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Circle k semester project

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Circle k semester project

  1. 1. Vanderbilt CKI A Vanderbilt Interest Project Fall Semester Review With contributions from:Haley Ashworth Jacob Grant Emma Segal Alex Eichner Matt Harper Forest SharpZach Giordano Alyssa Niemiec Katie Thyen Angie Rao
  2. 2. The ProjectThe “Live to Serve. Love to Serve.” project was designed to foster the creation of a newregistered student organization on our campus, Vanderbilt CKI. Our chapter of Circle KInternational, the world’s leading collegiate service organization, would serve the purposeof allowing a diverse group of students to fit a range of service opportunities into their busyschedules. Instead of relying on immense time commitments or cumbersome paperworkand application processes, Vanderbilt CKI is envisioned to provide worry-free andrewarding service while fostering professional development through our communitypartners and the associated Managerial Studies Program within the College of Arts andScience.Our ProgressOur group has, since the beginning of this academic year, added hundreds of names to ourorganization mailing list, created a self-sustaining social media presence, and executedseveral larger-scale service projects. Members, including by certainly not limited to thosestudents involved directly with this living-learning community, have donated time to MetroNashville Public Schools, Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee, and VanderbiltMasala-SACE.Challenges for the FutureWhile we have established a firm foundation for our project and proven our viability oncampus, Vanderbilt CKI has yet to truly launch itself as a preeminent service organizationknown for intriguing and rewarding opportunities. Moving forward, we can easily buildupon this base by more reliably creating opportunities for Vanderbilt students to join us incommunity service and personal growth. It is in this truth that we have created thisreview.Within this ReviewTo conclude our first semester within the Vanderbilt Interest Project program, we haveevaluated our main weakness – our timidity in asserting ourselves on campus as a leader incommunity service – and individually proposed solutions. This review includes each groupmember’s plan to strengthen our team from within, and our organization throughincreasing our service offerings during the semester. Contents Introduction ........................................................................ 1 Role of group members................................................... 2 Listing of proposed projects ......................................... 4 In-depth project proposals ............................................ 5 Certification ......................................................................... 9 1
  3. 3. Role of Group Members In order to strengthen our group internally and continue to create a high-functioning team of service leaders, the first section of our semester report centers on eachproject member’s self-description of his/her role within the group. These self-descriptionswere requested to be at two-three sentence length and have been reproduced here fromoriginal correspondence:Haley AshworthIm also a member of APO (another service organization), so I have connections and apartnership with their service projects. Im available to help out as needed. Im verypersonable and I can help get the word out about the organization (meetings, student orgfairs). Im also going to be treasurer for another student organization next semester, so Illhave AcFee experience.Alex EichnerIm the Vice President For Strategic Partnerships. Ive been involved in the discussionsconcerning what additional organizations weve been in contact with, allowing us to createpartnerships that will provide meaningful service opportunities for current andperspective members. As this is a core of the CKI philosophy, it is a vital area which we willcontinue to forge new relationships into the new semester and beyond.Zach GiordanoNext semester my main goal in Vanderbilt CKI will be to draw in new members. Workingwith my group-mates, we will plan and execute strategies to grow our club.Jacob GrantI will strive to reward our VIP group and CKI members through programming and networkingevents. Through effective partnerships with Downtown Nashville Kiwanis and other on-campusresources, CKI and all of our partners can greatly benefit.Matt HarperIn the coming semester, I will find ways to keep my VIP team motivated in creating new andexciting service opportunities for our organization’s members. Further, I will continue todevelop the Vanderbilt CKI club by implementing a new leadership team and determining thepath we’ll take in transitioning from a VIP-based organization to a permanent fixture on ourcampus.Alyssa NiemiecMy specific role in Vanderbilt CKI and the VIP group is to help support my fellow groupmembers and help come up with ideas to help our group. I am very organized and am dedicatedto making sure we have developed a lasting student organization. 2
  4. 4. Angie RaoMy specific goal will to be communicate our plans and service projects to the list servemembers as well as plan some more projects. This will benefit us because by providing ourmembers with opportunities is the purpose of this club and will allow us to be a lastingstudent organization.Emma SegalMy role as a member of the CKI VIP project is to help organize the service projects. I will beon the lookout for some interesting and unique projects and will help organize them withthe help of my fellow VIP members. Also, I want to help promote camaraderie between theVIP group through arranging dinners and other various forms of “hanging out” in order tofor the group to grow even more.Forest SharpDuring the second semester of our Vanderbilt Interest Projects experience, I hope toexpand upon my current responsibilities within our VIP group. I will continue to serve as adriver for service events, and as our treasurer. Additionally, I would like to lead a serviceouting, and inspire others to do the same.Katie ThyenAs a member of the VIP project Live to Serve, Love to Serve, also known as Vanderbilt CKI, Ido not have a titled role to perform next semester, but rather, will continue to act as awilling team member ready to do whatever is necessary to ensure the success of VanderbiltCKI. This semester, I have worked as a recruiter through both active participation inrecruitment events and general PR (posters, etc.), a driver, and a volunteer. I plan tocontinue to act as a member of Vanderbilt CKI in these ways next semester, as well ascontinue to offer my enthusiasm and assistance in any other area asked of me to the best ofmy abilities. 3
  5. 5. Service Project Proposals The following projects and partners have been proposed for the upcoming semester.In-depth descriptions, submitted by each project’s nominator, can be found on thesubsequent pages indicated.PROJECT PAGEELIMINATE Awareness 5with Key Club at Hume-Fogg Academic Magnet SchoolProposed by Matt HarperGroup Food Sorting 5Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle TennesseeProposed by Alyssa Niemiec and Katie ThyenHealthy Head Start 6Proposed by Haley AshworthKiwanis Connections 6with the Nashville Kiwanis clubProposed by Alex Eichner and Jacob GrantProject C.U.R.E. 7Proposed by Forest SharpPuppies in the Park 7with Alpha Tao Omega Fraternity, Inc.Proposed by Zach GiordanoSafeHaven 7Proposed by Angie RaoProtecting & Serving Our Neighbors 2013 8with Hands On Nashville, presented by JacksonProposed by Emma Segal 4
  6. 6. ELIMINATE AWARENESSProposed by Matt HarperIn 2010, Kiwanis International announced a partnership with UNICEF designed to rid theworld of Maternal/Neonatal Tetanus (MNT), a disease which takes the life of a child everynine minutes. The ELIMINATE Project, as it is called, aims to raise $110 million by 2015 tofund educational programs and vaccination drives in the 31 countries where MNT stillaffects a significant portion of the population with the ultimate goal of eliminating MNTfrom those locales entirely.I would like to harness the power of our Kiwanis family connections here in Nashville,including the Kiwanis club of Nashville and the Key Club at Hume-Fogg Academic Magnet tolaunch an awareness and advocacy campaign on the Vanderbilt campus. Ideally, we’d beable to host an educational event with public health professionals and volunteers from theELIMINATE campaign. By involving many minds, I hope to also come up with an innovativeand compelling means of raising funds.GROUP FOOD SORTINGProposed by Alyssa Niemiec:I want to plan a project to second harvest food bank. I have been there before with othergroups and think it is a worthy cause and a great way for people to get involved in theNashville community. The organization does work to help end local hunger. They distributenutritious food to low income families. The service would mostly entail sorting food andmaybe helping distribute depending on when we go. I would like to have about 15participants and would like to go around February. There really are no extra supplies butone road block I could see is transportation to and from second harvest food bank.Proposed by Katie Thyen:Next semester, I intend to organize another outing to the Second Harvest Food Bank ofMiddle Tennessee. The food bank itself will benefit from our help in sorting the food, whichwill then make their mission of serving hungry families in the Nashville area easier. Wewould travel to the Martin Distribution Center here in Nashville to sort food for the foodbank. I would hope to get between 10 and 15 participants, to ensure that all participantswould have work to do at the food bank, as well as to ease the organization oftransportation (keep group between 2 and 3 carloads of people). A smaller group wouldalso encourage interaction between participants, making the trip fun as well. I would aim toschedule this volunteer opportunity around the end of January, with sign ups occurringsoon after we get back to school after winter break, to act as a sort of reminder about CKIand the opportunities to volunteer that we provide. We will need drivers/cars to transportvolunteers to the food bank and back to campus. It may be difficult to get people to sign upfor an event so soon after break and the start of second semester, but I think that beginningwith an event that is not too time consuming, and fun, will motivate members toparticipate. 5
  7. 7. Healthy Head StartProposed by Haley AshworthI would like to partner with Healthy Head Start. Its an organization that goes to localschools (Im not sure which ones, Ill have to check) and makes healthy food with/for thekids while socializing and educating them about a healthy lifestyle. When: before springbreak. How many: 15 volunteers is probably a comfortable maximum. Im thinking if wejust tag along to an event that they already have planned (HHS is a running organizationthat goes to schools continuously throughout the year), that leaves the planning to themand just allows us to tag along and enjoy the service event. I believe the student contact isamy.l.lanza@vanderbilt.edu- Ill email her at the beginning of next semester to see if we canwork something out.Kiwanis ConnectionsProposed by Alex Eichner:Take your pick of the various semi-rationale ideas weve thrown out this year. Id aimtowards really trying to integrate some of our current members into the broader CKI,Kiwanis International community, perhaps through emphasizing that Friday luncheon forthose who it is possible, and if, not, aiming to partner with whatever events they havetaking place. There are those lawyers, doctors, businesspeople weve been discussing,working to improve the business element of this group, though that is Jacobs area, Ipresume. Connections with prominent and driven people is never a bad thing; I wouldstress it in the future. So, I guess, specifically, Id say organizing a weekly trek to theLuncheon for anyone with that free time, benefiting our members in that theyd a) bemaking connections with older Kiwanis people and b) joining in that network, in terms ofservice opportunities as well as professional connections.Proposed by Jacob Grant:Nashville Kiwanis is a valuable resource that should be utilized to further enrich CKI andour VIP group. I will work with Downtown Nashville Kiwanis to schedule a meet and greetbetween our members and theirs in order to facilitate closer partnership between ourorganizations. Such an event would be very beneficial for both CKI and DowntownNashville Kiwanis, but more importantly would lead to greater efficacy when it comes toservice projects of all kinds that we might undertake. The event would consist of a simpleand informal mixer between members of CKI and Downtown Nashville Kiwanis. Ideally, wewould want at least 25 or so CKI members with around 10-15 members of Kiwanis. Theevent would not take terribly long to put into motion, so the timetable could be as soon asmid-February. Food would be essential for such an event. Perhaps an appetizer/fingerfood theme would be cheaper and more effective. A venue would also be required, but therequired size room would not be difficult to acquire. The biggest roadblock would bepotential scheduling issues with Downtown Nashville Kiwanis. Many of the members havebusy lives, so it may require some careful date and time planning for a successful event tooccur. 6
  8. 8. Project C.U.R.E.Proposed by Forest SharpAs far as service opportunities go, I think it would be great to work with Project C.U.R.E.,which collects and distributes donated medical supplies to those in need in developingcountries. They have spots on February 4th and 20th, and on Marth 4th, with room for 12people each. It would be great if we could 8-12 CKI members to go and help out. Thisproject would be similar to our Second Harvest outings, and the primary resource neededwould be two to three drivers (myself included). It would probably be good to make thisevent known immediately upon our return to school next semester to give everyone ampletime to sign up (for the earliest slot). The only roadblock in this plan would be if the slotsfilled up. This could be averted if we made sure four people (including myself) weredefinitely able to do the project and at least have that many signed up. Additionally, wecould call Project C.U.R.E. and ask if there are any other times that they could fit our groupin.Puppies in the ParkProposed by Zach GiordanoNext semester I hope to partner with the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity with theirphilanthropy event, Puppies in the Park, which benefits local Nashville animal shelters. Theproject involves selling tickets to play with rescue puppies on alumni lawn. I hope to haveat least 7 members of CKI attend. No extra supplies will be needed and the time is TBA. Ican foresee difficulties in coordinating efforts between CKI and ATOSafeHavenProposed by Angie RaoI am in contact with SafeHaven which is a place for children and women to stay who arehomeless but looking for a job. This will benefit the children greatly and is also anenriching experience for Circle K members. The service we will do simply entails goingthere, one afternoon a week, and playing with the kids for a couple hours and helping withtheir homework. The project can be done any time and throughout the semester onweekdays, I will make a sign up page during break. No extra supplies are needed but wehave to drive to get there and it is about 10 minutes away. To overcome this roadblock, Iwill (finally) get OACS certified. 7
  9. 9. Protecting & Serving Our Neighbors 2013Proposed by Emma SegalFor Martin Luther King Jr. Day, January 19-21, 2013, I plan to work with Hands onNashville again and volunteer with Protecting & Serving Our Neighbors 2013 Presented byJackson where CKI will do a service project in Nashvilles firehalls, learn about fire safety,and meet other fellow volunteers and Nashville’s first responders. Sign-ups would go out assoon as the Hands on Nashville website puts up more information. I decided we shouldpartner with Hands on Nashville again, because we had a great turn out last year for HONday and I really enjoyed working with them. They also greatly appreciated our service andsent me a thank-you note! No extra supplies are needed. Target number of participants isabout fifteen or twenty. Roadblocks that could occur would be needing drivers, if we plan itearly enough and communicate well, this could be overcome. 8
  10. 10. Certification In applying to become a group within the Vanderbilt Interest Projects program, eachgroup member certified that s/he would participate fully. In submitting this report, wereaffirm our commitment to the Vanderbilt Interest Projects and to our ultimate goal ofestablishing the preeminent community service organization on campus, Vanderbilt CKI.From our group application: 9