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Ruchkar solapur pitch deck

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This is pitch deck for Ruchkar Solapur Pvt. Ltd. ( https://RuchkarSolapur.com ) which is brining home kitchens, self help groups and farmers online to connect directly with city based consumers, has got potential of 2 - 4 billion INR revenue in next 5 years.

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Ruchkar solapur pitch deck

  1. 1. Order Home Cooked food and organic farm produce from your district; eat healthy & live healthy Welcome Ruchkar Solapur https://RuchkarSolapur.com
  2. 2. Problem India has become world capital of B.P., Diabetes, Obesity, Cancer, Cardiovascular disease because of wrong eating habits and wrong lifestyle People are eating adulterated, unhygienic, stale restaurant food chemical ridden farm produce as well in India. Aging population, nuclear families, students, working single person needs good quality meals, ready to eat food products and chemical free farm produce Homemaker, Self Help Groups ( SHG ) with great cooking skills need market to make continuous income Farmers need market and better price for their farm produce without any middle men who make most of the profit at present
  3. 3. Solution Consumers Ruchkar Solapur Farmers SHG Home Makers
  4. 4. Market Validation & Size 10,00,000 10% middle class population in next 5 years Solapur City Population 100,000
  5. 5. Product Select Product Find Nearby Kitchen Contact To Place Order
  6. 6. Business Model We take 10% on each transaction 100,000 REVENUE Projected By 2025 2K - 4K INR per order 2.4 - 4.8 billion INR ( 35 - 70 million USD ) per year Average order size per month Monthly orders on Ruchkar Solapur
  7. 7. Financial We’re looking for 36 - 48 months financing; to reach 10,000 orders / month through Ruchkar Solapur in next 6 - 12 months 0.5 - 1.0 Million USD SEED ROUND OPPORTUNITY 180 - 360 million INR ( 2.5 - 5.0 million USD ) REVENUE POST 12 MONTHS
  8. 8. How $$$$$ will be spent ? Building Supply Chain Management - Procuring farm produce from farmers - Cleaning & Packaging - Storage Facility ( Cold, Dry ) - Procuring food items ( non-perishable ) from producers Specialized Ready to consume Products - Jawar ( type of millet grown in abundance ) - Pomegranate & Grapes ( grown in abundance in district ) Delivery System - Demand based delivery - Weekly fixed time delivery across city Marketing - Local Newspaper advertisement - Hoarding in city - Event sponsoring - Digital Marketing Team to handle SCM, Sales & Marketing, Customer Care, IT - Hiring talented individuals to manage workflows Software Version 2.0 - Full fledged software solutions
  9. 9. Marketing
  10. 10. Team Vikram Ingleshwar ( https://in.linkedin.com/in/vikramvingleshwar ) Has 16 years of IT experience and have worked with 3 successful startups ( 2 in Germany and 1 in India ) Annapurna Ingleshwar ( https://in.linkedin.com/in/annapurna-thalange-b1a33382 ) Dietician by profession, believes in right food is the only answer to avoid & cure diseases; not the chemical ridden medicines Plus awesome team of 40+ ladies who believe they can change the world for good
  11. 11. 1+ year Progress Report Within short time, we've reached nearly 800-900 consumers and sold food items worth 90K - 100K INR range. Food items sold with 30 - 45% profit margin MAU users are increase by 10 - 15% every month It's has brought positive changes in life of hundred of women who wish to improve their and family's economic status https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/1-year-ruchkar-solapur-progress-report-vikram-v -ingleshwar?articleId=6613298770618662912