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Top 10 worth visiting destinations in rajasthan of tourists’ interest!

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Rajasthan most famous tourist destinations in india. Most tourist visit here every year in the corner of the world. This article giving top ten tourist destination in rajasthan.

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Top 10 worth visiting destinations in rajasthan of tourists’ interest!

  1. 1. Top 10 Worth Visiting Destinations In Rajasthan Of Tourists’ Interest! Summary: Rajasthan most famous tourist destinations in india. Most tourist visit here every year in the corner of the world. This article giving top ten tourist destination in rajasthan. Body: Rajasthan is a famous tourists' destination where tourists come not merely from India, but from foreign land as well. The fascination of several famous cities in Rajasthan does not let any foreign traveller go without absorbing in the beauty of this place. This ultimate Indian state has amazing potential to top the list of tourists’ places in world tourism. It enthrals vacationers with dynamic tourism options including rich culture, history, art and architecture, tradition, monuments, temples, wildlife sanctuaries, parks, forts, palaces, Thar Desert and sand dunes. This state accommodates several exciting tourists’ destinations where a traveller must visit during his visit to Rajasthan. Here, we will explore top 10 Rajasthan destinations that are famous for different reasons and have remarkable potential to deliver unique tourists’ experience. Jaipur – The Leading Destination Of Rajasthan Tourism- Jaipur – the famous Pink City in India is a capital city of Rajasthan and a favourite destination in Rajasthan tourism. This city has many things worth visiting like City Palace, JantarMantar, Nahargarh Fort, Amber Fort, Albert Hall Museum, Heritage hotels and Jaigarh Fort. So, a visit to Jaipur is indeed a majestic experience for tourists. Udaipur – Splendid Destination In Rajasthan- Also famous as Lake City, Udaipur is much known for its attractive palaces and exotic lakes. People from all parts of India and abroad adore the praise the beauty of Udaipur considering is the one of the most romantic destinations of India. The main attractions of Udaipur for tourists include Jagdish Temple, Pichola Lake, City Palace, Lake Palace, Monsoon Palace, Eklingji Temple, FatehSagar Lake, UdaiSagar and many more. Blue City – Jodhpur – A Popular Rajasthan Tourists’ Destination- Jodhpur is one of the most popular tourists’ destination in Rajasthan that is also famous as Blue City. In Rajasthan, this city comes at second place in terms of area. For tourists, it is actually a wonderful place to have a great memorable experience. The key attraction of this Blue City include JaswantThada Memorial, Mandore Gardens, Mehrangarh Fort, UmaidBhawan Palace and may other heritage hotels that present a royal hospitality to guests and tourists of Rajasthan. Golden City – Jaisalmer- In Rajasthan, Jaisalmer is one of the most attractive cities which is also famous as Golden
  2. 2. City of the country. In Jaisalmer, you should visit famous havelis, Jain temples, Thar Desert and Golden Fort. Camel City – Bikaner- In Rajasthan, Bikaner is a renowned city which is also famous as Camel City. It is a great tourist destination as they come here to have memorizing experience of camel riding. It carries a significant place in entire Rajasthan tourism with its exquisite excursions namely Lalgarh Palace, Junagarh Fort, sand dunes and amazing havelis. City Of Temples – Pushkar- Pushkar is a famous Rajasthan city which belongs to many religious monuments which are popular all around the country. It is a sacred city known for its ancient temples which include Gayatri Temple, Pushkar Lake, Savitri Temple, Lord Brahma Temple, Rose Gardens, Pushkar Palace, Pushkar Ghats and many more. In Hindu mythology, it is believed that Pushkar is the only place where Lord Brahma exists and worshiped. Ajmer- Known as a famous pilgrimage for Muslims, Ajmer attracts countless tourists from varied corners of the world. Predominantly, it is popular for a famous Dargah – Ajmer Sharif. Though the dargah is a Muslim pilgrimage, yet people from all region can be found here with similar devotion towards Ajmer Sharif. In addition to this pilgrimage, Ajmer has many more things worth visiting. Mandawa- Mandawa shares a great contribution in Rajasthan tourism. It is majory famous for its exclusive painted proud havelis which carry beautiful frescoes, wall paintings, murals and miniature paintings. The main attractions for which tourists love visiting Mandawa include Fort Mandawa Castle and Havelis. Ranthambore National Park - A land of bravery, myths and Rajaputas, Ranthambore is a well acclaimed city that has a great historical significance. The famous Ranthambore national park and Tiger Reserve is the main attraction of this city for which people in large numbers come here and have a mesmerising holiday experience. Bharatpur National Park- There are many beautiful excursions in Bharatpur like Lohagarh Fort, Keoladeo Ghana national park and Bharatpur Palace. For these aspects, this city gets a worthy place in the top 10 tourists’ destination in Rajasthan. For More Information Visit On: http://www.rajasthantourismindia.in/places-to-see-rajasthan/