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Athena IT solutions_brochure

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Athena ERP provides colleges and universities with ERP system to automate their working. Athena IT solutions provides complete computer services to the college ranging from cloud infrastructure to regulated internet access.

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Athena IT solutions_brochure

  1. 1. AthenaUNIVERSITY IT SOLUTIONS Complete IT solutions for your institute http://athenaERP.webdweb.com/ WebDweb Systems Tel +91-9811534568 D-2/191, Sector-11, Rohini, New Delhi-85 http://www.webdweb.com info@webdweb.com
  2. 2. Table of Contents Contents Student Information Management________________________________________________ 1 Resource Management________________________________________________________ 2 User Email and Web pages, LDAP directory _______________________________________ 3 Cloud Computing ____________________________________________________________ 4 Internet Access Control________________________________________________________ 5 IT Infrastructure – Suited to your needs ___________________________________________ 6 Support ____________________________________________________________________ 7 About WebDweb Systems _____________________________________________________ 8 Introduction Athena University IT solutions provides complete IT solutions tailored for educational institutes. Increasing globalization, rapidly evolving technology and new virtualized ways of working are changing the IT landscape. For enterprises to become “next generation”, enterprises must use IT to deliver on four value levers: efficiency, effectiveness, virtualization and innovation. We provide advanced IT infrastructure coupled with enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. The salient features of the package are 1. Implement round the clock computing and networking facilities 2. Implement and maintain system and application software. 3. Maintain website for the institute and facilitate faculty web pages. 4. Provide and maintain centralized user directory for systems to authenticate users. 5. Provide software repository of free and open source softwares. 6. Provide an easy to use cloud computing facility for high performance computing and cloud solutions for research. 7. Maintain controlled internet access in the institute.
  3. 3. 01 Student Information Management Student Information Management Fast and reliable data maintenance The student data is the heart of any learning management solution. A central LDAP server is one of the most efficient way of maintaining student’s data. This server can be used by all internal services for authentication and management. Regular backup at several levels is implemented to ensure security and integrity of the system. The power of Moodle The student information system is managed by the power of Moodle. Moodle is an enormously versatile system for course and learning management. The strong codebase of Moodle makes it the best candidate to be used for any learning management system. E-Learning Once setup, the institute shall have a web portal where you can 1. Import Students from SQL servers, Excel files or other learning systems 2. Easy to use Student enrollment interface which can be tailored for particular admission process. 3. Define type of exams and their respective contribution to calculating the annual or semester wise mark sheet of the students. 4. Automate the process of creating certificates and transcripts for students. 5. Application center allows the students to create and submit various applications directly through the web ERP system. 6. Professors can track class records, give and evaluate assignments directly through web interface. 7. Multi-disciplinary projects can be easily coordinated from the project management system in the ERP system. This helps both research students to coordinate with their supervisors from a single project page. “Making the user experience easier and happier is our top priority while designing the system”
  4. 4. 02 Resource Management Resource Management Library Management Library management system is integrated into the main ERP system used to track items borrowed, orders made, bills paid. The user list is fetched from the central college users list while the financial transactions for procurements and orders integrate into the financial management module. Tracking and shelving books and items is made easier with an easy to use web interface. Transportation Use our system for fleet maintenance and maintaining student transport services. Android + GPS based vehicle tracking system allows you to access the location of college vehicles in real-time on the web system. Finance Module Finance module is built to handle all kind of financial transactions of the institute. It is used for all Enterprise and resource planning of the institute. All orders and procurements made in the institute can be recorded and saved in the system. Specific privileges can be set to access particular levels and sectors of transactions records. Some salient benefits of this module: 1. Online payment of fees by students 2. One-stop location for all dues, fees and payment records of all kinds.
  5. 5. 03 User Email and Web pages, LDAP directory User Email and Web pages, LDAP directory LDAP Directory LDAP directory hosted on the central server providing authentication for the college ERP users at various levels. A global authentication system for using all college resources including email and event logging. Email Institute students, faculty and staff will have unique email ids on the college domain so that they can use it for regular emailing purposes. College email ids is also important for authentication of college at various places. It helps students avail benefits from various websites and provide them an identity from the college. User Web pages Students and faculty can create user web pages from their home directories in the SSH server. Their webpages can be accessed from the internet as http://your-domain.tld/~user_id. Institute web admin can control privileges from the web portal for creating user web pages. Users need to be instructed to use this facility with care so that no copyright material can be hosted from the college servers. Software Distribution We can provide a central software repository for the students so that they can download free and open source software services from the internal server itself. College administration can also set up provision for licensed softwares such as MATLAB and Microsoft Dreamspark softwares on the college intranet. This shall enable students to use paid softwares at no price for academic use.
  6. 6. 04 Cloud Computing Cloud Computing Academic Cloud An academic institution (university) can benefit significantly from cloud infrastructure to for its IT, research, and teaching requirements. A cloud provides for high performance computing, networking research and simulation. The academic cloud is designed considering the specific requirements of a research based academic environment where the request patterns and infrastructure are quite different from commercial settings. We provide design and set up of a cloud server with easy management form a web based interface. Faculty shall be able to apply for cloud servers from the web portal. The institute web administration can control access and approve instance requests made by the users. The web portal will have provision for: 1. Requesting cloud instance for specific OS 2. Creating backup snapshots 3. Specifying the run-level for instances. 4. Admin can approve or deny instance requests made by the users. 5. Admin can set run-level for running instance. 6. Admin can create bulk or individual backup for instances. Easy Workflow While designing the interface, we are especially concerned with making the interface easy to access and operate. While the commercial cloud services providers have interface made for developers and IT professionals, we need to cater to the needs of a user base from varied departments, Ph.D. students and faculty. That’s why, the interface is reduced to a simple two- step process. 1. Request a new instance. An email is sent on approval along with host, port and user credentials. 2. Connect to the machine through SSH or VNC and start using. Easy Costing A typical cloud set up requires that the users be charged according to their usage of the infrastructure. You can set up custom charges for using the system based on storage, CPU and memory per instance per unit time. The web interface is built for managing costs for the users. Users should be instructed to use cloud servers responsibly. The cost is calculated based on the run-level of the instance. We can also set up amazon instances as your cloud servers if you require.
  7. 7. 05 Internet Access Control Internet Access Control Internet access from within the college Proxy server Internet access can be given to the institute intranet users from a proxy server. This can help regulate the internet usage within the institute. A regulated internet access ensures judicial use and optimum performance. Custom firewalls can be set up for access filtering. The user authentication for the network can be set up using the use central authentication. Internet Usage Reports This module allows the admin and privileged users to access and view graphs of the internet usage within the college. You can view graphs for number of internet users and also the traffic flow at various times of the day. Maintaining Usage logs Internet service providers in India are required to maintain records of internet usage for a minimum period of three months. We have set up a system for maintaining log of all internet access through the proxy servers. All internet access must be authenticated and attributed to the end users. However, this record is kept in raw state for privacy reasons and is to be used only with appropriate reasons.
  8. 8. 06 IT Infrastructure – Suited to your needs IT Infrastructure – Suited to your needs Our Development Stage Our product is still under active development and we shall be delighted to provide you with system customized to your needs and requirements. Custom Registration System We have kept our registration and enrollment process open for customization and editing because of varied process across colleges. We shall develop this system based on your registration process and need. We shall help you convert most of the offline procedures into online fully authenticated systems. This will naturally make the system faster and transparent. Modules and Packages The requirements of an ERP system and IT services varies from colleges to colleges and therefore we have organized our product in terms of modules. Choose the modules that you require and add new modules whenever you want. For example, you may want to start with just Student Information and Resource systems. After few months, you may have cloud computing as well. You will be billed only for the packages you use. Course Enrollment User Email Cloud Services IMAP, SMTP servers Library System Faculty Pages Transport Manage ment Moodle Power
  9. 9. 07 Support Support We shall make sure that all your issues and difficulties shall be handled as soon as possible. With the continuous upgrades, your systems shall be automatically monitored for any errors and new security updates shall automatically be installed. This will make sure that any errors or bugs are dealt with as early as possible. Call during business hours You can call anytime for any clarifications or usage questions to our support numbers during business hours. 24X7 email support We make sure that all your problems are redressed. Drop a mail at athenasupport@webdweb.com for any questions or help.
  10. 10. 08 About WebDweb Systems About WebDweb Systems We strive to create and deliver the best IT solutions to business enterprises. We have been providing web solutions to clients while creating our own products for the web. We use the latest available technology or make our own to deliver the best. ReportBubble: http://reportbubble.com Launched in July 2013. ReportBubble is an online business intelligence and analytics tool for creating reports sourced from data servers. We have also bundled it in custom packages providing dynamic links for report download which can be directly used as plugins on existing websites as well. Iterative development procedure based on user follow-up is to be started for making the product more useful for the intended users. Online test taking module with instant evaluation: AGE Assessment is a project by ANTZ AGE Technologies Private Limited. It is a methodology for assessment of the employability of the students and a platform for corporate to customize their recruitment need. AGE facilitates corporate for better employee intake. It includes mapping of the employability score of the student with the corporate requirement for a validated compliance score of the student in a particular organization. WebDweb Systems D-2/191, Sector-11, Rohini, New Delhi-85 Tel +91-9811534568 Email info@webdweb.com http://www.webdweb.com