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The Key to Supporting Grant Partners

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Your grant partners' results are your results, too - so it's in your best interest to support your grant partners to improve your social impact. Wendy Watson-Hallowell of The Rensselaerville Institute and Burt Cummings of Versaic offer specific ways you can partner with grantees and grantmakers to work together toward impact.

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The Key to Supporting Grant Partners

  1. 1. The Key to Supporting Your Grant Partners #socialimpact Exploring how communication, engagement, results and a focus on impact helps grant partners succeed.
  2. 2. Wendy Watson-Hallowell Executive Director, Results Consulting, The Rensselaerville Institute Burt Cummings CEO, Versaic #socialimpact Blog Series Authored by:
  3. 3. According to a recent report* by the Center for Effective Philanthropy… 97% *Source: The Center for Effective Philanthropy, Assessing to Achieve High Performance: What Nonprofits Are Doing and How Foundations Can Help (2015). #socialimpact of nonprofit leaders are required to report data on their organization’s performance. 64% of nonprofits feel they don’t receive enough support from their funders.
  4. 4. So how can grant partners more effectively support each other and increase impact? #socialimpact
  5. 5. “It’s a true partnership, enabled by the right supporting system. It’s an investment in not only managing your programs more effectively, but also an investment in your grant partners’ potential and your overall impact.” Engage, Support, Partner Burt Cummings CEO, Versaic
  6. 6. #socialimpact Burt Cummings CEO, Versaic The Right System “We’ve heard from many of our clients, Starwood included, that the Versaic system not only helps them better manage their programs, but it also helps them more effectively engage with their grantee partners.”
  7. 7. •  Ask the right questions! Collect all the data you need in a single system. •  If it’s in one place, data can easily be tracked, managed and reported on. •  Use data trends to analyze and improve overall impact. •  Prove your value with results and outcomes. The Power of Data #socialimpact
  8. 8. Don’t use results in a punitive way! “If a partner doesn’t achieve a projected result, take the time to understand why – what happened, what could we do differently, how can we learn from this for next time? Their results are your results, so it’s in your interest to help them succeed.” Shift Your Mindset Wendy Watson-Hallowell Executive Director, Results Consulting, The Rensselaerville Institute #socialimpact
  9. 9. What specific changes in behavior or condition do you want to see? Who specifically do you want to serve? How will these results fit in with your overall impact (your goals)? Clarify Your Results #socialimpact
  10. 10. “Your dollars will go further if you can support one organization working with multiple nonprofits with similar focus areas… you increase the opportunity for impact.” Support an Affinity Group Wendy Watson-Hallowell Executive Director, Results Consulting, The Rensselaerville Institute #socialimpact
  11. 11. “Being able to support your nonprofit partners in building their capacity means they can strategically look at their programs, the results they are achieving and the transition to becoming impact-focused.” Provide Capacity-Building $$$ #socialimpact Wendy Watson-Hallowell Executive Director, Results Consulting, The Rensselaerville Institute
  12. 12. To learn more about an effective grant partnership, read the blogs: How Can You Better Support Your Grant Partners? By Burt Cummings, CEO, Versaic Support Your Grant Partners by Focusing on Impact By Wendy Watson-Hallowell, Executive Director, Results Consulting, The Rensselaerville Institute For more information, please call 650-212-7424 or visit www.versaic.com #socialimpact