined. This report explains what the Internet of Things actually is and the impact it will have on social.

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Internet of Things

  3. WHERE ARE WE 3 WEB 1.0 WEB 2.0 WEB 3.0 Computers Talking to Computers People talking to other people and producing dynamic social content Computers Talking to Products
  4. “A mini-revolution enabled by instantaneous connections to our favorite products and services is upon us.” —PSFK Labs 2015
  5. The way we are accessing the Internet is continually changing and what we perceive as the role of the Internet in our lives is shifting. We started on PCs and moved to smartphones, tablets and social media. Now our physical actions and social activity can trigger our home’s physical objects and vice versa. 5
  6. This is the Internet of Things, or the Internet of Everything and it’s set to become the world’s largest device market. By 2017 the IoT market will be biggerthan the PC, tablet and phone market combined. 6
  7. It is estimated that by 2020 there could be roughly 200 billion devices connected to the internet. 7
  8. PRODUCTSBrand diversity and innovation
  9. What brands are the leaders in Internet of Things? You are in good company! These are big companies making big moves in the space. 9
  10. HOME IS WHERE THE SMART IS; with home focused products leading the IoT market. LED Lightbulbs Connected ovens Coffee makers Dog feeders Garage Doors Outlets Switches 10 Smoke alarms Thermostats Piggy banks Cars Watches Fitness trackers Beds
  11. These devices aren’t new but the Internet is changing the way we use them on a daily basis and the functions that they can perform. Individuals are purchasing these new bulbs, cars, and watches every day and brands can tap into that developing market. 11
  12. Smart light bulbs are not only about on/off functions but also altering the environment you choose to be in and interact with. Whether it is a bulb changing to the music playing in the room or a light blinking when your oven is preheated, smart bulbs have many applications. SMART LIGHT BULBS 12
  13. EDYN is a device that tracks the health of your garden to maximize your plant growth. In drought stricken California, this device can assist individuals in maintaining the beauty of their home while being more conscious of the current environment. EDYN 13
  14. Beyond schedules, a smart coffee machine will interact with your watch or smart mattress to know when you are waking up so it can brew coffee at the perfect time. How about a trigger that brews a cup when it detects you’re sleepy? The nest replaces the traditional thermostats allowing you to change the room temperature, adjust your heating schedule and view your energy use remotely from mobile, tablet or laptop. Additionally, it allows your environment to interact with online services and be triggered based on online activity such as tweets, cars approaching home, and the status of your sleep cycle. 14
  15. INTEGRATIONMaking smart connections 15
  16. As the world becomes increasingly connected to the IoT in the next five years, ever increasing amounts of data will be generated. This gives brands unique insights into their customers behaviours. Marketers will be able to predict the development of new trends and target their social campaigns towards them. Watching habit data will become more democratized as individuals stream from various sources: Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Crackle, Periscope, etc. CUSTOMER ANALYSIS AND PREDICTIVE MARKETING 16
  17. The IoT will be invaluable in bringing social media and healthcare closer together. Patients will be able to connect easily to professionals using social media tools and health data will become more easily accessible. Example: The Withings Activite is an analog watch that tracks movement, sleep and swimming… with the option of sending that data to your doctor and/or triggering actions. Wearables will become more diverse, as fabrics become “smart” and connectivity becomes the norm. HEALTHCARE 17
  18. Products that take care of themselves so you don’t have to such as the Poppy pour-over coffee maker automatically tracks supply of beans and orders more through Amazon when you are getting low. Integrations of devices with services facilitate brand loyalty and lock users into a convenience ecosystem. ECOMMERCE 18
  19. The IoT is optimised for social media use as new online micro- communities develop for the users of a particular device. This could provider a richer context to a human being’s everyday life. COMMUNITY 19
  20. ACTIVATIONS Examples of how brands are leveraging the IoT
  21. Brands can form partnerships with smart product manufacturers in order to tap into an existing customer bases. This will go way beyond FMCG refill orders, as a broader variety of devices become connected BRAND ACTIVATIONS & PRODUCT ENHANCEMENT 21
  22. Syfy partnered with Philips to integrate users’ Hue bulbs so they changed during the show 12 Monkeys. LIGHTING & TELEVISION 22
  23. Hilton hotels has been installing mobile enabled keys to rooms to better allow tracking and convenience. Actions could be next! CONNECTED HOTEL 23
  24. After an earthquake in California, Jawbone published a report on how the quake impacted Bay Area sleepers. Tapping into this data can assist with finding ideas for future campaigns and partnerships. DATA, DATA, DATA 24
  25. WHAT COMES NEXT Taking the Internet of Things wide AND making it social
  26. WHAT NEXT 26 WEB 1.0 WEB 2.0 WEB 3.0 Computers Talking to Computers People talking to other people and producing dynamic social content Computers Talking to Products ? When connected devices become the default, the really exciting stuff will start to happen
  27. WHAT NEXT 27 WEB 1.0 WEB 2.0 WEB 3.0 Computers Talking to Computers People talking to other people and producing dynamic social content Computers Talking to Products ! Everything and Everyone Talking to Everything and Everyone
  28. It’s likely that existing social platforms will embrace the IoT, along with the users they’re eager to keep engaged with their wider offerings. The IoT currently focuses on individual users’ device ecosystems, but as it matures, look for IoT to: ● Incorporate more sharing and content creation mechanics ● Empower user collaboration and creativity ● Pioneers new ways to create seamless buying AND sharing experiences ● What’s for dinner? Soon enough, you might be able to browse your oven’s built in recipe library, order the ingredients in app and then share a photo of your latest culinary exploit with guests directly from an in oven camera. NEW WAYS TO CONNECT 28
  29. Does your oven letting you know that you have a new Snapchat sound appealing? Probably not, but a light bulb flashing when your phone is ringing in another room has obvious appeal. More connected devices and more will mean that users will be as connected as they want to be. 2nd and 3rd screens will have to compete with 4th, 5th and 6th screens. As consumers connect their homes and lives like never before, brands will need to find ways to step up and provide value in new contexts, without overstepping their bounds or overstaying their welcome. COMMUNICATION EVERYWHERE 29
  30. BARRIERS & CONCERNS Hurdles but not insurmountable
  31. If your whole house becomes IoT enabled, could hackers infiltrate and control your home? Security issues are going to be a huge challenge, especially when smart locks are involved. SECURITY 31
  32. At the moment there are a half dozen wireless standards for connected devices but interoperability is critical moving forward. Hubs and certain device manufacturers are solving this and 2015 is a huge year for inter-device compatibility. INTEROPERABILITY 32
  33. Who owns the data from your devices and how could companies and other people use it? ● Wearable data and location tracking ● Energy usage habits and home location awareness DATA OWNERSHIP 33
  34. What should my brand do? 34
  35. The age of integrated products has arrived, but it might take a while for all consumers to embrace it. The next five years are going to be crucial for the development of the IoT. Apple, Samsung, Philips, GE, and Honeywell and Google are integrating their technologies into devices that are starting to ship TODAY. 35
  36. Is your product/service smart and connected? Or can it become so? 36
  37. Device connectivity will become the new norm How can you develop your product in a way that benefits the customer and makes their experience of using the product easier and more rewarding? 37
  38. Involve web developers and IoT architects that can best integrate products, services, and the X factor that makes them unique together. 38
  39. THANK YOU talktous@wearesocial.net