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Building a user research library for local government

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Mathew Trivet and Lucy Stewart's talk at SDinGov 2019

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Building a user research library for local government

  1. 1. #URLibrary@wearesnook Hello SDinGov @lucymstewart @mathewtrivett
  2. 2. #URLibrary@wearesnook How might a digital product connect research communities across government?
  3. 3. #URLibrary@wearesnook TL;FA “Making knowledge gained through user research findable, relevant, contextualised and understandable is complex. Building and managing a research library is a specialist and full-time job.” – @TeamReOps
  4. 4. #URLibrary@wearesnook Session map 1. The story 2. The library 3. What we’re learning 4. What we’re hearing 5. Where next 6. Let’s chat
  5. 5. #URLibrary@wearesnook The story
  6. 6. #URLibrary@wearesnook The challenge We’re in the business of encouraging more user research. But, as we see a growth in practice, a new problem emerges; managing research outputs so we build on learnings, not replicate them.
  7. 7. #URLibrary@wearesnook What we’re faced with ● Duplication of work ● Participant fatigue ● Lack of an overall picture to prioritise commissioning ● Missed opportunity to share learning across teams and sectors ● Anything else?
  8. 8. #URLibrary@wearesnook Hat tip to Hackney This product is the result of a local council investing public money to explore a shared solution to our common problem.
  9. 9. #URLibrary@wearesnook Born in Hackney Council Hackney aims to be the most user centred local authority in the UK. Working with a diverse cohort of agencies to bolster and support the growth of their service design team. But, different research teams run research in different ways.
  10. 10. #URLibrary@wearesnook You don’t know, what you can’t see.
  11. 11. #URLibrary@wearesnook The User Research Library The Project Formerly Known as HURL #URLibrary@wearesnook
  12. 12. #URLibrary@wearesnook From research as data to research as documents
  13. 13. #URLibrary@wearesnook Unreliable Machine learning, specifically natural language processing. Unrealistic Changing people’s working practices. @wearesnook
  14. 14. #URLibrary@wearesnook User research isn’t structured data. User research lives as stories inside documents, PDFs, spreadsheets and slides.
  15. 15. #URLibrary@wearesnook
  16. 16. #URLibrary@wearesnook
  17. 17. #URLibrary@wearesnook
  18. 18. #URLibrary@wearesnook !Warning Live Demo! Do not click this link research.localgov.digital
  19. 19. #URLibrary@wearesnook 9 Collections 24 projects 18 Discovery 8 Alpha 3 Beta 2 Live The library now
  20. 20. #URLibrary@wearesnook What we’re learning
  21. 21. #URLibrary@wearesnook Having one place where research lives has been valuable At Hackney, it has helped teams to see what they have done across multiple projects, steal best practice and challenge where they could have done things better.
  22. 22. #URLibrary@wearesnook Adding research at the right time is key, otherwise it doesn’t happen. Direct line management relationships with the researcher. Harder when working with agencies. Plan is to put extra guidance for suppliers during tendering.
  23. 23. #URLibrary@wearesnook Presenting insight on the library so that it’s useful for all will be a challenge. Aim for a chronological view that shows the story of the project.
  24. 24. #URLibrary@wearesnook Reassurance is a big thing. There’s a worry about adding information one shouldn’t to a public space. This fear could stop smaller more risk averse authorities to stop adding research to the library all together.
  25. 25. #URLibrary@wearesnook Libraries need librarians.
  26. 26. #URLibrary@wearesnook Where next?
  27. 27. #URLibrary@wearesnook Our vision An open-source research platform connecting research communities across public services.
  28. 28. #URLibrary@wearesnook Single instance Thematic Sector Open Many organisationsOne organisation Research sharing within a sector working on diverse themes. For example local government or charities National research platform. Google Scholar for user research. URL platform configurations Tight controls on research. Supports inter-team sharing. Research sharing between organisations working across a theme.
  29. 29. #URLibrary@wearesnook Design in the Open
  30. 30. #URLibrary@wearesnook What we’re hearing
  31. 31. #URLibrary@wearesnook
  32. 32. #URLibrary@wearesnook
  33. 33. #URLibrary@wearesnook
  34. 34. #URLibrary@wearesnook Thank you Let’s chat! #URLibrary @lucymstewart @mathewtrivett