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Vinay's Resume

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Vinay's Resume

  1. 1. YADA VINAY KUMAR Flat # G3, Satyaprasad Enclave, Bachupally, MOBILE: + 91 – 9542711313 Qutbullapur, Hyderabad, Telangana, INDIA. MAIL:yadavinaykumar@drreddys.com vinaykumaraug28@gmail.com OBJECTIVE: Seeking a challenging career in a progressive organization, which utilizes my skills and capabilities and assists me in building up my career and the organization. PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY:  5+ year experience in Quality Assurance of oral solid Dosage forms for regulated markets (US, EU, TGA,Emerging markets)  Review of Critical and Major Quality Impacting Incidents at Site Level(Site Investigation Team)  Handling of Product Health Management-Investigation of OOS and OOTs.  Exposure with regulatory audits (USFDA, MHRA, ANVISA, TGA, MCC, MOH .)  Monitoring and ensuring of GMP in all unit operations (IPQA).  Preparation and review of APQR  Audits and compliance.  Preparation and review of investigation reports associated with incidents/events.  GAP Analysis  Recipe handling. (Automation of all critical process’ by reducing manual intervention) PROFESSIONAL POSITIONS: Assistant Manager at Dr. Reddy' s Laboratories (FTO Unit 3), Bachupally, Hyderabad. (2 years' experience)  Handling of Automation of all critical production activities.  Recipe management.  Preparation and review of investigation reports for Quality Impacting incidents and OOS/OOT results  Proposing CAPA and verification of CAPA effectiveness.  Preparation and review of APQR.
  2. 2.  Expertise in all kinds of Blend sampling techniques.(CU Normal, CU Manual Compaction,CU vertical)  Driving of Change control process for automation of the existing manual operations. Officer at Mylan Labotaories Ltd., Nasik ( 06 months experience)  Monitoring and ensuring of all IPQA activities.  Batch Record review .  Coordinating with validation team for execution of validation batches.  Review of documents for calibration, log books. Executive at Arvind Remedies , Chennai (2 years experience)  APQR preparation and review.  Review of Batch manufacturing records.  Performing all Inprocess Activities.  Ensuring GMP on shopfloor.  To monitor and conduct the training activities on c-GMP, and on new procedures as well as revised procedures, etc. EDUCATIONAL CREDENTIALS  Masters in Pharmacy, Pharmaceutics 2011, First Class with Distinction, Vel's University, Chennai.  Bachelors in Pharmacy, 2009, First Division, HITS College of Pharmacy, Hyderabad. TECHNICAL SKILLS  Well versed with MS Office and SAP (Production Module) KEY PERSONAL ATTRIBUTES  Highly energetic with good learning ability and execution skills  Proactive approach towards understanding work & execution as per plan  Good communication skills both written and verbal  Well versed with MS office.
  3. 3. PERSONAL DETAILS: Father’s Name : Yada Kishan Mother's Name: Padma Date of Birth : 28h August,1987 Sex : Male Marital Status : Married Languages Known: English, Hindi , Telugu and Tamil. I hereby declare that all the information provided by me in this application is factual and correct tothe best of my knowledge and belief. Yada Vinay Kumar