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VMCS14 REfreshingly Awesome Programs

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2014 VolunteerMatch Client Summit Breakout Session

As employee volunteer programs become standard at many companies, it's important to keep volunteers engaged long term by regularly revitalizing key efforts. Even the best programs need freshening up now and then!

Join us for a session all about creative ways to breathe life into programs (new and old). Tyler Butler from GoDaddy and Lauren Keeler from Apollo Education Group will share some of the innovative programs and best practices that have successfully engaged volunteers and kept them coming back.

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VMCS14 REfreshingly Awesome Programs

  1. 1. 2 Lessons from the Field REfreshingly Awesome Programs Speakers: Tyler Butler Director, Community Outreach GoDaddy Lauren Keeler Director, Community Engagement Apollo Education Group
  2. 2. Refreshingly Awesome Programs Tyler Butler, GoDaddy Lauren Keeler, Apollo Education Group
  3. 3. Apollo Education Group
  4. 4. What We’re About.
  5. 5. Key Programs. • Scholarship Selection Committees • Business Partner Engagement • CSR Champions • Rewards & Recognition
  6. 6. READING.
  7. 7. The Old Way. • One on one, weekly commitment. • One hour during the work day. • School near main office. • Lots of positives! • As the company shifted – we needed to.
  8. 8. Virtual Tutoring – a New World! • One on one, weekly commitment. • Read together for 30 minutes. • Students read through short stories and play learning games. • Plenty of resources.
  9. 9. What Makes it Different? • It’s virtual. • Volunteers don’t need to leave the office. • Shorter sessions. • More flexibility. • No face to face.
  10. 10. Benefits of the Change. • More engagement! • NEW volunteers! • Wider reach. • More in line with current company culture.
  11. 11. Shake it up! • Don’t be afraid to try something new. • Small changes make big impact. • Evaluate, evaluate, evaluate! • Is there a program you have that could be more successful with a refresh?
  12. 12. Making the Shift. • Think about a current program. – What’s working? What do people love? – What are the challenges? – What shifts could eliminate barriers? – What makes sense for our company? • Don’t be afraid to make changes. • Communicate honestly and effectively.
  13. 13. Questions?
  14. 14. For more information about the VolunteerMatch Client Summit: 29 solutions.volunteermatch.org/summit clientsummit@volunteermatch.org