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IBM Spotlight Session: Social Selling as a B2B Prospecting Tool

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  • Thanks for sharing. Outbound prospecting is so important for a more predictable sales process. We're currently using a sales prospecting tool called www.found.ly which grabs us the professional email address of our prospects in real-time, and also allows us to reach out to them using the internally built email automation tool. I'd be interested to hear if anyone else uses this system?
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IBM Spotlight Session: Social Selling as a B2B Prospecting Tool

  1. 1. Social Selling as aB-to-B Prospecting ToolB-to-B SymposiumOctober 16, 2012
  2. 2. Your Presenters from IBM Douglas Hannan Cheryl L. Mikovch Business Unit Executive Sr. Marketing Manager Inside Sales Marketing Inside Sales Marketing IBM North America IBM Worldwide @DouglasHannanUS @WhatSaidShe www.linkedin.com/in/douglashannan www.linkedin.com/in/cmikovch
  3. 3. Social networks have fundamentally changedthe way clients buy• Clients discover, read, share news and content on their own and on their terms• Being “at work” is now a state of mind and not a statement about where you’re located.• Clients are posting their needs, concerns, ideas at any time of the day or night….giving us the opportunity to listen and respond.• Clients benchmark best-in-class experiences and share opinions
  4. 4. IBM’s Client Buyer Preference researchmeasured Social Trends Over one-third have used social media Current Social to engage with their IT vendors. Media use with IT Vendor FACEBOOK 82% LINKEDIN 52% YES TWITTER 36% NO PODCASTS 15% 37% 63% STREAMING VIDEO 15% 6% Those >50 yrs. old are much less likely to have used social media (15%)Future Likelihood to use 36% 41% 23% Social Media in IT Purchase Process very likely not at all somewhat US Report 77% Source: IBM Marketing Insights Research 2011
  5. 5. IBM at a Glance 433K employees 170 countriesBusiness Segments include Services, Software, Hardware, Research and Financing
  6. 6. IBM Inside Sales purpose
  7. 7. Through inside sellers and the web weprovide end-to-end coverage for our clientsLead Development Rep Inside Client Rep Inside Brand Sales Specialist Opportunity identification and  Inside Client Reps  Inside Brand Sales Reps Lead progression focused,  Product sales specialists  Relationship Coverage Reps aligned Marketing Programs aligned by Brand and aligned by territory or account. Flexible resource with no Customer segment specific accounts or territory  Opportunity Identification  Transaction focused 55-60 Customer Calls per day  5 million calls per year  6 million calls per year Online Commerce Sales  Online Commerce Consultants and Brand Specialists  Extend efficiency & reach leveraging on-line tools  Decrease expense/increase revenue through ease of ordering; improve customer satisfaction; capture opportunity
  8. 8. IBM’s Challenge – Unlock the potential of Social Selling Clients -New ways to find and consume Information -Connect with Experts -Interact on their terms with trusted sources a new Sales-Driven Marketing Ecosystem has evolved Marketing Sales -Programmatic Approach -Add Personal Style -Repeatable Process -Authenticity of Voice -Professionally Crafted Message -Reach clients more easily -Maintain Brand Image -Skills Transformation
  9. 9. Social selling required a change in behaviorwith our Inside Sellers and a transformation ofthe seller-client relationship The Inside Seller of TODAY The Inside Seller of TODAY must be professional, well must be professional, well trained, high performing and trained, high performing and effective at using digital & effective at using digital & social selling capabilities social selling capabilities A multi-dimensional digital relationship leveraging digital & A two-dimensional social selling capabilities and phone- and email- Online Commerce solutions based relationship
  10. 10. Where we started: our strategy required a skillstransformation Beginner Creator Collaborator Social SellerEstablish a web presence Create personal brand. Two way collaboration Relevant leadership Be findable  Listen to the conversation  Uses chat and video  Clients contact you Easy to reach  Send messages  Adds value to  Constant mind-share Find new contacts  Understand customer networks using  Engaged earlier than trends and how IBM can microblogs, forums, competition help solve problems and Social groups mation r ansfor lling T So cial Se •
  11. 11. Digital contact tools are integrated into the B2B salesengagement model. Digital Contact Tools IBM Rep Page / Web Presence Text Chat Video Contact Module with Real-time collaboration Telephone Email Rep Driven Content Social Social Media and Media video embedded Marketing Content Over 1000 sellers use these tools
  12. 12. IBM Inside Sales capabilities are centeredaround enabling the client Digital Enable the client to engage Sales how and when they want Eminence Online Commerce Access to tools and people  Global procurement  Ease in contract and order management  Improved efficiency for clients Intelligent Listening Rep Page  Monitor and capture client Client Web Portal intent from Social Networks  Influence and develop Client Name Client Logo preference for IBM Response Management Content Mgt./ Publishing Tools  Campaign execution and follow-up  Ability to understand issues and match IBM products to client need Territory Management  Sales Coverage for clients  Establish new contacts  Drive transaction volumes Opportunity Management  Drive revenue growth New lead creation through increased coverage and reach Progress leads to wins Social networking Deep expertise in products and & Social Messages solutions Personalized eMail Campaigns
  13. 13. Participation in social networks improvesclient access to experts• Clients connect socially to tap into IBM expertise• Industry SMEs contribute to professional network groups, blogs, publish whitepapers, provide access to digital assets• Inside Sales Reps promote content to their clients and reach new prospects• Fostering social relationships yield new contacts, leads & sales – helping reach new markets “70% of aacustomer’s buying “70% of customer’s buying decision is now made based on decision is now made based on Sales Reps Prospects information he or she finds information he or she finds online, well before aasalesperson online, well before salesperson has aachance to get involved.” has chance to get involved.” SMEs Source: Sales 2.0 Conference, 2011 Source: Sales 2.0 Conference, 2011 Customers
  14. 14. Our Journey to launch an innovative socialselling program Measure, Socialize Our Track, Grow Culture Focus on Content Participate in Social Conversations Listening Identify & Learning Influencers
  15. 15. Social Selling is Less About Tweeting…and more about listening to what business issues individuals are talking about Market Place Listening Third Party Listening Engagement Opportunities
  16. 16. Why is social listening important to sales? Engagement Third-Party Opportunities  Identify Industry Influencers  Follow competitors  Listen to what is being  Follow prospects said  List to what is being  Identify trending topics said  Engage in many key LEADS  Help shape conversations conversations  Establish credibility  Real-time monitoring to  Build network intercept posts with  Improve Seller Findability expressed business need
  17. 17. Keyword combinations and recommended groupsbuild social presence and enable sellers to minemicroblogs for engagement opportunities LinkedIn Groups #Hashtag LinkedIn Groups Communities #Hashtag
  18. 18. 7-2-1 Rule guides seller social conversations,builds creditability and drives leadsBusiness / Industry Seller Rep Issue Page ry Busines s / Indust Issue / Business B u si n e ss / Industry Is sue s ueI ndustry Is Business / Industry s / Busines Business / Issue su e Industry Is Industry Is sue
  19. 19. Content is our focus. Quickly consumable,highly valuable Shift in investment from traditional tactics to more digital interactions Progress from telling what we have to offer, to providing content to engage Evolve from static presentations todynamic interactions
  20. 20. Content driven marketing is the force behindcustomers initiating sales conversations… Is your content socially ready? FAQs Whitepaper Article
  21. 21. We’ve armed sellers with a social editorial calendar• Calendar is maintained by marketing …executed by sellers• Sellers are in complete control – craft their own message – retweet a message – mention a post – select from digital asset content
  22. 22. Socializing our culture is key to changingbehavior… …and learning from peers is essential to adoption
  23. 23. More than 200 Seller testimonials from aroundthe globe validate the power of social “Connect with CIO via LinkedIn, yielding $500K win” “Linkedin to Rep Page “Utilizing my LinkedIn visit to $150K result” network! $1.8m result”
  24. 24. The Results…Sellers in 170 countries effectively using social to extend reach, build awareness and drive leads! 900+7 Sellers
  25. 25. Case study: Connecting one of IBM’s public cloud offeringsand specific social activities to our leads and revenue 15% l cia so to d e ut ib ttr sa in lwa nu An
  26. 26. Ask Yourself… DoesIs your sales content have Are Are you influencing the you capitalizing on your social teamexplosion a call-to-action? and leading your clients? socially connected? of data social provides?
  27. 27. Thank you!