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Promotion decision ppt

  1. 2013 Vincent Konadu Tawiah Seminar Presentation on PROMOTION DECISIONS
  2. INTRODUCTION Promotion also know as marketing communications are the means by which firms attempt to inform, persuade, and remind consumers directly or indirectly about the products and brands they sell. Is one of the 4Ps or 7Ps of marketing mix as the case may be.
  3. PROMOTION MIX According to Kotler& Kevin Keller there are eight modes of communication  Advertising  Sales promotion  Events and experience  Public relations and publicity  Direct marketing  Interactive marketing  Word of mouth marketing  Personal selling
  4. For simplicity and easy analysis the elements has been grouped into five  Advertising  Personal selling  Sales promotion  Publicity  Direct marketing
  5. ADVERTISING  Any paid form of non personal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods and services by identified sponsor.  TV ad  Radio ad  Online ad  Billboards  Flyers
  6. PERSONAL SELLING Face to face interaction with one or more prospective purchasers for the purpose of making presentation and answering questions Person to person Sales meeting Sales presentations
  7. SALES PROMOTION A variety of short-term incentives to encourage trial or purchase of product or service for a specific time Seasonal discount Reduction sales Samples Premiums and gifts Contests games
  8. PUBLICITY Programs designed to promote or protect a company’s image or its individual products Press conference Speeches Publication Seminars Annual reports
  9. DIRECT MARKETING Communicating directly with and soliciting response or dialogue from specific customers and prospects Mailings Telemarketing Fax mail Voice mails
  10. SELECTING A PROMOTION MIX  Internal factors: Organizational goals, mission, vision etc example increasing market share.  Available resource
  11. MACRO ENVIRONMENT • Demographic e.g. age mix, gender social status • Socio-cultural e.g. beliefs, customs and religion • Technology e.g. pace of change in the media • Legal and political e.g. available laws • Economic
  12. OTHER MARKETING MIX  Product: type and product life cycle  Place the distribution channel e.g. manufacturer to consumer or manufacturer to intermediary to consumers  Pricing: penetrating or skimming
  13. DECISION PROCESS  Identify the target audience: loyal, current, prospective, deciders or influencers groups or ind.  Determine objective: awareness or instructions  Design communications: message, creative, source  Select channels: personal or non personal  Establish budget: cost benefit analysis.  Decide on media mix: TV, Radio, Press  Measure results
  14. THE DEBATE In the wake of TV decoders with many channels does TV adverts still sells.

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  1. Marketing Mix is a combination of marketing tools that a company uses to satisfy their target customers, and achieving organizational goals