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Spqc 16 9-14 ameya lokre himanshu pathak meet nathwani sahil gujrathi

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Spqc 16 9-14 ameya lokre himanshu pathak meet nathwani sahil gujrathi

  1. 1. SPQC
  3. 3. MUSIC ROUND m/
  4. 4. Points: Infinite bounces +10 For right answer No negatives :)
  5. 5. A rock band with its members : A famous Hollywood actor. A drummer from Foo Fighters and Nirvana. This band has a TV series and a movie based on them. ID the band.
  6. 6. Billboard named them “The Breakthrough Band of the year (2013)” Grammy award for best rock performance of their song which was also named as the “The biggest rock hit of the year 2013” by The Rolling Stones magazine. You would know it….We hope so..
  7. 7. Radioactive & ↴
  8. 8. DO YOU KNOW THEM ? Robert van de Corputt Sonny John Moore Joel Thomas Zimmerman Tim Bergling Nick van de Wall Tijs Michiel Verwest Fadil El Ghoul
  9. 9. YOU SURELY KNEW THEM.. Robert van de Corputt - HARDWELL Sonny John Moore - SKRILLEX Joel Thomas Zimmerman - DEADMAU5 Tim Bergling - AVICII Nick van de Wall - AFROJACK Tijs Michiel Verwest - TIESTO Fadil El Ghoul - R3HAB
  10. 10. A Band formed by Two Brothers. This band got their name when one of the band members saw a sign on a sewing machine. Their songs have been officially used in movies like Jerry Maguire, The Karate Kid (2010)...TV shows like How I Met Your Mother, WWE Wrestlemania and Supernatural. ID the band.
  11. 11. This Bollywood Music Director duo has collaborated with South-African singer Loyiso Bala and Kenyan singer and songwriter Eric Qainaina to record anthem for 2010 FIFA World Cup Anthem “Africa-You’re a Star”.
  12. 12. SALIM - SULAIMAN
  13. 13. ____ is a 3 member band and this band’s frontman Billy Gibson and guitarist Dusty Hill were offered $1 million dollars in 1984 by Gillette to shave off their beards.They declined it. ID the band. Bonus points for naming their Drummer.(Apply Funda) Pic on the next slide.
  14. 14. Answer: ZZ Top Drummer’s name : Frank “BEARD” :P
  15. 15. This song’s remix was used as theme song in Assassin's Creed Unity & Hunger Games Catching Fire. The Original song is made by Tears of Fears, name the song and the artist who made the remix.
  16. 16. Song - Everybody wants to rule world Artist - Lorde
  17. 17. CONNECT
  18. 18. ENRIQUE IGLESIAS Sunidhi Chauhan - the song ‘Heartbeat’ Once Upon A Time in Mexico - Movie in which he acted How i met your mother and Two and a half men - Special Appearances Airtel Champions league T-20 - ‘I Like It’ official soundtrack
  19. 19. This is an Irish Rock band. They have won 22 Grammy awards,more than any other band. The frontman of this band popularly known by his stage name ‘Bono’ was awarded Knighthood by Queen Elizabeth II and was named Time-Person Of The Year in 2005 alongside Bill and Melinda Gates. ID the Band.
  20. 20. BRUNO MARS Real name - Peter Gene Hernandez Movie of Sasha Baron Cohen- Bruno Famous Sing - Lighters Grammy Winner
  21. 21. Points: +20 for each right answer +10 bonus No negatives again! ;)
  22. 22. Reverse
  23. 23. I play the role of Judah Ben-Hur in the 1959 movie Ben-Hur which is an American epic historical drama and is known to share the record of winning 11 Oscars with Titanic and Lord Of The Rings. Who am I ?
  24. 24. I am Charlton Heston.
  25. 25. X and I played the role of a detective and a writer respectively in a 2002 thriller Y directed by Christopher Nolan. The Batman films have screwed me twice before: years ago they offered me the Joker and then gave it to Jack Nicholson, then they offered me the Riddler and gave it to Jim Carrey. X won his first Academy Award for Best actor in 1993 for his performance of a blind retired Lieutenant in 'The Scent of a woman'. Who am I ? (Bonus Points for X and Y)
  26. 26. I am Robin Williams X = Al Pacino and Y = INSOMNIA
  27. 27. I have played voice acting roles such as Viktor Reznov in the Call of Duty video game series and Lord Shen in Kung Fu Panda 2. I am known for my ability to change my appearance and voice to make every character unique. I have played major roles in two of the top grossing franchises of the hollywood industry. Who am I ?
  28. 28. I am Gary Oldman You know me as Commissioner Gordon and Sirius Black .
  29. 29. My first television appearance was as a juvenile rape victim in the initial season of the series Crime Story . I was listed 11 times in the People's magazine as one of the '50 Most Beautiful People in the World' being tied with Halle Berry. I practice Hinduism and was one of the top paid actresses at the end of the 20th century. Who am I ?
  30. 30. I am Julia Roberts.
  31. 31. I won two Golden Globe Awards for Best Actor in a Television Series – Drama. My character has been described as a misanthrope, cynic, narcissist, and curmudgeon, the last of which was named one of the top television words of 2005 in honor of the character. My character is partly inspired by Sherlock Holmes. My habitual use of Vicodin to manage the pain caused by my leg is one of the many parallels to Holmes, who was addicted to cocaine. Who am I ? (Name the Actor)
  32. 32. I am Hugh Laurie.
  33. 33. I first met her on the set of Good Advice in 2000. We got married in 2002 and she filed a divorce against me in 2006. We acted together for two tv series where she played a guest appearance in both. I rose to fame after a series of successful films such as Platoon (1986), Lucas (1986) but am best known for my television roles. Who am I? And who is the girl I am talking about ?
  34. 34. Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards (Two and a half men and anger management)
  35. 35. My notable director/producer efforts include Iron Man, Iron Man 2. I have also served as an executive producer on The Avengers and Iron Man 3. The best part being that I myself acted in all the listed movies. Who am I ?
  36. 36. I am Jon Favreau. IRON MAN fan ? You got to know me as Happy Hogan!
  37. 37. I am an actor with a talent for mining the neuroses of my characters for both comedic and dramatic effect and a filmmaker adept at exploring the philosophical questions at the heart of the human experience.I was most recently seen as Mr.Numbers in the crime series Fargo. Who am I ?
  38. 38. I am Adam Goldberg.
  39. 39. I received worldwide attention and praise for my portrayal of June Carter Cash in Walk the Line, which earned me an Academy Award, Golden Globe, BAFTA and various other awards and recognitions.
  40. 40. I am Reese Witherspoon.
  41. 41. My maternal four times great-grandmother, Mary Ann Sparrow, was the half-sister of Nancy Hanks (the mother of President Abraham Lincoln). I made money selling women's shoes, insurance door-to-door, stocking shelves, working construction, and cutting tobacco before entering the film industry. This picture is of me Discussing Sudan with President Barack Obama at the White House in October 2010.
  42. 42. I am George Clooney.
  43. 43. Connect……….. Differential Scoring 1 team- 80 2 teams- 60 3 teams- 40 4 teams- 20
  44. 44. Charlton Heston Robin Williams Gary Oldman Julia Roberts Hugh Laurie Charlie Sheen Denise Richards Jon Favreau Adam Goldberg Reese Witherspoon George Clooney
  45. 45. F.R.I.E.N.D.S. All these actors had special appearances in FRIENDS.
  46. 46. Charlton heston (The One with Joey's dirty day)
  47. 47. Charlie Sheen as “Ryan” (The One with the Chicken Pox)
  48. 48. Gary Oldman as “Richard Crosby” (The One with Monica and Chandler's Wedding: Part 1)
  49. 49. Reese Witherspoon as “Jill” (The One with Rachel's Sister)
  50. 50. Robin Williams as “Tomas” (The One with the Ultimate Fighting Champion)
  51. 51. Hugh Laurie as “The Gentleman on the Plane” (The One with Ross's Wedding)
  52. 52. Adam Goldberg as “Eddie”
  53. 53. Jon Favreau as “Pete Becker”
  54. 54. George Clooney as “Dr. Michael Mitchell” (The One with Two Parts: Part 2)
  55. 55. Julia Roberts as “Susie Moss” (The One After the Superbowl: Part 2)
  56. 56. Denise Richards as “Cassie Geller” (The One with Ross and Monica's Cousin)
  57. 57. Can you Connect?? POINTS: NO POINTS AT THE FIRST SLIDE +80/-40, +70/-35, and so on
  58. 58. House Stark
  59. 59. Catelyn and Eddard Stark Their names are based on the names, ‘Catherine’ meaning pure and ‘Edward’ meaning a rich guard.
  60. 60. Lord Paramount of the North The title giving to the ruler of the northern side of Westeros.
  61. 61. Wolf The Stark Sigil
  62. 62. Snow The name giving to bastards in the north.
  63. 63. Allies of the Straks House Baratheon House Tully House Arryn House Mormont
  64. 64. Names of Direwolves the Stark kids own. Grey Wind- Robb Lady- Sansa Ghost- Jon Nymeria- Arya Summer- Bran Shaggy Dog- Rickon
  65. 65. The Old Gods Starks worship The Old Gods of the Forest.
  66. 66. Winterfell
  68. 68. Famous Bollywood playback singer Kailash Kher has sung the team anthem - "Khel Front Foot Pe" a.k.a. "Play on the front foot" or "play aggressively". ID the team.
  69. 69. Delhi Daredevils
  70. 70. ‘Raid On the City, Knock out, Evil Tusks’ This is very famous group of people. ID them (you know them for sure).
  71. 71. The Loop Dead Sec Creepy Caller Donovan Revelation Number 3 Computer Underground Where will you find all this? Elevated Trains IP tracking Vigilante Ghosts of the Past On the lake Hackers Escape from Chicago
  72. 72. Watchdogs Its a list of the soundtracks used in the game.
  73. 73. What is X?? X is a 2005 action science-fiction horror film starring Karl Urban, Dwayne Johnson and Rosamund Pike(pics on next slide). It is loosely based on the video game series of the same name created by id Software. The film follows a group of Marines in a Research Facility on Mars - initially arriving on a rescue and retrieval mission after communications ceased, the Marines soon battle genetically engineered monsters plaguing the facility.
  74. 74. DOOM
  75. 75. Name this Addam’s Family Character
  76. 76. The Thing
  77. 77. This is a complex computer system used officially in numerous sports such as cricket, tennis, gaelic football and hurling. In Germany, a poll taken in 2014, of the 36 clubs in the first and second divisions, decided by a large majority against using the system because of the “exorbitant cost” of €500,000 per club. ID the system.
  78. 78. Hawk-Eye Technology
  79. 79. A _______ is a chess opening in which a player, more often White,sacrifices material, usually a pawn, with the hope of achieving a resulting advantageous position
  80. 80. Gambit
  81. 81. Fill in the blank Sun Moon Tyr Odin ____ Frigg Saturn
  82. 82. Days of the week Sunday - Sun Monday - Moon Tuesday - Tyr Wednesday - Odin Thursday - Thor Friday - Frigg Saturday - Saturn
  84. 84. Daredevil Rocket (the racoon) The Watchdogs Dr. Doom
  85. 85. The Thing Hawkeye Gambit Thor
  86. 86. Get The Picture??
  87. 87. +120/-60
  88. 88. +110/-55
  89. 89. +100/-50
  90. 90. +90/-45
  91. 91. +80/-40
  92. 92. +70/-35
  93. 93. +60/-30
  94. 94. +50/-25
  95. 95. +40/-20
  96. 96. +30/-15
  97. 97. +20/-10
  98. 98. +10/-5
  99. 99. +5/-0
  100. 100. ZODIAC Virgo - The Maiden Scorpio - The Scorpion Cancer - The Crab Aries - The Ram Leo - The Lion Taurus - The Bull Gemini - The Twins Libra - The Scales Sagittarius - The Centaur Capricorn - The goat Aquarius - The Water-bearer Pisces - The Fish
  101. 101. IS There A Connection?? POINTS: STARTING FROM 2nd SLIDE +80/-40 AND SO ON
  103. 103. London Blackwood Sign of Four Mrs. Hudson The Hound of Baskervilles Scotland Yard Black Lotus Study in Scarlet
  104. 104. Hey! Notice a funny thing?? The answers to all the previous long connects, itself forms a connect!!! B-) Care to Connect??
  105. 105. House Stark Zodiac Marvel Characters Sherlock Holmes +150/-75
  106. 106. ROBERT DOWNEY JR.
  107. 107. TONY STARK
  108. 108. ZODIAC
  109. 109. IRON MAN (MARVEL)
  111. 111. THANK YOU!!

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