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Vfm strategic benefits from caching

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Vfm strategic benefits from caching

  1. 1. Strategic benefits from Caching inSecure Web Gateway Investment VFM Systems & Services (P) Ltd.
  2. 2. Starting on a lighter note…
  3. 3. Broad Objective of Web Access today Provide liberal Web 2.0 Internet Access to Users with a good user experience while, Ensuring security from malware, virus and similar Web threats and, Ensuring the security of Business confidential information against leakage - All of the above at Costs that are predictable and optimal
  4. 4. Secure Web Access - Components • Protection from The Dynamic Malware, Outside - In Threats Viruses etc. • Protection from The Inside- Loss of Confidential Out Information to the Threats Internet • Deliver a fast browsing Great User experience to the Experience users • At predictable costs to the business
  5. 5. Liberal Internet Access Policy and No caching Result: • Dissatisfied Users • Higher Annual Bandwidth Costs Poor response times No caching=> Higher Demand for bandwidth Higher Internet usage from user community Liberal Internet Use Policy
  6. 6. Liberal Internet Access Policy and Good caching Result: • Satisfied Users • Controlled and Stable Annual Bandwidth Costs Faster response times 30 % Caching – Same or Reduced bandwidth Higher Internet usage from user community Liberal Internet Use Policy
  7. 7. Bandwidth Cost Paradox Unit Cost per Mbps of Bandwidth is coming down Total Budgetary Outlay for Bandwidth has gone up What matters to the business is the Overall money spent on Bandwidth – year after year.
  8. 8. Cost Savings with a Good Caching & BandwidthManagement Savings in 5 Years Average through Annual caching: Average expenditure 112L Cache Ratio: on Bandwidth 30% 75 L
  9. 9. Caching delivers great User Experience • Performance for 2nd request 5X onwards for a web object • Benefits all users • Performance for 1st request for web object 2X • Benefits the first user requesting the web resource
  10. 10. Video Content consumption is on the Increase Estimated proportion of 90% Video Content consumption: 2012- 2014 Current estimate of the proportion of Video out 25 - of total Internet content Consumption 30%
  11. 11. Video Content is… Bandwidth Video consumes Heavy higher bandwidth Usability of the Latency video is sensitive to Sensitive latency – Jittery to Users video is unusable
  12. 12. Look for Cache that can do Media Stream Splitting &Caching Great User • Faster Videos experience • No jitter Less • User sensitivity to poor Video complaints rendering is high from Users Control on IT • While delivering good user experience • At great bandwidth gains and lower Budgets bandwidth costs
  13. 13. Closing Thoughts  Web 2.0 makes the Internet a rich interactive application platform with two way content a reality, increasing the chance of malware infection  HTTP/S replaces SMTP as the new primary threat vector. Email now delivers pointers to MMC/malware infected websites  Email/web reputations scores are for the obvious. Professionals use reputable/trusted sites to deliver malware  Selective Scanning migrates to a “Scan Everything” policy, a site is only as good as its last transaction  Blocking impedes business value of Web 2.0 applications. SWGs need threat protection layers and acceleration  Good caching not only provides hard savings through Bandwidth gains but also helps in giving a fast and great Internet experience to users  Video content consumption is on the increase and media stream splitting and caching provides good user experience while reining in potential bandwidth increase costs
  14. 14. For your attention and time.Questions?Write to : solutions@vfmindia.bizResponse Guaranteed