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Waternomics: Business Models and Exploitation

This is a presentation made by Sander Smit at the Waternomics final event on 31/01/2017 for sharing the project contribution in terms of business models and exploitation

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Waternomics: Business Models and Exploitation

  1. 1. @WATERNOMICS_EU www.waternomics.eu Project co-funded by the European Commission within the 7th Framework Program (Grant Agreement No. 619660) BUSINESS MODELS AND EXPLOITATION SANDER SMIT | BM-CHANGE
  2. 2. @WATERNOMICS_EU www.waternomics.eu2 OUTLINE ▶Business model design process ▶Exploitation pilot infra ▶Exploitable results ▶Conclusion
  3. 3. @WATERNOMICS_EU www.waternomics.eu3 BUSINESS MODEL DESIGN PROCESS Waternomics Exploitable Results
  4. 4. @WATERNOMICS_EU www.waternomics.eu4 BUSINESS MODEL DESIGN PROCESS Idea designed Problem-Solution fit Problem-Market fit Customer Discovery Customer Validation prototyped assessed validated validated IDEATION ASSESSING VALIDATING ASSUMPTIONS VALIDATING CUSTOMERS Source: Strategyzer ©
  5. 5. @WATERNOMICS_EU www.waternomics.eu5 STARTING POINT SUSTAINABLE RESULTS Exploitable results Waternomics Platform Flow meter Acoustic Leak Detector FDD Methodology Drought Monitor Training Marketplace Pilot infrastructure Linate Thermi NUI-Galway NEB CnaC
  7. 7. @WATERNOMICS_EU www.waternomics.eu7 Control X X Maintenance X X Simulation X X Decision support X Fair billing X X Awareness X X X X Education X X X X Reputation X X X Cost reduction X X Energy reduction X VALUE OF SMART WATER IN PILOTS
  8. 8. @WATERNOMICS_EU www.waternomics.eu8 DISENTANGLING PILOT INFRA pilots
  9. 9. @WATERNOMICS_EU www.waternomics.eu9 POST-PROJECT PLANS PILOT INFRA Linate Positive response from management Integrate platform in daily operations Plan to install platform also at Malpensa Airport External partner for platform support Thermi Municipality positive about concept Households will be offered to continue on a voluntary basis Discussions about service model ongoing NUI-Galway University adopts platform for education and future research Plan to expand to other buildings on the campus Galway City council recognises business potential of platform CnaC Infrastructure integrated in building pilots
  10. 10. @WATERNOMICS_EU www.waternomics.eu EXPLOITABLE RESULTS
  11. 11. @WATERNOMICS_EU www.waternomics.eu11 MARKETPLACE + METHODOLOGY Collaborative exploitation by ULTRA4 & R2M • Developing new proposition based on Marketplace and Methodology • Offered on a Smart Water as a Service basis, • Targeting industries and public buildings in southern Europe • Looking for funding for commercialisation proposition +
  12. 12. @WATERNOMICS_EU www.waternomics.eu12 ACOUSTIC LEAK DETECTION Follow up research by UNESCO-IHE & TU-DELFT • Further research on microphone and analytical software • Use of fingerprinting techniques for tracking of water appliances • Test in different environments • Partner VTEC interested in research results (low cost sensor)
  13. 13. @WATERNOMICS_EU www.waternomics.eu13 SMART BUILDING PLATFORM Smart building platform • Waternomics sensors and applications basis for collaboration Simaxx • Integration of Waternomics applications in Simaxx’s smart building platform • Pilot defined with S-Clusiv business centre in the Netherlands • Looking for funding commercialisation activities +
  14. 14. @WATERNOMICS_EU www.waternomics.eu14 IOT-PLATFORM Spin-off company iSENSIT • IoT platform technical basis for iSensit, a spin-off from VTEC • Platform extended with additional sensors (accelerometers, gyroscopes, temperature, humidity… ) • New propositions for fitness and health of working force • Currently 8 FTE working for iSensit
  15. 15. @WATERNOMICS_EU www.waternomics.eu CONCLUSION
  16. 16. @WATERNOMICS_EU www.waternomics.eu16 CONCLUSION Waternomics showed that a Smart Water System does create end-user value There is no one size fits all solution. Context matters. Value propositions and business models need to be designed specifically for selected target customer groups. Project results are basis for follow-up research and new business initiatives
  17. 17. @WATERNOMICS_EU www.waternomics.eu17 waternomics.eu @waternomics_eu
  18. 18. @WATERNOMICS_EU www.waternomics.eu18 This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 619660. waternomics.eu @waternomics_eu This project is member of and