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That Syncing Feeling

This presentation is from November 12, 2004 given at Design Engaged in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

It focusses on the difficulty syncing content and information between our own devices we own and use. We try to keep our information with us on our devices within our reach, but that is difficult. Adding contextual filtering to cut through the volume of information we have is another issue.

This syncing feeling problem is only slightly better than it was in 2004 when this was presented and the path forward is even more relevant.

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That Syncing Feeling

  1. 1. That Syncing Feeling Thomas Vander Wal Design Engaged Amsterdam, NL :: November 2004
  2. 2. It used to be simple...
  3. 3. All our information fit in one place
  4. 4. Then...
  5. 5. One tool could store our information...
  6. 6. What’s on your PowerBook?
  7. 7. But, today...
  8. 8. Our information is here somewhere...
  9. 9. The Dream Our accurate up-to-date information at our disposal when we need it.
  10. 10. Personal InfoCloud
  11. 11. Device versus Network?
  12. 12. How Close Are We?
  13. 13. Usable Syncing Between Two Devices • Calendar • Address book • To Do List
  14. 14. • Documents • Media • Map • Web-based information • Multiple devices Dodgy bits
  15. 15. Personal Version Control
  16. 16. Personal Categorization
  17. 17. Standard Metadata for Personal InfoCloud • content description • creator • privacy • context • use type (e.g.) • instruction • object • categories
  18. 18. Sample for Document Description: White Paper on Scent of Information Creator: Peretti (XeroxParc), copyright Document Location: http://123.45.67/ext/wpsoi.pdf Privacy: Shared_limited (IAWG_ClientX) Project: Navigation replacement, Model of Attraction Use: Reference, Research Sync:Yes Priority: 2 Object: PDF (handheld enabled) Categories: navigation, MoA, XeroxParc, foraging, scent, information, browsing
  19. 19. Progress is being made • Actual solutions • Mac OS X Tiger’s Spotlight • MIT’s Project Oxygen • Possible/partial solutions • Script aggregation by metadata tag • Publish to private/public location in RSS • RSync (Psync) and CVS • Groove (Windows) • Quicksilver (Mac)
  20. 20. That Syncing Feeling ThomasVander Wal thomas@vanderwal.net http://vanderwal.net/essays/designengaged/ 041112/