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Egypt short research assignment

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Egypt short research assignment

  1. 1. Egypt Research Assignment Having watched a video today that spoke quite a bit about Ancient Egypt, I would like for you to create a papyrus scroll that gives a two- paragraph biography of a pharaoh from ancient Egypt. Please include information about when the pharaoh was alive, how long did they rule for, were they known as a good leader or a scary one! This is again a research assignment, so please remember our rules on plagiarism! Please be sure to check your spelling and grammar before turning in your final copy. Don’t forget to include your sources!Please be as creative as possible for this assignment and pleasebe sure to decorate your papyrus in a manner that is fitting forroyalty! Include hand-drawn pictures of items from AncientEgypt that would have been around when the pharaoh you havechosen had lived.. If you wish to choose someone that you canalso use in your Africa ABC book, that would be perfectlyacceptable.