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Personal project student intro

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MYP Personal Project Overview

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Personal project student intro

  1. 1. Carl Schurz High School MYP Personal Project Ms. Hawkins - Personal Project Coordinator Ms. Stefl – IB Coordinator
  2. 2. Agenda… - Yay, it’s a Personal Project Party! - Brief overview of the Personal Project - What are the major components? - How to use the process journal - Personal Project examples - Topic interest form - Next steps/timeline
  3. 3. “The Personal Project is an opportunity for students to develop their own strengths and discover new ones. It allows them to explore the extent to which they are developing the attributes of the IB Learner Profile and becoming lifelong learners, as described in the IB mission statement.” MYP Personal Project Guide
  4. 4. Personal Project Overview - It is a requirement of the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program (MYP). - It will be graded internally and externally - You will not be considered for the Diploma Program if you do not complete the project. - You will complete this project ON YOUR OWN. - It is a long-term project with the much of the work being done outside of class. (25 hours) - You can do this project on ANYTHING that you are interested in and excited about! - It should be connected to one of the Global Contexts. - You will receive a lot of help and guidance throughout this process! LOOK ON PAGE 3 OF GUIDE!
  5. 5. Assessment for the MYP personal project is criterion-related, based on four equally weighted assessment criteria. Criterion A Investigating Maximum 8 Criterion B Planning Maximum 8 Criterion C Taking action Maximum 8 Criterion D Reflecting Maximum 8 These are the same as all subjects across the new MYP as all criteria are out of 8, totaling 32. Grade breakdown 11-5 22 6-9 33 10-14 44 15-18 55 19-23 66 24-27 77 28-32
  6. 6. You must identify one of these Global Contexts to your Personal Project and establish relevance to your topic (why it matters) - Identities and relationships - Orientation of time and space - Personal and cultural expression - Scientific and technological innovation - Globalization and sustainability - Fairness and development LOOK ON PAGE 5 OF THE GUIDE
  7. 7. What do I need to turn in??? - The process journal – will be provided - The research report (1500-3500 words in length) - The product/presentation – video, art work, website, the “thing” you produced LOOK ON PAGES 4-5 OF YOUR GUIDE
  8. 8. Are you interested in training for a marathon, then you …
  9. 9. … could engage in many meaningful conversations with Mr. Vanderporten.
  10. 10. PROCESS JOURNAL You will use the process journal in your discussion with your advisory teacher AND specialist. Entries should be made approximately 2-3 times per week for at least a total of 30 entries overall by the completion of the project. It is a place for: •planning and brainstorming •recording interactions with sources (i.e. teachers, supervisors) •storing useful information – quotes, pictures, ideas, websites •exploring ideas, writing down questions •reflecting on learning It is not… •Written up after the process has been completed •Additional work on top of the project; it is part of the project •A static document with only one format LOOK ON PAGE 4 OF YOUR GUIDE
  11. 11. TOPIC: Children with Autism Global Context: Identities and relationships Research Question: What skills will students with Autism need in order to be prepared for life after high school? Product: Poster
  12. 12. TOPIC: Wedding planning Global Context: Personal and cultural expression Research Question: How does one successfully plan a wedding? Product: Two wedding look books
  13. 13. * TODAY! Topic interest form due Oct. 9th (History class) * Designated library dates (see project timeline) * Signature form due to Ms. Stefl by Oct. 1st (or sooner) * Personal Project info located in the “IB” section on the Schurz website: www.schurzhs.org LOOK AT PAGES 8-9 IN YOUR GUIDE