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Nwsc 2017 awards

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The National Water Safety Congress 2017 Award Recipients.

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Nwsc 2017 awards

  1. 1. National Water Safety Congress 2017 Award Recipients 21st Annual International Boating & Water Safety Summit Mark Brown, President, Michael Fields, Executive Director
  2. 2. Regional Award WINNER International Order of the Blue Gavel District 5 Mission is to recognize Past Commodores of the international yachting community and unite them in order to promote the highest ideals of yachting and preserve its customs and traditions through social, educational and humanitarian programs.
  3. 3. International Order of the Blue Gavel, District 5
  4. 4. International Order of the Blue Gavel, District 5
  5. 5. Award of Merit WINNER VIP for a VIP Inc. This program provides a platform to Present the boating safety message to 25,000 + high school students that can’t be reached in a traditional boating education class setting.
  6. 6. VIP for a VIP Inc. A North Carolina Wildlife Resource Commission Officer joins volunteers from local Fire, EMS, Police, & State Highway Patrol Agencies to deliver a boating safety message – a video depicting a boating related incident. Program is delivered statewide 40 times a year.
  7. 7. Award of Merit Winner Sam Conley, Winona Walmart Store Manager/Granton Approved a $1,500 Walmart Grant that supported Grenada Lake’s Water Safety Programs (i.e. water safety presentations to audiences of all ages, beach safety demonstrations, boat inspections, life jacket loaner stations, life jacket exchange program where inflatable toys are taken and US Coast Guard life jackets are issued).
  8. 8. Sam Conley, Winona Walmart Store Manager/Granton
  9. 9. Award of Merit WINNERS Troopers Joe Couch & Trooper Gordon Chronister Oklahoma Highway Patrol Marine Enforcement Unit Troopers Couch and Chronister presented 43 Bobby the Boat Water And Boating Safety Program to 4,496 elementary students in Oklahoma and have educated thousands of other citizens via safety fairs and water safety programming.
  10. 10. Troopers Joe Couch & Trooper Gordon Chronister Oklahoma Highway Patrol Marine Enforcement Unit They have managed to build quite a reputation and are requested to participate at Septemberfest, an annual event held at the Governor’s Mansion in Oklahoma City.
  11. 11. Award of Merit WINNER Carson “Nick Mitchell US Army Corps of Engineers
  12. 12. Carson “Nick Mitchell US Army Corps of Engineers 550,000 Guidebooks were printed, accompanied by an estimated 100,000 plus on-line views. Over 650,000 people have looked at the image of a fisherman wearing his life jacket.
  13. 13. Award of Merit WINNER Senior Wildlife Agent Kyle Wagner Louisiana Dept of Wildlife & Fisheries Enforcement Division
  14. 14. Award of Merit WINNER Joseph M. Vassallo, CBP,APSP Fellow Float Like A Duck, Water Safety Program  Mr. Vassallo has hosted the annual Float Like a Duck free water safety event since 2003.  The mission is “Educating the public on the importance of safety while celebrating the joys of water sports.” The ABCD’s are what is encouraged. Adult Supervision: always have adult present Barriers: layers of barriers (i.e. alarms, locks) Classes: swimming lessons and CPR classes Devices: PFD’s, rescue tools
  15. 15. Joseph M. Vassallo, CBP,APSP Fellow Float Like A Duck, Water Safety Program  Over 4,500 have attended Float Like a Duck event.  Over 100,000 have been exposed to Float Like a Duck via appearances, news reports, social media, videos and collateral materials.
  16. 16. Letter of Commendation WINNER Officer Corrie Roberts Maine Marine Patrol  Operates a 46’ P/V Guardian III for 12 yrs.  Plays leadership role in testing and upgrading new boarding suits.  Saved lobsterman who was offshore suffering from throat injury. Administered first aid.  Boarded lobster boat which was circling out of control that could have caused major accident.  Part of Marine Patrol Assessment Team, and one of two cold water officer survivor instructors through NASBLA. Photo by: Bob Trapani
  17. 17. Letter of Commendation WINNER Jesse Wisterman, Ben Nyegaard & William D. Oliver US Army Corps of Engineers – Vicksburg District-Louisiana Field Office  Helped form a partnership with Black Bayou Wildlife Area where schools receive water safety demonstrations and outdoor education at an educational center.  Since 2014 approximately 2020 individuals received programs courtesy of these Natural Resource Specialist (NRS).  NRS Oliver trained himself to operate “Corey” the Water Safety Tugboat. He operates “Corey” at special events and teaches water safety to children and adults in an entertaining way. Wisterman Nyegaard Oliver
  18. 18. Letter of Commendation WINNER Burger King MidAmerica Hotel Corporation  USACE safety partner since 2009. Placed water safety messages on customer receipts and food coupons.  Placed 11 exterior “Life Jackets Save Lives” digital marquees at various Burger King franchises in Missouri, Arkansas & Illinois.  Estimated # of persons affected by advertising is 990,000 customers.  Supported Wappapello’s July 4th Water Safety event by providing free food coupons. Coupon example
  19. 19. Letter of Commendation WINNER Joseph McLane, President First Midwest Bank  First Midwest Bank of Poplar Bluff has been an an avid supporter of Wappapello Lake’s Public Safety Awareness Campaign since 1998.  Provides safety messages on its customer money envelopes at 11 branches, reaching over 225,000 customers yearly.  Supported Wappapello’s 75th Anniversary Celebration by having 30,000 special edition Day User Fee envelopes w/ water safety messages distributed throughout the year.
  20. 20. Letter of Commendation WINNER SEMO Regional Water Safety Council  Sponsors 2 annual special events and supports other activities such as Kid’s Fishing Fun Day.  Ranger Willie’s Wet & Wild Water Festival has aquatic games and other activities. Event focuses on promoting usage of life jackets and boating safety. Last year 325 people attended.  Council coordinates the life jacket loaner stations in several towns in southeast Missouri.  Provides funding for Day Use Fee Envelopes in recognition of Wapppello’s 75th Year Anniversary.
  21. 21. National Water Safety Congress Saving Lives on the Water Since 1951
  22. 22. CONGRATULATIONS AWARD WINNERS! & THANK YOU Attendees for the effort you put forth in saving lives!