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Catalign Quarterly December 2018

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Highlights and reflections by Vinay Dabholkar on his work as a catalyst in three areas (1) Design Thinking (2) Culture of innovation and (3) Mindfulness during October to December 2018.

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Catalign Quarterly December 2018

  1. 1. Catalign Quarterly Dec 2018 Highlights and reflections Vinay Dabholkar Catalign Innovation Consulting vinay@catalign.com www.catalign.in www.catalign.in 1
  2. 2. Focus Areas www.catalign.in 2 Design Thinking Culture of Innovation Mindfulness on the go
  3. 3. www.catalign.in 3 A talk on “8 steps to innovation” @ PayPal, Bangalore
  4. 4. www.catalign.in 4 Participants are selecting the challenge themes to take forward. True North portfolio companies represented varied sectors such as financial services, healthcare, infrastructure services, logistics etc. Design Thinking workshop at True North CDO/CTO Summit
  5. 5. Rapid prototyping class @ IIT Bombay www.catalign.in 5 It was a pleasure to teach at the Desai-Sethi Centre for Entrepreneurship at alma mater IIT Bombay for the third consecutive year. In this rapid prototyping class held at the Tinkerers’ Lab, students are giving shape to their ideas.
  6. 6. Design Thinking @ Evry Bangalore www.catalign.in 6 Ideation by walking around. Sometimes ideas coming from outside the team are better. Teams summarizing day-1. The way you frame the challenge is more important than the response.
  7. 7. Design Thinking at IIPM, Delhi www.catalign.in 7 Co-facilitated a 3-day Design Thinking workshop along with Prof. Ganesh Prabhu of IIMB for senior managers of Indian Oil Corporation at Indian Institute of Petroleum Management campus in Delhi. Here participants are doing field interviews. It was heartening to see that “listening” was one of the key takeaways for many participants.
  8. 8. Mindfulness on the go, Bangalore www.catalign.in 8 Learning to learn from the book of life. We explored metaphors from movies and scientific experiments.
  9. 9. Articles www.catalign.in 9 • 3 types of reflections and 3 leading questions • A sketch of Spinoza, the secular saint from “The courtier and the heretic” by Matthew Stewart • 2 reflection moments from Zoya Akhtar’s “Luck by chance” • What to do when boss says “Be more innovative”? • Confession of a fake guru: A soliloquy from “Tujhe aahe tujpashi”
  10. 10. Thank You www.catalign.in 10 vinay@catalign.com http://www.catalign.in/p/catalign-quarterly.html