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Chordify Brochure Staffing

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Chordify Brochure Staffing

  1. 1. Chordify Management Consultants LLC Tel: +1 731-624-1551 4701 Patrick Henry Dr. Bldg. 8 | Santa Clara CA www.chordify.com IT Staff Augmentation Chordify provides IT Consulting Services, focusing on Big Data Analytics, Visualization, Mobile and Cloud Applications. Chordify also works on development and integration of enterprise BI (Business Intelligence) applications. The team has demonstrated experience in supporting global clients having placed over 3,000+ IT consultants, over the years. The Chordify team has years of experience in implementing IT solutions working with large scale Fortune 1,000 enterprise clients as well as small and medium businesses. We have sound practice standards and processes which have delivered proven results. We take pride in adopting a data driven approach and always measure the effectiveness of our services. Chordify provides technology services and solutions to help businesses create new innovative products, improve customer service and achieve operational efficiencies in order to grow revenue and increase market share. Our IT Staff augmentation division provides complete end to end Resource Program Management solutions helping companies fulfill temporary and fulltime staffing needs. Chordify specializes in working with companies in the financial services, hi- tech, telecommunications and consumer electronics industries and works closely with each client to exceed expectations and deliver world-class technology services and solutions. Testimonial “Chordify understands and adapts to our culture instead of trying to change our culture... They understand our needs and how we go about doing things, and they are flexible to adapt to that. They have been able to provide TOP Talent. We have had a very pleasant and professional business relationship with Chordify and will continue to utilize them as we grow our organization” – Manager from the Hiring Team of a Fortune 100 Client. IT Consulting Service provider working with Fortune 1,000 clients & SMBs. Big Data Consulting - Strategy - Solution Blueprint - Implement - Skilled resources Analytics & Visualization platform - Extending BI - BizViz platform partner Real Time Survey Insights - Rich visual dashboard - Sentiment analysis IT Staff Augmentation - Contract - Contract to hire - Direct hire “We make Data work for you” Contact us for details / demo. What we do
  2. 2. Chordify Management Consultants LLC Tel: +1 731-624-1551 4701 Patrick Henry Dr. Bldg. 8 | Santa Clara CA www.chordify.com IT Staff Augmentation Chordify can provide technical and functional resources for the following roles:  Program & Project Managers  Change/ Process Managers  System Analyst  Business Analyst  System Administrators  Database Administrators  Network Engineers  Software Developers Technology domains Big Data Analytics: Hadoop, MapReduce, YARN, Pig, Hive, Mahut, Spark & more Microsoft: .Net, C#, SharePoint, SQL Web Services: SOAP, RESTful, Amazon Web Service Design: UX, UI Data Scientist: Machine Learning, Natural Processing Language Database: Oracle, SQL, MySQL, Mobile Platform: Android, iOS, Microsoft, Blackberry, HTML Business Intelligence & Reporting : Teradata, SAP BW, Informatica, MicroStrategy, Oracle OBIEE, SAS & others. Open Source PMI: Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters LAMP, J2EE ERP: SAP, Oracle Applications