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Finding & Creating Content To Share On Social Media

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Finding & Creating Content To Share On Social Media

  1. 1. ! Finding & Creating Content To Share On Social Media Live Session ! Date: Feb 19, 2014 ! Time: 11am PT/ 2pm ET Presenter: Stephanie Redcross
  2. 2. It All Starts With A Plan ❖ Build Your Strategy Over Time! ❖ Identify Resources! ❖ Schedule Time For It! ❖ 1 Week to 30 Day Transition ! ❖ Quarterly Evaluations
  3. 3. The Process Review It ❖ Evaluate Impact Create It ❖ Image/ Video Schedule It ❖ Advance Posting Store It ❖ Virtual Depository Plan It ❖ Marketing Plan Find It ❖ Set Up Sources
  4. 4. • Create List Of Influencers! • Separate List By Topic! • Follow List Already Created! • Build Rapport With ReTweets https://twitter.com/Veganmainstream/lists Find It: Twitter List
  5. 5. • Identify Key Works! • Daily Email ! • Track Your Own Brand http://www.google.com/alerts Find It: Google Alerts
  6. 6. • Create Customized News Feeds! • Industry, Regional & Topical News! • Set Up Mobile Apps — For On The Go Reading https://flipboard.com//alerts Find It: News Consolidators http://zite.com/
  7. 7. • Track Any Keyword! • Manage Monitoring As A Team! • Monitor Activity Log - Clear, Prioritize and Remove https://en.mention.net/ Find It: Social Media Consolidators
  8. 8. • Store Articles To Read Later! • Tag Items Based On Interest! • Accessible Via Mobile Or Web! • Add Shortcut Extensions To Browsers http://getpocket.com/ Store It: Pocket
  9. 9. • Store Images In Central Place! • Team Access To Images! • Images Can Be Shared Easily! • Add Links To Email Instead Of Files https://www.dropbox.com/ Store It: Dropbox
  10. 10. Create It: Visual Content Inventory Existing Content (Public) Existing Content (Own) Rebuttals New Content From A Blog Post! Teaser Content! Photographs! Quotes! Letter To The Editor! Video Perspective! Counter Argument Campaign Materials! Product Launches! Exciting News! Daily or Weekly Weekly or Monthly Weekly or Monthly Weekly Tool: HangoutsTool: Powerpoint Tool: DesignerTool: Powerpoint
  11. 11. Schedule It http://bufferapp.com Free For One Profile Facebook, Twitter & Google Plus, Linkedin Browser Integration - One Click Sharing/ Scheduling Paid: $39 Reporting & Discovery & Hashtag Tracking Multiple Accounts & One Stop Management http://sproutsocial.com
  12. 12. Distributing Your Workload Find It Store It Read Later Schedule It Create It Schedule It Create It Schedule It 1 2 3 Weekend Process Monthly Planning In The Moment