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Lecture 8-internet

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Lecture 8-internet

  1. 1. The Role of the Internet andSocial Media in the IMC Program Dr. George Belch San Diego State University
  2. 2. Internet Communications Objectives Create Awareness GenerateStimulate Trial Interest ObjectivesCreate a Strong Disseminate Brand Information Create an Image ©
  3. 3. Under Armour Uses the Internet to LaunchThe New Prototype Campaign © 2007 McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc., McGraw-Hill/Irwin
  4. 4. Huggies Provides Valuable Information on Its Site
  5. 5. Levi’s Uses Its Web Site for Image Building
  6. 6. The Website ContactWeb Design Issues Commerce Connection Construction Communication Content Community Customization
  7. 7. Issues in Web Design and Customer Interface Context Content Site’s layout and design, Text, pictures, sound and video Look and Feel that webpages contain Commerce CommunitySite’s capabilities to enable The ways sites enable commercial transactions/ user-to-user communication scheduling Connection Customization Degree site is linked to Site’s ability to self-tailor to other sites different users or to allow users to personalize the site Communication The ways sites enable site-to-user communication or two-way communication
  8. 8. A Well Designed Web Site Good Overall ContextCommerceCommunicationConnections Content Customization
  9. 9. Internet Sales Objectives- E-commerceThe direct selling May be primary of goods and or secondaryservices through objective the Internet
  10. 10. E-Commerce on the Web E-Commerce Fast growth inRapid growth rates “downloadable” likely to continue purchases Both consumer and business-to-business
  11. 11. Amazon has become the leading online retailer
  12. 12. Integrating the Internet into an IMC Program Advertising Sales PromotionsThe Internet site should be Personal Sellingintegrated with: Public Relations Direct Marketing
  13. 13. Integrating the Internet – Advertising Web Ads – Cost Per Paid Search Impression Behavioral Paid Search/ Targeting Behavioral Targeting Internet Contextual Ads AdvertisingHas a Variety of Forms: Rich Media Additional Forms
  14. 14. Banner Ad and MSN.com Verizon Banner Ad Paid Search Ads
  15. 15. Internet Search Advertising• Search Engine Marketing – the entire set of techniques and strategies used to direct more visitors from search engines to marketing web sites• Paid Placement – Text only ads targeted to keyword search results on search engines through programs such as Google AdWords, Yahoo Search, or Microsoft Sites (MSN/Windows Live). Sometimes referred to as Paid Placement, Pay-per-click, Cost-per- click advertising
  16. 16. Search Engine Marketing• Behavioral Targeting – targeting online ads to consumers based on their Web searching behavior• Contextually Targeted Ads – Text ads targeted to the content of web pages using programs such as Google AdSense Placement of ads determined by content of the web page where they are shown• Organic Search Optimization – practice of using a range of techniques to improve how well a site or page gets listed in search engines for specific topics
  17. 17. Rich Media“A broad range of interactive digital media that exhibit dynamic motion, taking advantage ofenhanced sensory features such as video, audio, and animation.” Online Commercials Video on Demand Webisodes Other Forms
  18. 18. BMW was one of the first to use webisodes
  19. 19. Sales Promotions Are Common on Websites
  20. 20. Nike Uses the Internet for Public Relations ©
  21. 21. Direct Marketing and the Internet:Direct Mail (Email) Often used by catalogers Highly targeted Direct Mail (Email)Attempts to reach Relies onthose with specific email lists needs ©
  22. 22. Social Media• Online technologies and practices that people use to share content, opinions, insights, experiences, perspectives and media themselves.• Created, initiated, circulated and used by consumers intent on educating one another about products, brands, services, people and issues
  23. 23. The Social Media Landscape
  24. 24. Examples of Social Media• Social networking web sites (MySpace, Facebook, Twitter)• Creativity works sharing sites – Video (youtube), photos (Flickr), music (Jamendo)• User-sponsored blogs (Cnet.com)• Company sponsored blogs• Company sponsored cause/help sites• Business networking sites (Linkedin)• Collaborative websites (Wikipedia)• Commerce communities (ebay, Amazon)
  25. 25. Popular Social Media Sites on the Internet
  26. 26. Uses of Social Media in IMC Mix• Enables companies to talk to their customers• Way to engage customers (contests, online voting, online games, submit ideas• Enabling consumers to see others using a product• Provide information to customers• Enables customers to talk to one another as well as companies – Word-of-mouth• Support causes that are important to consumers• Excellent way to target specific types of consumers