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Using Personal Perspectives to Increase Understanding

Keynote presentation to E-Learn 2013 in Las Vegas. Using personal annotations and embracing personal perspectives to enhance learning and increase knowledge.

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Using Personal Perspectives to Increase Understanding

  1. 1. Using Personal Perspectives to Increase Understanding E-Learn :: Las Vegas, Nevada :: 24 October 2013 Thomas Vander Wal, Design for Context www.designforcontext.com 0
  2. 2. Who is Thomas?
  3. 3. Social Lenses Foundation of The Connected Company Book
  4. 4. Learning fills in what you do not know
  5. 5. Mapping what is new to what we do know
  6. 6. New terms and models
  7. 7. Building on a personal perspective
  8. 8. Terms and models change
  9. 9. Change by: Mergers & Acquisitions Training Reorganization Location New management
  10. 10. Change over time
  11. 11. Facts change
  12. 12. Qi
  13. 13. Gordon Rugg’s “Verifier Method”
  14. 14. Adding Personal Perspective
  15. 15. Personal Annotation
  16. 16. “...the learner-generated annotation group performed better than the instructor-provided group, no matter which cognitive learning style they were [using].” Hypertext Annotation: Effects of Presentation Formats and Learner Proficiency on Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary Learning in Foreign Languages Chen, I-Jung; Yen, Jung-Chuan Computers & Education, v63 p416-423 Apr 2013
  17. 17. Personal Tagging
  18. 18. Folksonomy
  19. 19. Folksonomy: Definition • Folksonomy is the result of personal free tagging of pages and objects for one’s own retrieval • The tagging is usually done in a social environment (shared and open to others) • The act of tagging is done by the person consuming the information
  20. 20. Folksonomy Triad Object Interest Definition Identity Vocabulary Metadata
  21. 21. Dual Folksonomy Triad Object Interest Identity Vocabulary Culture Definition Community Terminology Metadata
  22. 22. The “Right Term”
  23. 23. Authoritative Term
  24. 24. Preferred Term
  25. 25. Every Tag is Sacred InfoCloud Solutions, Inc. - 2007
  26. 26. Kindle
  27. 27. Readmill
  28. 28. Readmill to Pinboard
  29. 29. Annotating Video
  30. 30. Delightful User Welome back Bill Williams Virtual Library 6 New World Symphony Join the Mailing List Search the Archives JOIN Cello Masterclass with Alban Gerhardt Infomation Home How To Select by: Most recent Most popular Recommended 5 Text - OR Composer Conductor Event Type Participant Organizations Instrument(s) 8 Tag(s): cello, strings, piano, women cellist, aggressive, cello 0:12:47, strings 0:49:26, piano 1:08:01:, women cellist 0:49:26, aggressive 0:12:47 View all tags Show My Content 7 Event Type: Masterclass (14) Instrument: Cello (11) Artist(s): Alban Gerhardt (3) Composer: Robert Schumann (3) Piece: Cello Concerto in A minor Location: NWS Lincoln Theater (29) Date: December, 5 2009 Duration: 2:33:33 About 4 + 0:12:47 Gerhardt demonstrates aggressive cello technique Tag(s): cello,aggressive, Alban 3 Gerhardt, technique 2 Alban Gerhardt, Cello, Cello Master Class Alban Gerhardt, a cello soloist, holds a cello masterclass with New World Symphony cellists. Works focussed on inlude Robert Schumann's "Cello Concerto in A minor". 1 © New World Symphony Contact Us | Partnerships | Help | Terms of Use | Privacy Policy Related Videos
  31. 31. Personal shared video annotations made the video searchable, relevant moments identifiable, and broke it into smaller chunks.
  32. 32. Remixing
  33. 33. Annotation and tagging bring things not only into a personal perspective… But, connect a new understanding to one that exists, that we know.
  34. 34. Thank you!
  35. 35. Questions
  36. 36. Contact: ›❯›❯      Thomas@DesignForContext.com www.designforcontext.com 0