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Waternomics Applications Platform - Water Apps for Everyone

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This is a presentation made by Christos Kouroupetroglou at the Waternomics final event on 31/01/2017 for sharing the project contribution in terms of applications and application platform.

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Waternomics Applications Platform - Water Apps for Everyone

  1. 1. @WATERNOMICS_EU www.waternomics.eu Project co-funded by the European Commission within the 7th Framework Program (Grant Agreement No. 619660) WATERNOMICS APPLICATIONS PLATFORM: WATER APPS FOR EVERYONE CHRISTOS KOUROUPETROGLOU – ULTRA4
  2. 2. @WATERNOMICS_EU www.waternomics.eu2 CHILDHOOD OF APPS (M4-M8) • Round table discussions • Interviews with stakeholders • Technical meetings at pilots • Initial ideas
  3. 3. @WATERNOMICS_EU www.waternomics.eu3 • Features list • Scenarios draft for D1.1 • Paper prototypes • And 2 comic scenarios APPS BECOME TEENAGERS (M7-M9)
  4. 4. @WATERNOMICS_EU www.waternomics.eu4 APPS ENTER THEIR 20’S (M9-M11) • User tests – 24 users involved – 11 hours of discussions – 3 languages • Many ideas tested – Some were rejected, others evolved and some new ones came up • Apps start to face reality
  5. 5. @WATERNOMICS_EU www.waternomics.eu5 APPS IN THEIR 30’S (M10-M18) • First working prototypes • First connections with sensors • Support from Dataspace
  6. 6. @WATERNOMICS_EU www.waternomics.eu6 KEY OUTCOME •A “One size fits all” solution cannot help •But there are many common features among user types and pilots •So, how can we serve them all?
  7. 7. @WATERNOMICS_EU www.waternomics.eu7 INSPIRATION • Where else do you see a diverse set of users being served by a single sensors’ platform? Do you see a pattern?
  8. 8. @WATERNOMICS_EU www.waternomics.eu8 …AND ANSWER Why not use the same?
  9. 9. @WATERNOMICS_EU www.waternomics.eu9 ONE PLATFORM FITS ALL •Serving diverse set of users •Serving a diverse set of needs •Integration with user management for easy targeting of apps •Categorization of apps for easy discovery •Home app for your most important information
  10. 10. @WATERNOMICS_EU www.waternomics.eu THERE IS ONE MORE THING! … and if all this is not enough… Since we have so diverse needs, why not empower users to build their own custom apps for their own needs?
  11. 11. @WATERNOMICS_EU www.waternomics.eu11 APP BUILDER •A tool that allows everyone to build their own applications with information they need. •It all works like a Lego structure! •We give you the bricks (components) •We give you a manual ( 3 steps process) •And you create your app! •And if you think other people will like it… you can share it with them!!!
  12. 12. @WATERNOMICS_EU www.waternomics.eu12 LOOK HOW SIMPLE IT IS… Step 1: Select a row layout Step 2: Select the components Step 3: Set-up details
  13. 13. @WATERNOMICS_EU www.waternomics.eu13 EXAMPLES Rainwater harvesting system Bathrooms check
  14. 14. @WATERNOMICS_EU www.waternomics.eu14 MORE EXAMPLES Home app Kitchen analysis
  15. 15. @WATERNOMICS_EU www.waternomics.eu15 BUT THERE IS EVEN MORE Comparisons app Alarms setup app
  16. 16. @WATERNOMICS_EU www.waternomics.eu16 AND NOT JUST GRAPHS… News app EPANET
  17. 17. @WATERNOMICS_EU www.waternomics.eu17 AND EVEN SILENT APPS •Drought monitoring •Fault Detection •Leak Detection
  18. 18. @WATERNOMICS_EU www.waternomics.eu CONTACT US FOR A DEMO If you want to “dive in” the platform… http://apps.waternomics.eu/waternomics
  19. 19. @WATERNOMICS_EU www.waternomics.eu THANK YOU Christos Kouroupetroglou kouroupetroglou@ultra4.eu http://apps.waternomics.eu/waternomics
  20. 20. @WATERNOMICS_EU www.waternomics.eu20 waternomics.eu @waternomics_eu
  21. 21. @WATERNOMICS_EU www.waternomics.eu21 This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 619660. waternomics.eu @waternomics_eu This project is member of and