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Question 5

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Question 5

  1. 1. Viet Pham Christ the King: Aquinas 13L4022 Question 5: How did you attract/address your audience?
  2. 2. My Models:  For my first model he is wearing a chequered top which connotes that he is a cool and calm guy. He may attract readers because of the fact that he is supposed to be a star for the double page spread and so the target audience may want to get an idea of what he looks like and how he dresses and so maybe interested in him.  For my second model, she does not show much in terms of what she is wearing but she may attract the readers’ attention because of her pure beauty as she hardly is wearing much make up and many of the male target audience like this in girls.  My third model may be of interest to fans because of his dress sense which many may like or get inspired by. His leather top indicates that he is up to date with how people in the target audience age group dress which shows there is some common similarities between the model and the target audience. He is also wearing some headphones which may also add to the fact that he has ‘style’.
  3. 3. Design  For my design, the music magazine is actually an indie type based music magazine. Therefore, I used colours which I associated with indie type music and also asked my peers and we generally came to the conclusion that indie based music generally connotes a peach colour and so I tried to make my background appropriate  In terms of my structure of my front page, contents and the double page spread, I made it conventional as to make it easier for the reader to read.  During my photo taking of the models I used natural light to bring out their clear features and so it would be more easier for the target audience to identify with the models.  Also by using little subheadings it allowed the target audience to understand which section they may want to read and so clearly highlights which section is which and what page they can find it on.  In addition by having the cover lines on the side and having celebrities that are indie based musicians, this would attract the reader because it’s an indie type based music magazine.
  4. 4. Language and font:  For my language, I used language in which is able to be understood by my target audience and so made it easily be read for everyone in the target audience.  When I was writing for the target audience, I made it as if it was actual conversation and so it may be seen as colloquial in one way or another.  For my writing I made the font ‘Myriad Pro’ which I believe is a font which is not too formal but also enables the target audience to be able to read the text. My masthead is done in ‘Myriad Pro’ and my double page spread is in ‘Caviar Dreams’. This is because I believe different designs for the title enables the reader to be attracted to the magazine and possibly make them more likely to read about the double page spread or the front page.  My contents page’s writing is generally in ‘Myriad Pro’ as I wanted to appeal to the reader and the font can also be easily read.