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Your Brilliant Career for U.C. Davis School of Law Presentation

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Negotiation basics for lawyers and law students

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Your Brilliant Career for U.C. Davis School of Law Presentation

  1. 1. Negotiating Your Brilliant Career
  2. 2. Most justice issues don’t fit in the bucket! DUTY BREACH CAUSE DAMAGE
  3. 3. We strip legal narratives of all “irrelevant” detail, suppressing particularity, nuance, and texture from dispute. We discount “feelings” of injustice as irrelevant to the dispute.
  4. 4. People don’t have legal problems, only lawyers have legal problems. People have people problems burdened with justice issues.
  5. 5. He’s forever robbing Peter to Pay Paul I want to be Paul
  6. 6. My son died of cancer in the middle of negotiating the resolution of this deal
  7. 7. The operating room is my church If I settle it will mean I killed her
  8. 8. {weeping}
  9. 9. We served in Saigon at the same time
  10. 10. No one gets a better deal
  11. 11. "The most powerful interests are basic human needs. If you can take care of such basic needs, you increase the chance both of reaching agreement and, if an agreement is reached, of the other side’s keeping to it..” Getting to Yes
  12. 12. Behind every accusation is a cry for help
  13. 13. • They’re not difficult, they are uninformed – Educate them about their true interests, consequences of their actions – Help them understand what is in their best interest – May have misunderstood or ignored a crucial piece of information From Bazerman & Malhotra, Negotiation Genius
  14. 14. They are not irrational; they have hidden constraints – Institutional – Precedential – Promises to others – Deadlines From Bazerman & Malhotra, Negotiation Genius
  15. 15. They’re not evil; they have hidden interests. – Personal (unrelated to you or deal) – Relational (related to you but not to deal, i.e., “face”) – Political, social, cultural From Bazerman & Malhotra, Negotiation Genius
  16. 16. “China would be reluctant to agree to sanctions that could seriously destabilize North Korea — such as cutting off oil permanently or for a significant period of time — because China’s primary concern is stability on its borders.” Why won’t China stop sending North Korea Oil?
  17. 17. • Libya and Iraq teach only WMD can deter U.S. threat • 28,000 troops in South Korea, and policy of first-use nuclear option is existential threat. • Kim’s leadership rooted in narrative of defense against an implacably hostile United States Why Won’t Kim Give Up NK’s Nuclear Ambitions?
  18. 18. Why Isn’t Your Firm Paying “Market”
  19. 19. Be curious Be authentic Network (make friends) Establish own reputation Mentor/sponsor Follow the power/money Prize opportunities that offer autonomy, mastery, purpose Be of service – it’s just about the only thing that matters Dress for Success, Professional Class