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Van Raam manufacturer in special needs bikes (2019)

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Van Raam, manufacturer of special needs bikes. Van Raam produces uniquely special needs bicycles and specializes in tricycles, scooterbikes, wheelchair bikes, tandem bikes, double rider bikes, low step trough bikes and transport bikes.

Read more at www.vanraam.com

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Van Raam manufacturer in special needs bikes (2019)

  1. 1. Manufacturerof specialneeds bikes Van Raam
  2. 2. 1. Our products 2. Van Raam throughout the years 3. Why did Van Raam startmaking specialneeds bikes? 4. About Van Raam (mission& vision, Van Raam as an innovative company,awards) 5. Production process 6. Pedal support 7. E-Bike app 8. Explanation of our product range 9. Step-by-stepplan on how to purchase a specialneeds bike 10. Dealers 11. User experiences 12. Where do you meetVan Raam? 13. Van Raam online Index
  3. 3. Our Products
  4. 4. Van Raamthrough the years • 1910: startedby H. Van Raam and Sons in Amsterdam • 1972: movedfrom Amsterdam to Aalten • 1984: acquisitionby P. Boezel • 1986: productionfirst specialneeds bike • 2004: relocationto Varsseveld,40 employees,4500m2 • 2014: more than 90 employees, 8000 bikes every year,6800 m2 production area • 2018: more than160 employees • 2019: relocationto our new premises (1 km further), 13.500 m2 production area, canteen for 250 employees
  5. 5. • An acquaintance of Mr. Boezel had a brain haemorrhage in 1986. • Mr. Boezel was askedto make a bicycle for balanceproblems. • The specialneedsbike was receivedwith great enthusiasm. • The request for customized bicycles continued to rise. • To this day, Van Raam still produces specialneeds bikes. Why did Van Raamstartmaking special needs bikes?
  6. 6. • World markt leader in the production of specialneeds bikes • 10.000 bicycles peryear • Bikes for limitations, balance problems and uncertainty • A familybusiness for over 100 years • The entire production of the bikes takes place in Varsseveld(The Netherlands). Van Raam
  7. 7. Mission: “Van Raam offers sustainable and contemporary mobility to people with a disability.” Vision: “If people with a disability can be mobile and independent for a longer time, they are happier. Van Raam wants to contribute to the integration of people with disabilities in society. Let's all cycle!” Let’s all cycle! Missionand VisionVan Raam
  8. 8. Van Raamas an innovative company • Collaboration with schools & Universities • Innovatiehub Innovar • 3D-printers • Welding robots • Line production • Powder coating • Test bench • SmartIndustry & Working • Internet of Things • MVO
  9. 9. Innovative 2nd time “Innovatie top 100”
  10. 10. Innovationis rewarded Tros Radar: “de Warme douche” MKB Innovationtop 100 Innovation award + GIO recognition for GoCab SmartPeople Award (Koninklijke Metaalunie) Oldest Dutch employee Henk Kluver (96) wins VW transportbus
  11. 11. Manufacturing process Steel pipes Powder coating Edit pipes Welding robotDesign Picking parts Spoke machine Assemble Final assembly
  12. 12. Cube pakket Slim package Pedalsupport • Silent: fully noiseless motor: - Starting aid/ launch control - Cycling forwards and backwards - Personal adjustable support • Also extra powerful HT version • Range between30 and 200 km; determin the range, including speed, sort of pavement,wind, weight of the driver, tire inflation and activity. • Lithium ion kobalt accu’s 11,2 12,4 of 24,8 Ampère/hour • Pedal support is possible on all of our bikes,with in exception of the Husky tricycle and the City walking aid. Silent Silent HT
  13. 13. Van RaamE-bikeapp • Luxury bike computer • Changing bike settings via smartphone • Sending SOS messageswithGPS location • View current bike data such as speed,distance, battery capacity ‘MyVanRaam’ portal: • Via the Van Raam website app users can access anonline portal to view cycling data, change profiles and view cycledroutes.
  14. 14. Van Raamspecial needsbikes Bike for one person Bike for more people (tandem) Two wheel bikes Two wheel bikes - Low step through bike - Walking aid - Optional pedal support - Tandems - Optional pedal support - Cycling alone or together Three wheelbikes Three wheelbikes - Low step through bike - Two wheels in front / two wheels in the back - Optional pedal support - With saddle, seat - Large, medium, small - Scooterbike - Normal sitting bike / recumbent - Above seat steering / under steering - Tandems - Duo bike - Transport bikes - Optional pedal support - Cycling alone or together - Wheelchair bike - Wheelchair transport bike
  15. 15. Possible target group • Unsure getting on and off the bike • Mild to severe balance problems • Fear of falling • CVA(stroke) • Prostheses (various forms) • Thalidomide • Dwarfism • Parkinson • Nerve disorders • Muscle disorders • Visualproblems • Mentally / physically impaired • Heart / lung problems • Obesity
  16. 16. Tricycles
  17. 17. Husky Mini Midi Tricycles Maxi Maxi Comfort Easy Rider Junior Easy Rider Easy Sport Easy Go Viktoria Viktor
  18. 18. Why a tricycle? • Stability and increase sense of security • Render independence • Simple step up • Good seating support • Assess withtwo wheels in front
  19. 19. Wheelchair bikes
  20. 20. VeloPlus OPair Wheelchair bikes Wheelchair bike Opair has the optionto detachthe front part
  21. 21. Why a wheelchairbike? • Sociable • Increase mobility • Environmentally friendly • Transportation to final destination • Experience the environment together with the wheelchairuser
  22. 22. Tandemsand duobikes
  23. 23. Twinny Twinny Plus Tandems Kivo Kivo Plus
  24. 24. Fun2Go FunTrain Duobikes
  25. 25. Why a tandemor side-by-sidebike? • Social • Excercise and therapy at the same time • Longer the ability to participate in traffic • Experiencing the environment together • Adjustability to independent cycling of each other • Detachable frame models easyto transport • Easystep up
  26. 26. Transport bikes
  27. 27. Rickshaw bike Chat
  28. 28. Taxi bike for childrenGoCab
  29. 29. Why a transportbike? • Meets all legal (safety)requirements • Extremelycomfortable • No driving licence required • Optimalsupervision of co-drivers • Cheaperthan bus/taxi transport • Every ride is an event
  30. 30. Why a lowstep throughbike? • Unique, more ergonomic sitting position • Both feet on the ground in a stationary position • Low step through, forward pedaling position • Safe drive away,safe stop • Wrists,shoulders and neck hardly burdenedBalance
  31. 31. City Why a walkingsupport? • Increase mobility • Relief joints • Easyto take along • No wheelchairor walkerneeded • Motion and therapy
  32. 32. Specials All of Van Raam bicycles getproduced as the order comes in and can be equipped with various features and accessories. If a standard from Raam bike with standard options does not meet the specifications ofthe user, we make a specialfully customizedbicycle. Shoulder control Panic brake Stand up tricycle
  33. 33. Manysold options Mirror Direction indicator Lower leg fixation Crankshortener Foot fixation Eccentric crank Baskets Walker holder bracketStick holder Wheelchair holder Gear lever RAL- colors
  34. 34. Purchase special needsbike → → → → of There is a need Financing special needs bikeLook for information Try out special needs bikes Quotation + delivery via dealer Enjoy cycling again!
  35. 35. Dealers Van Raam has various types of dealers across more than 21 countries: • Exclusivepartner • VanRaampartner • Servicepartner • Rentallocation • Partnerbicycleshop
  36. 36. Userexperiences • Handy for orienting website visitors • Instructive for Van Raam. Read more user experiences on our Van Raam website!
  37. 37. Where do youmeet Van Raam? • Online: website + socialmedia • Offline: Large (international) trade fairs and through initiatives by dealers
  38. 38. Van Raamonline Website: www.vanraam.com Youtube: www.youtube.com/vanraamvarsseveld Facebook: www.facebook.com/vanraam.bikes Twitter: www.twitter.com/VanRaamBikes Pinterest: nl.pinterest.com/vanraambikes Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/van_raam Look for more information, experiences and videos: