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Viralheat 2013 Holiday shopping Infographic

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We measured the sentiment of the top businesses and presents for the 2013 holiday season.

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Viralheat 2013 Holiday shopping Infographic

  1. 1. THE BEST TIME AND PLACE TO HOLIDAY SHOP ACCORDING TO SOCIAL MEDIA Thanksgiving Break Shopping :2 3 2 WALMART g X TARGET :0 Z 1 MAcYs E 8 AMAZON I- E E EBAY 3 ' ‘STORE MENTIONS F PER DAY 9 11.25 11.27 11.28 11.29 11.30 12.1 Christmas Rush Shopping a: S 1 WALMART g j TARGET Z Z MACYS 8 AMAZON g EBAY N x .9. as 12.21 12.22 12.23 12.24 12.25 12.26 Retail vs E tail BREAKING DOWN HOW CONSUMERS REALLY FEEL DURING HOLIDAY SHOPPING I Walmart 3 < 3111320" I ' _/7 TOP TWEET ’ MENTIONS TOP TWEET ’ MENTIONS ‘before the year ends I feel It ‘Save More Than 90% of Your 1,1 is my duty to retake that picture Purchases From Amazon of me Inside that refrigerator TOP INFLUENCER goo. g|_/ fl2MJ2 #amazon TOP INFLUENCER in Walmart just chillin‘'' @| (EV| N|-| AR‘| '4|: |EA| _ #blackfriday #discounts. .." @0NED| flEc'| '|0N @cA| v|| |3cA3ELLog7 9.4 MILLION FOLLOWERS SENTIMENT Q TARGET TOP TWEET ’ MENTIONS ‘Pick up any Nintendo 3DS XL hardware. including Zelda 3DS XL. for only $149.99 at TOP INFLUENCER @Target from 11:28» 11/30!" @cNNBR| ( @N| N1'EN| ]oAMER| cA 14.7 MILLION FOLLOWERS SENTIMENT tmocys TOP TWEET ’ MENTIONS ‘RT If you saw #Blackfish 8. know #CaptrvityKl| s! SHAME ON @Macys for having a @SeaWorld TOP INFLUENCER float in #MacysParade! " @'| '|-| EE| _|_ENs| -|0w @PETA 23.9 MILLION FOLLOWERS SENTIMENT NICE 37% @(; A‘| 'E(; An(; E1 16 MILLION FOLLOWERS SENTIMENT ebav TOP TWEET ’ MENTIONS ‘In 2009, a 10—year—old named Zoe Pemberton tried to sell her grandparents on eBay — She TOP IMPACT was banned after bids went up @| (|-| LOE| (ARDAs| -HAN to Over $20000." 8.5 MILLION FOLLOWERS CDUBERFACTS TOP VOLUME @EBAYRT SENTIMENT 10.4 THOUSAND FOLLOWERS 2013 Is THE FIRST YEAR OF GRAY THURSDAY GRAY THURSDAY Is THE NEW BLACK FRIDAY ‘BASED OFF IIIENTIONS ON SOCIAL MEDIA. A MENTION IS ANY TIME SOMEONE MENTIONS A SPECIFIC WORD OR PHRASE WHEN POSTING SOCIAL MEDIA. DATA PULLED11.-‘26 » 12c‘2G Where are the shoppers? TOP TALKED ABOUT STORES. amazon _; I 1,136,505 MENT| ONS* FIRST PLACE viralheat ‘BETWEEN 11/26 -12/28 www. vira| heat. com