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  1. ALL-IN-ONE Todas las destrezas en «Our Advanced English Blog » Marisa de Dios Perrino Escuela Oficial de Idiomas de Valencia Blog de nivel avanzado de inglés
  2. Click here Click here Potenciar la capacidad de aprender haciendo Integrar tareas para el desarrollo de las competencias básicas. Desarrollar la competencia digital de los alumnos, principalmente inmigrantes digitales
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  5. Click here Recopilar el trabajo de los alumnos a modo de portfolio Nuestras producciones se recogen en el blog a modo de portfolio. Se puede acceder a nuestras publicaciones y también a nuestros comentarios a lo que nuestros compañeros publican. Este archivo facilita la evaluación continua y la observación de nuestro progreso.
  6. Click here Click here Click here DESARROLLO DE LA COMPETENCIA LINGÜÍSTICA En grupos redactamos una historia, ensayamos la dramatización, la grabamos y publicamos en el blog. Grabamos audios y videos con nuestra definición de una expresión para que los compañeros averiguen cuál es .
  7. Click here Click here Nuestra profesora nos prepara ejercicios de comprensión oral a partir de podcasts. Elaboramos ejercicios de comprensión oral para que otros compañeros los realicen. Colaboramos en redactar la transcripción del video
  8. Newspaper article:12-year-old Saudi girl in divorce battle with 80-year-old husband. tags: in the papers by Carles Peñarrocha Martínez Read the full article in Timesonline A 12-year-old girl married to a 80-year-old man wants to get divorced in Saudi Arabia. The father allowed her marriage in exchange for 85,000 riyals (£14,500). In Saudi Arabia there isn’t a minimum legal age to get married; but a draft law, which could forbid these kinds of marriage, is being studied. If this law was approved the minimum legal age could be between 16 and 18 years. The Human Rights Commission has paid a lawyer to defend the girl. There have  been other cases such as the rejection to annulate a marriage between an 8-year-old girl and a man in his forties or the successful divorce of a 10-year-old Click here COMPREHENSION EXERCISE: “How the Media influence children ” March 11, 2009 by alcasel Hi!  As agreed in class, it’s my turn to start the publishing of texts and preparing questions about it.  I am sure it will be a very good way of practising our reading and also keepting up to date with what is happening around us. This text is related to the topic we are delaing with in class, so I hope you like it. Read the text, think about it and answer the questions. Cheer up! 1. Are the media a useful tool for  children’s education? 2. Are the media a reliable reflection of life? 3. What is the main influence of the media on children? 4. Can  parents counteract the media’s influence? 5. What does Dr. Brown think about the media as sexual educators? 6. Now, II’d like your opinion about the text. Do you agree with the writer? Can the media influence the children so strongly? 7. Finally, which new words have you learnt? Make a list. Well done, classmates! Alba “  At an early age books, movies, television, and the Internet influence how our children think and act in a variety of ways. As children grow these media influences become even more powerful. The media influences on children is not always a good influence and parents need to counteract this influence by discussing and monitoring what their children are exposed to. The media often stereotypes people and races. Most children’s programming deals in absolutes reinforcing the idea that people are good or bad, stupid or smart and because of their inexperience children will latch onto stereotypes Click here Seleccionamos artículos de prensa para resumir. Los compañeros los leen y comentan en el blog . También elaboramos ejercicios de comprensión lectora para otros compañeros.
  9. Click here Click here DESARROLLO DE OTRAS COMPETENCIAS: TAREAS INTEGRADAS En grupos elaboramos pósters digitales. Primero nos ponemos de acuerdo en un personaje al que admiramos. Después investigamos en internet. Con esta información creamos textos, audios y videos que incluimos en nuestros pósters junto con otros enlaces, imágenes, videos etc. En este caso hablamos de Nelson Mandela y recitamos el poema «Invictus». También elaboramos pósters sobre las novelas en inglés que hemos leído. PÓSTERS DIGITALES
  10. FILM COLLOQUIUM I’d like to invite you all to make proposals for an afternoon out at the cinema and then a colloquium while having a drink in a cosy pub. How do you like it? I found a list of “must see” and though the titles are in Spanish I’m sure we can see them in English at Babel or Albatros. Please post your film preferences with the title that you’d give to the colloquium. Here is my list Click here Click here Click here FILM PROJECT En clase discutimos sobre qué película en inglés ver juntos y en el blog publicamos información relacionada. Por ejemplo, una alumna publica el video del tema principal de la película. Un alumno facilita el enlace al guión de la película en inglés. Un alumno propone films para elegír cuál ver juntos.
  11. Click here How was Gran Torino? September 20, 2009 by anramo I really enjoyed the movie!! Eastwood is fantastic in his role!! What I liked most was the dialogues with that touch of humour… specially when Mr. Kowalski is invited to a “party” next door, also when he goes to the barber’s with Thao to teach him how to behave like a man…and the scenes where Clint and Thao’s granny show their strong dislike for each other in their own languages. Gran Torino is a lovely and hard story of friendship, the car for me represents that “friendship”. I think, one of the things the story tries to show us is the stereotypes and prejudices people usually have towards what in unknown. I was touched by the ending, it seemed to be predictable but it wasn’t at all!! What do you think??? Ana jordi June 23, 2009 3:05 pm The film opens the door to think about a lot of things indeed such as the immigration, the increase of violence due to social outcasting, the loneliness, the generation gap, etc., but above all, in my opinion the film talks about the life and the death. The film begins and ends up in the same place, the church, and with the same kind of celebration and with the same priest talking about the life and the death. But I would like to talk about what the car suggest to me. Certainly it suggests a lot of things but I want to remark only the two next ideas:  For Walt.- The car represents the best moment of his life, happy in his work, and maybe happy and proud with his family. He is touching his 40s, his sons are still children and therefore still being appreciated by them.  For the time the car was built.- 1972 put the end of the most important period of economic growth at US which had been increasing since the end of II World War. In 1973 begins the Oil Crisis and the end of the “American Way of Life”, and just begins to happen the Japanese miracle (curiously Walt’s son works for a Japanese company) And that’s all folks. Click here Antes de ver la película elaboramos podcasts, a modo de programas de radio, en los que entrevistamos a los actores y al director, basándonos en la información recopilada. Tras ver la película, damos nuestra opinión en el blog
  12. Click here Hacemos una lluvia de ideas online, para decidir qué actividad hacer a partir de la película
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  14. Click here Click here Click here Relatos digitales Creamos audio-cuentos que el ordenador lee con la voz que elijamos: de niño, de mujer o de hombre.
  15. Click here Click here Click here Click here Y también video-historias animadas con nuestra propia voz o con voz artificial