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Six Global Goals/SDG Snippets

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The Snippet Series – a collection of CSR and shared value shorts from the CSR Training Institute.
Taste them all. Pick what you like (or need). Have fun. Life is too important to take so seriously!
To keep updated on postings and events go to www.csrtraininginstitute.com and sign up for the newsletter. If interested the CSR Knowledge Centre http://bit.ly/CSRknowledge contains a series of short, pragmatic articles on CSR Strategy, Management and related areas.

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Six Global Goals/SDG Snippets

  1. 1. www.csrtraininginstitute.com info@csrtraininginstitute.com Tel +1.250.701.6088 Six CSR / shared value Snippets SDGs: A great framework for partnerships CSR / shared value snippets are one image morsels designed to stimulate thinking and action, or at least curiosity. Everything is original and all are based on my take on the space where business meets society and the environment. I try to make them fun, self-explanatory and (hopefully) stimulating and insightful. Feedback is much appreciated. To get them live as they come out follow me on Twitter and/or follow the CSR Training Institute on LinkedIn. I try to do about 5/week but don't hold me to it!
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  6. 6. Page 2 of 2 Thanks for reading. If you liked them please share and/or comment If you have suggestions for other snippets please message contact me directly here. To receive CSR/Shared Value/SDG snippets and posts as they are released you can follow on Twitter or follow the CSR Training Institute on LinkedIn You may also want to join the CSR Training Institute Newsletter (join here) where you will get occasional (sometimes monthly, sometimes quarterly, always ad-hoc) newsletters with information and insights related to CSR and shared value. For those not familiar with them the 17 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals - also known as the Global Goals) were unanimously adopted by all member nations of the United Nations in September 2015. They set out a global framework for development that encompasses all countries, emerging and developed, north/south, east/west. They followed the MDGs (Millennium Development Goals), eight goals that the United Nations adopted unanimously in a special Millennium Session in September 2000 http://www.csrtraininginstitute.com/ See more here>>>