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How can you open your own offshore office in india—at zero investment cost

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Want to open your own offshore office in India, but cannot afford to bear the expenses and hassles involved? You can contract VirtualEmployee.com, which supplies remote dedicated employees. With remote dedicated staff on team, you will be able to reap all the benefits of conventional outsourcing—at a minimum or no cost.

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How can you open your own offshore office in india—at zero investment cost

  1. 1. How can you open your own offshore office in India—at zero investment cost?
  2. 2. When a start-up or an SME hires a vendor such as VirtualEmployee.com, it saves itself from a lot of expenses and worries. The vendor provides your remote dedicated employees with well-equipped office to work from. Therefore, you don’t have to spend money on office space, infrastructure, software, and hardware. By getting all the benefits of outsourcing at zero investment cost, you can take your business to new heights.
  3. 3. Affordable Business Model Opening an offshore office is unaffordable as it incurs a lot of money. You have to spend money on the purchase of office space, building of infrastructure, buying and installation of software and hardware, and on services such as IT, Accounts, and HR. If you somehow manage to open an offshore office, it is most likely that you don’t have the economies of scale to run the remote office. When you hire VirtualEmployee.com, you don’t have to bother about all the above things. VE provides you with cheap professionals with the capability to deliver customized solutions.
  4. 4. Smooth Functioning If a client opens an offshore office, they have to undergo a lot of hassles. The client has to deal with the issues of legality, cultural distance, and recruiting woes. In fact, it’s not feasible for start-ups and SMEs to run an offshore office. When you engage a vendor, you start reaping the benefits of outsourcing. Of course, without bothering about all these hassles.
  5. 5. No Recruitment Woes Importantly, it is quite easy to recruit virtual dedicated employees with a vendor. You just need to tell your vendor about your project requirement and the number of professionals needed. You will get candidates screened by the vendor. Following an interview with these candidates, you can pick and choose professionals for your project.
  6. 6. Easy Monitoring You can easily guide and control your remote dedicated staff. It will surely be no different from the experience of supervising your own in-house employees. The vendor operates as an intermediary between the client and the remote professionals. The latest communication devices help you to communicate with your remote staff.
  7. 7. Open offshore office in India! Thank you for your time