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Video Marketing to Drive Business Growth

  1. title /vboutcom vbout Video Marketing to Drive Business Growth
  2. Table of Contents 2 1. Video Marketing Stats......................................Page 6 2. Video Marketing Trivia.....................................Page 11 3. Trends in 2016 & Beyond..................................Page 12 4. What Goals Can I Achieve?................................Page 14 5. How Do I Get Started?.....................................Page 19 6. Video Types Based on Objectives........................Page 21 7. What Types of Videos Should I Create?..................Page 22 8. What Resources Will I Need?..............................Page 24 9. Video Costs..................................................Page 26 10. Video Length...............................................Page 28
  3. Table of Contents 3 11. Determining the Right Content ........................Page 29 12. How To Write Your Script.................................Page 30 13. Effective Video Content..................................Page 33 14. Psychology of Video.......................................Page 34 15. Where Should I Share Video?.............................Page 38 16. Companies Doing Video Well.............................Page 46 17. Analytics....................................................Page 49 18. How to Improve Your Video Marketing.................Page 51 19. Tools to Create Marketing Video........................Page 55
  4. /vboutcom vbout
  5. Video Marketing Stats 5 Social videos have 1200% more shares than text and images combined. Video on a landing page can increase conversions by 80% or more. 92% of mobile users share video content with others. 52% of consumers feel more confident about making a purchase after watching a video of a product.
  6. Evolution of Video Marketing 6 Images are still powerful for driving traffic to your site, but videos engage more. With recent advances in technology, people can capture moments spontaneously. You can also produce high quality video more easily on your own. (Smartphone – Good mic – Stand) Roundhay Garden Scene – 2.11 sec Louis Le Prince – 1888
  7. Evolution of Video Marketing 7 Then came strictly video social channels: YouTube. YouTube allowed anyone to share videos and it became a new place for storytelling. The very first YouTube video uploaded on April 23, 2005 and it was: Me at the Zoo! Download this slide to watch the video
  8. Evolution of Video Marketing 8 • Everyone from businesses to teens are posting videos on many channels now. • Live Streaming is a big trend. • Live apps and sites include: Periscope, Meerkat, FB Live. • Useful for events like concerts, conferences, etc.
  9. Evolution of Video Marketing 9 • There are other emerging ways to use live video, such as engaging with customers. • Example: Experian uses Periscope to chat about credit, student loan debt, and how to increase credit scores. Checkout this infographic from B2BNN
  10. Video Marketing Trivia 10 Went viral for several reasons: 1. The record label, YG Entertainment had millions of followers already. 2. Got so many views from the start, it caught media attention. 3. Featured 3 popular Korean stars. Do you know the first YouTube video to reach over 1B views? Download this slide to watch the video
  11. Trends in 2016 and Beyond 11 • It is predicted that video will account for 69% of all internet traffic by 2017. • Facebook, YouTube and Snapchat are the leading social media platforms for videos. • There is even talk that Facebook’s feed will be all video one day.
  12. Trends in 2016 and Beyond 12 According to Forbes, trends that will continue to grow or emerge are: • Branded video content • Video landing pages • Live video streaming • Using video in email campaigns • Use animated GIFs for more than just social posts • Serving personalized videos based on viewer profile
  13. What Goals Can I Achieve? 13 • The number 1 benefit is higher engagement rates. • About 90% of the information our brains pick up is visual. • We process visuals 60,000 times faster than we can process text. • You can lose someone after 1-2 minutes of reading but video keeps them engaged with your content.
  14. Top 5 Goals Achieved with Video 14 1. Increase SEO ranking: • Most search engines give video content higher rankings. 2. Social Media Effect: • Most sites are focusing more on video, if they are not completely video already. • Most allow users to view and share their own video content as well.
  15. Top 5 Goals Achieved with Video 15 3. Increases Site Likeability and Trust: • Retention rates tend to be higher for sites with a video on the homepage. • It also increases trust especially if people appear from the company, there is a voice over, or the products are shown in action.
  16. Top 5 Goals Achieved with Video 16 4. Better opt-in rates for video based feeds: • People are subscribing to video feeds at higher rates these days. • There is lower competition since a lot of companies are just getting on board, especially to sites like LinkedIn. • Grow that email list and try vlogging!
  17. Top 5 Goals Achieved with Video 17 5. Personalized customer experience: • You can guide visitors through your site in the same way you might at a store. • You can make the assistance friendly and entertaining. • This increases trust, engagement and decreases your bounce rate.
  18. How Do I Get Started? 18 Several types of videos you can create: 1) Customer testimonials 2) On-demand product demos 3) Explainer and tutorial videos 4) Thought leader interviews 5) Project reviews and case studies 6) Live and on-demand webinars 7) Video blogs 8) Event videos > like Periscope for a meetup >
  19. How Do I Get Started? 19 Ask these questions: 1. What drives the most business? 2. What do I want to sell more of? 3. What concepts need to be repeated or explained? 4. What are common questions? 5. What requires the most support? 6. What parts of my business are confusing?
  20. Video Types Based on Objectives 20 15% 19% 26% 35% 37% 42% 45% 52% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% Increase direct sales Increase conversion rate Increase website traffic Improve lead nurturing Improve customer education Increase online engagement Increase lead generation Increase brand awareness Most Important Video Marketing Objectives
  21. What Types of Videos Should I Create? 21 Important Tip: • Each video should have one goal only. • Example: If your want to highlight a testimonial or explain your company’s mission, two different videos are needed.
  22. What Types of Videos Should I Create? 22 Important Tip: • If you want long-lasting content, and don’t plan to regularly produce videos over time, some videos have more longevity than others: mission statements, case studies and “how to’s”.
  23. What Resources Will I Need? • You’ve determined your goals, the next step is to figure out resources you’ll need. • This means the budget and people needed to get the project done. • Of course, the big question that impacts these: Outsource or DIY? 23
  24. What Resources Will I Need? • How much can you spend on the project? • It’s possible to produce a professional DIY video with the right tools and equipment. • We’ve put a list of tools in the appendix that can help you on your way. 24
  25. Video Costs 25 • Do you have budget to hire a professional company? • For certain videos you definitely want to make them very professional. • An example would be one on your homepage to explain your product.
  26. Video Costs 26 Many factors affect price, like: • Pre-production time, cameras, equipment, time (shoot and edit), motion graphics and color correction. • Can be few hundred dollars for an amateur video. • The average cost for a professional video ~$5k - ~$6k per minute.
  27. Video Length 27 • Videos vary in length depending on the type or purpose. • A service or product video should be 1 – 2.5 minutes in length. • Social media videos should be 15 – 30 seconds long.
  28. 28 Determining the Right Content • Now you have goals, type, budget/resources determined… • Next decide what you will say and how you will say it. • Get your branding team ready to fully understand your buyer persona before you start.
  29. Determining the Right Content 29 • Video marketing is content marketing so the same golden rule applies: it must be relevant and engaging. • Then, the video has to have good quality, sound and lighting. • A poorly produced video will not add value to your brand.
  30. 30 How to Write Your Script • Are you a good writer? If not there are resources to help you write the script. • Start writing the script using this acronym, BLOT (Bottom Line On Top). • An effective script should be about 125 - 150 words.
  31. 31 How to Write Your Script • Viewers have short attention - expect approx. 20% to watch only 10 seconds. • Deliver the “BLOT” message in first 10 seconds. • Use main body for core messaging to explain the BLOT clearly and how you will do what you’re promoting. • If you have stats or something for credibility, add to the main part.
  32. 32 How to Write Your Script • You need a clear CTA (Call To Action). • The CTA reflects what you wanted to achieve with the video. • This is the last part of your script. • Make sure you read it out loud to find anything that sounds odd or doesn’t align with your objective. • It will also save time and money.
  33. Effective Video Content 33 • The best content will depend on your buyer persona. • A general guideline on the most popular video marketing content is in the graph to the left. 28.80% 22.00%19.10% 17.80% 5.10% Training Course Product Demos Product Promotions Customer Testimonial Brand Image Messaging
  34. Psychology of Video 34 What makes someone take action and click on the CTA? Consider these 4 psychological motivators when creating your video: 1. Entertainment, humor. The number one reason video has always captivated people since it was created.
  35. Psychology of Video 35 2. Voyeuristic Thrills. People are curious. Some video allows them to see unedited content making them feel like they have a behind the scenes view. Example: Justin Bieber’s video gives a “sneak peek” into is life. This candid video had more than 500K views. Download this slide to watch the video
  36. Psychology of Video 36 3. Special and Suspenseful. An element of intrigue and suspense is a strong motivator. Example: Volvo’s Epic Split featuring Jean Claude VanDamme. We all wondered if he could hold the split while the trucks were moving. Download this slide to watch the video
  37. Psychology of Video 37 4. Instant feedback, instant connection. Being a part of something when you can’t physically be there. Another reason why live videos are so popular. Example: Movie launches and red carpet events. >
  38. Where Should I Share Video? 38 • Most people know the popular video sites: YouTube, Snapchat and now Instagram (they have entered the field). • LinkedIn also has more video posts. • Facebook Live is another gaining in popularity.
  39. Where Should I Share Video? 39 • According to research by Trusted Media Brands, marketers prefer social platforms over video platforms. • FB, Snapchat, and Twitter top list with 65%. • Followed by YouTube at 55%. • Ad Networks 29%.
  40. Where should I share video? 40 • Snapchat won big with NBC who chose them to highlight the Olympics. • Was first time NBC allowed such coverage. • Hoping to boost engagement with the 18-24 year old segment. • Snapchat meshed themed snaps with articles and user generated snaps for an all out major campaign.
  41. Where should I share video? 41 • Example: Meshed themed snaps together, for Usain Bolt winning another gold metal and snaps surrounding that.
  42. Where Should I Share Video? 42 • Twitter has partnered with the NFL for live steaming during the 2016 Fall season. • The other 3 major American leagues have followed suit. • Goal is to increase live streaming. • We’ll see this fall how it works.
  43. Where should I share video? 43 • YouTube has over 1 billion users! • If you create a lot of informational or branded content, this might be the channel for you. • You can easily create a library for all your videos here. • Here’s a video that did so well it caused sales of this Chewbacca mask to sell out in many retailers. 136,809,088 views Dumb Ways to Die Download this slide to watch the video
  44. Where Should I Share Video? 44 3 ideas for LinkedIn: 1. Add video in the summary, experience, or customer testimonials. 2. Post updates. Share your latest marketing videos or tag other companies. 3. Use video in LinkedIn Groups. Start a discussion using video.
  45. Where Should I Share Video? 45 • Of all the places where video can be, on a landing page is critical. • Video on landing pages can increase conversion up to 80%. • Make sure the video is: • Above the fold • Engaging • Not too lengthy • Has a CTA • Used as a background
  46. Companies Doing Video Well 46 • Intel’s “Meet the Makers” series is a 5-part series showing what people have built with their products to help others. • Lasts 1:54 minutes and is an inspirational look at how technology transforms lives. • Added more value to the brand than a simple product centric video. Download this slide to watch the video
  47. Companies Doing Video Well 47 • Reebok’s 25,915 Days chronicled a woman’s life from birth showing her relationship with running. • Lasts 1:15 minutes with a CTA at the end to “calculate your days”. • Keeps with the brand’s tough fitness image and gives a sense of urgency. Download this slide to watch the video
  48. Companies Doing Video Well 48 These videos were successful for several reasons: • Appealed to the emotions, made a human connection, inspired. • Kept in line with brand message. • The videos were engaging, inspiring, entertaining. • Were both very short.
  49. Analytics 49 Tools to analyze your video performance: • Built-in YouTube video analytics tools • Built-in Facebook Analytics • Google Analytics • Wistia • TubeMogule
  50. Analytics 50
  51. 51 How to Improve your Video Marketing • Are viewers abandoning your videos and not taking action? • Use the analytics to figure out why. • Tools like Wistia show exactly where people are abandoning your video. With this you can draw further conclusions together with your other analytics.
  52. 52 How to Improve your Video Marketing • Another question to ask: Does your video marketing campaign have a solid CTA? • If your video audience isn’t converting, people may be uncertain about the next action. • This is a common problem with video.
  53. 53 How to Improve your Video Marketing Other critical questions to answer with analytics: • Is your campaign targeted properly to the right audience? • This means both content and distribution. • Make sure the message is relevant, and that you are reaching your target on the right channels at the right times for video. • Optimize for mobile!!! People watch videos on mobile in greater numbers.
  54. Tools to Create Marketing Video 54 Here are 5 tools you can use for your video marketing campaign: • Flipagram. Combine images to create short video stories. Available on different operating systems. • The app is free.
  55. Tools to Create Marketing Video 55 • Goanimate. Great DIY for creating animated videos. • About $40 monthly.
  56. Tools to Create a Marketing Video 56 • YouTube Editor. Free tool that is fully integrated with YouTube providing editing capabilities right on the website. • This service is free.
  57. Tools to Create a Marketing Video 57 • We Video. Web-based video editor to create digital stories out of still photos or audio recordings. • They have a free plan, but storage options will be $7 - $20 monthly.
  58. Tools to Create a Marketing Video 58 • Wideo. Easy and fun. Comes with selection of customizable templates. Can add your own logos and graphics into the video. • Offer a free plan for videos that are 45 seconds or less. For longer videos, the price ranges from $9 - $39 monthly.
  59. Tools to Create a Marketing Video 59 Also check out these other tools:
  60. www.vbout/p/request-a-demo /vboutcom vbout
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