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Check emails & respond
to clients. Field a couple
of urgent requests
Every client is matched with a
dedicated Client...
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Day In The Life of a Versaic Client Success Manager

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While we’re very proud of our incredibly flexible product, we’re perhaps most well known for our Client Success team at Versaic. Every day, our Client Success Managers help clients transform the way they manage their philanthropy programs.

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Day In The Life of a Versaic Client Success Manager

  1. 1. Check emails & respond to clients. Field a couple of urgent requests ASAP! Every client is matched with a dedicated Client Success Manager. There is always a person available to offer support, whether it’s a routine request or a last-minute emergency. MORNING Then, grab some coffee! Head to work early to talk with clients on the East Coast. Discuss the final touches before a new client system launch. Our Client Success team isn’t just there for you; we push back on issues when we think there’s a better way and challenge your assumptions to configure the ideal solution. We bring years of expertise to create a system that will make clients most successful. “What I appreciate most about the Client Success team at Versaic is that they aren’t just implementers. There’s lots of healthy debate during the process and they make suggestions when they feel we aren’t making a decision that’s going to be in our own best interest. I love working with them, even when I lose an argument or two!” – Rick Drummond, Lead Business Technical Analyst, Community Affairs, Highmark MIDDAY Receive a call from a non-profit submitter who has a question about the system. Help the non-profit to successfully complete their task. We support system users from your organization, as well as all of your submitters through online FAQs and email, with Contact Us links located on every page in the system. CRISIS AVERTED! After two weeks of pilot-testing and tweaking, go live with a client’s grants & donations management system. After launch, the Client Success team keeps working over the next few weeks to make refinements based on your feedback after using the system, ensuring everything is working effectively to support your program. “It’s exciting to get a client’s custom-configured system up and running so we can really put things to the test. We partner with you every step of the way, making changes and additions to ensure that your Versaic solution continues to evolve with your programs.” – Andy Cummings, Director of Client Solutions for Versaic “At the Starwood Foundation, when we set out to choose a grant management system, we wanted a person on the other end of the phone who really wanted to engage with us to help us execute our program better. That's what we found with Versaic. Not only was the system customizable, but working with the Versaic team was a true partnership to build a solution that was going enable us to run our program in a more efficient way.” – Kristin Meyer, Vice President, Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide Foundation AFTERNOON EVENING A client calls with a last-minute request. Her CEO wants to find a clever way to report on their data. We make a suggestion based on our experience and knowledge of their program and immediately implement the new report. Versaic strives to forge deep partnerships with clients where we become an extension of the team. We offer critical insights built on best practices developed over years of supporting hundreds of system implementations. Continue to monitor emails for any client needs. Confirm tomor- row’s client meetings to finalize system features, implementation and recommendations. The best part of working with Versaic’s Client Success team is there’s no charge for ongoing service and support. It’s all part of the package and one of the many things that makes Versaic different. Want to learn how Versaic’s Client Success Team can help with your program? Contact us at info@versaic.com or call 877-712-9495.