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Why and How to Start Sketchnoting, IA Summit 2012

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When you attend a presentation, what do you do? Sit quietly and listen? Scribble notes? Live tweet? Get distracted by your smartphone? Take photos with a camera that has a surprisingly loud shutter effect?

There's yet another option: sketchnote.

Sketchnoting is like notetaking, but with more flair and more focus. Hand lettering and illustrations provide the flair; focus provides you the time to include the flair. Besides keeping you engaged during talks, visual notetaking makes it easier to retain what you've heard and share it later.

This presentation covers the process I use to create live sketchnotes and two big reasons for UXers to start sketchnoting.

Presented at the 2012 IASummit in New Orleans, on Saturday March 24 at 1:50pm. You can check out my sketchnotes on Flickr: http://j.mp/H5HxJy

For a higher resolution version of this deck, see it on Speaker Deck: http://speakerdeck.com/u/veronicaerb/p/why-and-how-to-start-sketchnoting

Updated 2 April 2012: Now with "reproduced" drawings from the live presentation.

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