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DECIDE. lift the lid on World Toilet Day 2014

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You might not appreciate the importance of toilets until you try to imagine life without them. Get the facts here as DECIDE. lift the lid on World Toilet Day 2014.

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DECIDE. lift the lid on World Toilet Day 2014

  1. 1. DECIDE. lifts the lid on World Toilet Day 90% ' Rf of pharmaceuticals 3 taken by people are excreted through urination — therefore our sewer systems contain heavy doses ’ of drugs. toilet uses 6 litres of A F clean water in tsingle flush There's a toilet themed restaurant in Taiwan where food is served on miniature toilets. F There are toilet assqeia/ tions we-rldwide promoting toilet § education and culture. i lxl/ lobile phones have 18 times more . - bacteria than 5 toilet handles Computer keyboards §-‘,3, can carry more than 200 times as many bacteria as a toilet se 3- K"'_ . Bflritons spend on average about twice as m_u. European consumers do on toilet paper a - more than US cgnsumers do for the sa M- ‘? ‘ ‘4.‘“- 43:- . ' é’ : . © DECIDE. Want to flush out YOUR competition? For award-winning, insight-driven, creative solutions which can help your brand lead in its category contact: stephanie. kiens@wearedecide. com _i, D “ hrtp: //mhing. com. »‘50—Iun-to/ /erfacts " M/ mp. ‘/’/ 'www. facts/ Ides. com/ s—To/ Iers ‘ / mp: //www. buzzfeed. co:77/scolIbrand/ facts—abouI-(o/ '/e(-paper-maI-you-aclua/ /y-need-lo-know? b : 1 ‘ ‘ hftpI/ /Dostonstandardp/ umb/ hg. com/754lacrs~Io~he/ p—yozroe/ ebrate~na! iona/ ~Ioi/ e1‘-paper4day/ DECIDE. INFLUENCING HOW PEOPLE CHOOSE BRANDS ®