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Brewing innovation in a saturated market

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Keurig Canada consumer insights analyst Eileen Chen shares how the company maintains its lead in the single-serve coffee market by leveraging customer relationships and giving customers products they truly desire.

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Brewing innovation in a saturated market

  1. 1. Webinar Series Brewing innovation in a saturated market Webinar Series
  2. 2. Christy Ransom Vice President, Customer Enablement Vision Critical Eileen Chen Consumer Insights Analyst Keurig Canada Meet our speakers
  3. 3. The landscape Uncovering new areas of growth
  4. 4. Challenges A market quickly becoming saturated Need to innovate faster without cannibalizing market Battle for shelf space
  5. 5. Strategy: Identify new white space opportunities 1 2 3 The complex and evolving purchasing journey The competitive landscape The preferences, attitudes, and motivations of coffee fanatics In a market that’s becoming more saturated, we need to understand:
  6. 6. The Keurig Coffee Insiders Community
  7. 7. Why an insight community? ● Fast and agile ● Ongoing insight throughout the innovation cycle ● Targeted segmentation ● Build an ongoing relationship ● Iterate and get product feedback on demand
  8. 8. Concept testing Is there interest in this product at this price? Accelerating every part of the innovation pipeline Packaging How do we optimize packaging? Distribution Does this product fit with the retailer in mind? Ideation What accessories should we make?
  9. 9. Iterative product development White Space - Syndicated data shows market for milk-based beverages are growing. Can we validate it? Concept testing - Is there an interest? What color should it be? Packaging - How do we optimize packaging? Product improvement - How do we improve the product? Are they using Keurig K-Cup pods? LAUNCH 1 2 3 4
  10. 10. Go-to-market ● Tests product ideas and flavors for specific retailers ● Delivers data-driven recommendations to retail partners ● Helps close deals faster and improves partnerships
  11. 11. Measuring success Validates white space opportunity Influences product and go-to-market strategy 3 weeks accelerated product launch timelines $831,000 saved in research costs
  12. 12. Our insight community is an exceptional tool to get a quick, reliable and extremely helpful reading of our customers and prospects on new product ideas and packaging design. The community helps Keurig become more consumer centric, develop best-in-class products and maximize in-market performance. Brand Management Director Keurig Canada Stéphane Renauld
  13. 13. Be a key strategic partner to your stakeholders Challenge assumptions with insight Use tools that can keep up with the speed of product development Share insight with your customers, retail partners and stakeholders Iterate with relevant segments of your customers Key takeaways 1 2 3 4 5
  14. 14. Q&A Eileen Chen Consumer Insights Analyst Keurig Canada